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Socialite Life: Instagram 7: Chace Crawford, Adam Lambert, Pietro Boselli and More

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Posted at : Tuesday, March 07, 2017

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Here are our seven current favorite celebrity Instagram photos (and or videos) featuring Adam Lambert, Pietro Boselli, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Phillippe, Andy Cohen, Hugh Jackman and Chace Crawford.

Adam Lambert – OMG! The cutest!


Instagram 7: Chace Crawford, Adam Lambert, Pietro Boselli and More  


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Nanbert said...

Looks like this is only about Pharoah. But actually there is an enormous amount of Adam information in this article...if you include the "thumbnail" articles around it, i.e., on Red Carpet at Elton John's party...Photo from fashion shows...Reference to appearance on "Watch What Happens Now" ... Frontman battle with James Cordon...Announcement of Queen and Adam U.S. summer tour...Adam wins OUT magazine Most Eligible Bachelor 2017.

Good article! Nice up-to-date information about all things Adam.

Nanbert said...

Correction on above...I should have said "good website", NOT "good article"... because you have to click around on all the Adam-related "thumbnail" sites for all the above mentioned information.

Socialite Life evidently likes Adam, because it seems to keep up, fairly accurately and regularly, with what he's doing.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

That is a good ADAM website. I don't remember ever having read anything suggestive or nasty there!! I think one or more of the writers is a Glambert .. they always give him a good deal of coverage ... not like some that just mention him in passing or just a short blurb with no real info!!

BTW Nanbert ... yesterday was a lovely birthday for me. 80 doesn't seem to be so foreboding anymore!! Thanx again for the support when I needed it Sister Glambert!! Light 'n Love

tes4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw....All my pleasure... but sounds like you have plenty of support already, and more to come any minute.

But if my having "been there..done that" helped, I'm glad! However, it's still hard to BELIEVE, isn't it?

Light'n Love, Sister Glambert

The Dark Side said...

Socialite Life loves Adam!

Nanbert said...

Socialite Life is a Glambert!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Nanbert ... I'm still getting used to it ... didn't seem so incredible when I turned 70 but how blessed can one be getting to live long enough to see your grandchildren having babies of their own & being able to still care for them just like I did their parents before them. It seems my whole life has been involved in caring for someone .. newborn & bed-ridden ... cared for my Mom until she passed away Aug. 2015 .. still getting over that ... I moved into her house .. she didn't want anyone but family here ... I grew up here & I don't intend to go anywhere else until it's time & I have no say so!! Just me & my hubby Bill .. he's heaven-sent ... in front of our dual computers keeping up with the rest of the world. Haha. Well it was nice chatting with you ... sorry if I rambled on ... my apologies to the rest of the posters here!! Stay Healthy & keep the Faith!! Thanks to ADAM I feel I have two families ... my own & my fellow Glamberts & Queenberts!! GOD Bless you ALL!! Light 'n Love

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw are blessed indeed... and young in heart and mind... age is just a number, after all. Some people are "old fogies" all their lives. Being Glamberts keeps us engaged and "out in the world" more than we might normally least I find that true for me. weren't "rambling", you were visiting with a friend/s. Friends don't "ramble"...they chat, discuss, inform, love,... and warm each other's hearts!

Hugs to you and your wonderful family.....