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Video! Adam Lambert at The Blonds NYFW Part 3, February 14 2017

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Posted at : Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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Nanbert said...

I wonder if Adam knew he would stand out wearing such light colors among a dark winter-dressed crowd?

Anonymous said...

Adam's winning X Factor Australia contestant, Isaiah Firebrace has just released his video for his song "It's Gotta Be You" .........

Also OT
I saw a YouTube clip of Adele at a media conference after the Grammys where she said that George Michael's family asked her to sing the tribute to him.

Nanbert said...

Saw Isaiah's new video...nice! It was very simple, and mostly was just focused on him. He has such a endearing face, and I love his voice.

I think a video of an Adam song would be very effective if it just focused on him-- different shots of him in different locations and lighting-- and with few other distractions. It wouldn't NEED a "story", or other people, or fancy/busy backgrounds to capture one's attention... JUST ADAM..... He's SO photogenic.

Or, people and backgrounds around him could be "blurred", and Adam the only thing IN Focus.