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Attitude UK: #30 Adam Lambert > ATTITUDE BACHELORS OF THE YEAR 2017

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Nanbert said...

OUR #1!....Great photo...Yumm!

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

I went to the Black Sea for a short holiday. When did you vote for this poll?

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I was going to ask this same question ... when/where was this poll ... I never heard about it to vote!! Glad to hear ADAM won in spite of it not being here in the USA!! I think this is in the UK .. but not sure!! Congrats!! ADAM!! and thanx to everyone who voted!! I LOVE this photo too!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Just had a thought .. is this poll still going on & if so can we vote too?? Sorry ... got carried away in my previous post & just assumed ADAM had already won ... am I right or wrong?? Really dropped the ball on this one .. didn't I!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

glitzylady said...

From what I have seen, the Attitude Magazine (UK) list of Bachelors 2017 was not based on an open poll. It is a "list" that perhaps was voted upon by panel of voters and was not open to the public.. (Such as the People Magazine's "sexiest man", "sexiest woman" issues that are handled "in house" here in the US). At least I don't recall seeing a poll as such this year. Seems like there was one in past years though. I think it caught everyone by surprise. The list is published in the latest Attitude Magazine.

It doesn't bother me personally that Adam is listed at #30 out of 100, which I think is awesome, considering that these men come from all over the world, from a wide range of professions etc.. So many deserving men in my opinion. I know we always love it when Adam is #1 (because he is OUR #1 here in the fandom, always!!) but it's probably fine with him just to be in the top 30, surrounded by other successful out and proud men.

And I do love what was written about him in the accompanying description: "..Dashingly handsome, massively talented and with a wicked sense of glam-rock style,..."

He's right up there at #30 in the list with #32 Troye Sivan, another talented singer (who I like very much) and # 31 Sir Ian McKellen..

If there was a poll out there, we all missed it, including the many fans who are always hyper-aware of what's happening.. I'm thinking, as I said above, that it was handled differently this year.. If I hear more about it, I'll let you know.