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Adam Lambert Retweeted Queen: Press Release: @QueenWillRock + @adamlambert Announce UK and European Tour!

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Posted at : Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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Nanbert said...

Wow! Great to hear....QAL is going strong! Can't wait to see the coming summer tour! So excited. Evidentally it will be very different from the earlier N.A. curious about that..

I hope (expect) that they will sell-out every and overseas.

NickAckley said...

Its sad that Adam isn't recording anything in studio with Queen

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

NickAckley and I are very disappointed that the Queen does not record an album with Adam. I do not know why Brian May prefer to register with Kerry Ellis. I do not think she has Adam's vocal abilities. Personally I do not like the new album Brian-Kerry.

Dee R Gee said...

I understand that Kerry and Brian have been friends for years and have collaborated many times. They do not record "Queen-type" music, but they apparently have success with their projects and enjoy working together. It has nothing to do with Adam at all. It's a big leap for Brian and Roger to record new music with Adam. Queen's legacy is enormous. It's sacred ground to millions. I know they recorded new music with Paul Rodgers, but they don't seem eager to repeat that sort of thing. At least not now. Adam is a whole different entity for them. They may just change their minds!

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

Adam a brought something new and fresh songs of Queen and get connected to new generation.I think this needs to reinvent itself every band did not live in the past.Many Queen fans like very much Adam and I think some new records Q + AL would be very successful. I was a fan of Freddie but now I like more the voice of Adam.

Nanbert said...

Agreed, Dee R Gee....I think they are especially reticent because the new album they recorded with Paul Rogers was pretty much a fizzle...but their tour together was not wildly successful either.

As you say..."Adam is a whole different entity". They have had very successful tours together, and more and more people have accepted...and love...Adam....and why not? Time will tell... Maybe their song-writing "juices" aren't flowing as strongly as in the "old days".

Actually, but most unlikely, I would LOVE them to record "Queen and Adam Lambert" music from their tours together ---that has become a huge part of both Queen's and Adam's legacy... and in fact, is the only "pairing" that most people have seen these days.

The Freddie "purists" will complain, but they complain anyway. But the rest of us will be euphoric! Why be insistent on "NEW" Music, when the current repetroire is so monumental!

Last, but not least, I HAVE MY HEART SET on them offering the DVD from the Tokyo "SummerSonic" in their merchandise on this summer tour! Oh my!

fluttsp said...

I could be wrong but I'm sure Adam "purists" would complain vehemently if another artist toured the world singing Adam's songs & recorded an album of Adam's songs, whether Adam were alive or not.

Nanbert said...

Yes, but these are "Queen" songs, not Freddie's songs...although he wrote some of them. But, in fact, ALL the members of Queen wrote some of the songs, and certainly ALL of them collaborated on the arrangements.

Every artist does "covers" from time to time in any case. In fact, it used to be much more common earlier than it is now...with artists even recording "covers" on their albums. For example, Elvis recorded "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen.

Also, many avid fans of Queen and Adam Lambert have never seen or heard Freddie...and would not be likely to buy a Queen album with Freddie...but would be delighted to be able to purchase a "Queen and Adam Lambert" album....labeled as such.

QAL is an entire reincarnation of Queen, and deserves to be preserved as part of Queen's legacy...and Adam's. It can't be allowed to just disappear forever when they stop touring! if they never existed! That would be a sacrilege!

fluttsp said...

I think you're missing the point I made. You're seeing it from your desire to have Queen & Adam record together & record songs that the Queen band - Freddie, Brian, Roger & John - have recorded together.

And you'd be happy if another artist toured the world singing ADAM's songs & recorded an album of ADAM's SONGS, whether Adam were alive or deceased? I think Glamberts worldwide would be ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGED!!!

Nanbert said...

Fluttsp....Of course I see your point....I might be irritated, I agree. But, that music will be copyrighted material for at least several years. And Adam could give his permission if he chose...or refuse. Either way, it's his right....his choice...or his heirs. And I have the choice of buying or not buying that album...that's all. No big deal.

But, in truth, that would be of an individual's original music, i.e. Adam's OWN music.....not the music of a GROUP in which ALL share credit and control. If the remaining members of that group wish to record their songs with Adam (with John's permission, too, of course) that is their right. It's THEIR music... Freddie is dead. The music is NOT... nor are they.

Many people play... and even record... Queen music all the time. Also, people play... and even record... music by other people all the time. It's alive!

The music world would be poor indeed if music could not be played or recorded after the original artist died. The proof of a really great song is how many people wish to perform it!

Think of all the great music we hear every day that has been sung or played....or recorded.... by untold numbers of artists.

Even Adam's album "Playlist: The Very Best of Adam Lambert" includes his covers of at least 5 sings that were not his own! And he also recorded all the songs he sang on Idol.

Sorry, didn't mean to be so long-winded. But finally, I have to say that it would be a very stupid artist who tried to duplicate Adam's album ... and compete with HIS voice!