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Adam Lambert Facebook: #TwoFux in 3 days

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Posted at : Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS 


Dee R Gee said...

Love this song! Both for how it sounds and what it says.

Mi Re La said...
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Mi Re La said...

Love, love, love Two Fux. I can not wait for 3 days is very much.

Nanbert said...

It's so catchy and light-hearted. And Adam is...dare I say it?...ADORABLE singing it!

What is so much fun, is that the words are somewhat the antithesis of the light, waltz-like music, and that makes it very funny!..IMO. Silly...CLEVER...Adam!

ArchieGoodwin said...

I bet he is dropping the album!! Smart to do right in the middle of the tour- 2 for 1 promotion!

Lam-My said...

Helloo Margarita Lady, my long-time 24/7 pal...Thank you sooo much for your wonderfully-written account of QAL Opening Night / Phoenix Arizona. I felt your zest, happiness as you recounted the show; so meaningful to me. I've watched some clear, good QAL videos and like you said, those laser lights, one has to be there to feel their aura. Here are my first impressions:

Adam's playground comes to life
Riding a trishaw in effervescent style
Cling cling...he rings the bell
Throws some flowers into the packed auditorium
Audience filled with enthusiasm
Sitting atop a metal robot's head
With blinking purple eyes
Be careful now...
Brian looks up at playful KillerQueen
In a purplish suit of floral pink
His full-throated vocals spread their wings
In sync with superb Queen harmony
Giving a face-lift to Bohemian Rhapsody with Mercury
Love this latest rendition of rock symphony
Hues of of powerful multi-colour lasers
White, silver, blue, red, gold and green
Scan the electrifying scene
QAL 2017 arrives in high-tech pageantry
A psychedelic kaleidoscope of QueenBert musical mastery


Anonymous8 said...

The song has such a self empowering message deceptively woven into a whimsical melody. Strategically smart if this is a snippet of a lyrics video that will debut this Friday, as it is important in this case and these political times to see the words behind the music.

Lam-My said...

Whoa, Adam's vocals literally spread their wings...On Wings of Song submerged in lasers.

Opening Night Arizona QAL Bohemian Rhapsody

Uploaded by Gerardo Jáuregui

Lam-My said...

You want to see how humanoid robot leads the audience, clapping in Radio Ga Ga ... Booom chug ... Booom chug...yea Brian, astrophysicist.

June 24 2017 QAL Las Vegas
Uploaded by tgxw32a

ArchieGoodwin said...

Absolutely Anon. Adam is making us political point quite clear, with his new song, his Resist March speech. People exactly like him are being targeted and he is using his voice and influence to fight back against the anti gay (anti everyone but rich white men) administration.
Kudos to him and everyone who Resists.

daydreamin said...

I love this song. I will see them T O M O R R O W night!!!! If all goes well, I hope to film much of the concert but don't think I will film every song. There are so many! Wish me luck!

Nanbert said...

Lotsa Luck, daydreaming. Just don't get so busy filming that you can't relax and just savor the concert.

My advice -- some people don't know whether or not they enjoyed their vacations until they've gotten home and can look at their photos. Unfortunately, I was once married to one of those. That's ONE of the reasons why I divorced him....He was always planning and anticipating the "next" thing...instead of enjoying the present. Then he'd look at the dozens of photos he'd taken with little recognition and ask..."Did we have fun?"

So....Carpe Diem!...Seize the day!

Lam-My said...

I just heard Paula Newton/CNN report... a 'full-throated' attack regarding the Vatican/Pope on sexual abuse. (June 28 2017)

And my use in above poem 'His full-throated vocals spread their wings' (June 27 2017)

Well, I got a CNN fan perhaps the Script-writer or Paula Newton who also capitalised on my use of 'See you later alligator' to Pharaoh. She reported many alligators were at the swamp. lol! Very interesting.

The origin: 'full-throated'...

'In some melodious plot
Of beechen green, and shadows numberless,
Singest of summer in full-throated ease.' - Ode To A Nightingale ~ John Keats 1819.

Lam-My said...

Well well well
Adam is my nightingale
Vocals on wings
To fly in the wind
In full-throated ease
Sealed with a kiss lwl!