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Finnish Magazine Seiska's new Sauli Koskinen and Adam Lambert Holiday Story

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Posted at : Thursday, February 24, 2011

This was translated to English by Rinnuninnu on livejournal. (link to her site below)

Only in Seiska! Adam Lambert took his Finnish lover to a love vacation
Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen rode their jet skis in the waters of Bora Bora.

Adam Lambert, 29, and Sauli Koskinen escaped daily routines to a paradise island. Adam Lambert, who's risen to major fame from American Idol, and Finland's BB winner 2207 Sauli Koskinen, vacationed at the end of last week in Bora Bora, which is romantic and also described as the world's most beautiful island. The men traveled there from Los Angeles. They were photographed at the city's airport LAX last Tuesday. By Friday the weekday clothes had changed for vacation clothes, when Adam and Sauli were photographed riding jet skis at Bora Bora.
The men stayed at ST. Regis holiday resort, which costs 700 euros/night. The most expensive villa at St. Regis' costs 10056 euros/night.
- Bora Bora was paradise! St. Regis was first class! I've never seen water so blue. Wonderful escape, from daily routines escaped Adam Lambert wrote on his Twitter profile on Monday.

Sauli hasn't commented on his relationship.


There's a few more scans and translation at Rinnuninnu's journal!


Anonymous said...

All this is very very cool ^_^

Anonymous said...

I love them together. <3

Anonymous said...

Maybe Seiska magazine paid them for those pictures? It's ok if they did.

Anonymous said... the pictures

Anonymous said...

Seiska probably paid for Splash News for those pics..

Anonymous said...

what the hell did I do before I became an Adam fan? I can't

Anonymous said...

that wasn't a new news.But seeing adam in that happy mo0d make me be happy to0.

Fan4fun and Icon said...

What???? Oh, our God!
Is Sauli the winner of 2207 Finland's Big Brother?
2207's BB???
So, Sauli came from the future???!!! Oh, oh! If he is a Terminator we so hope he is the «good one» to watch sweet Adam's back because our Guardian Angels are not that strong...

Anonymous said...

@Fan4fun 10:44 AM
LOL, LOL, LOL - you are SOOOO hilarious! Thought of Terminator too, after reading that text between pics...Thank You for making me laugh!! Good to "see & hear" that you're feeling OK! I’m sure Icon is over the moon also!

@Adam Fix - better late than never: Gongrats on your BD!

@Bing - so nice to read your posts, you always bring sunshine to this site! I admire what you are doing SO much!

@glitzylady, Adamluv, funbunn40, Glambrit IOW UK, JAK, Daydreamin, Eva, Glb, MGF, HK Fan, coloforadam, Parisiangirl, HH, CT, Cindy, ZZ, Urethra_Franklin, Dinah-mite, The Dark Side - plus many more whose tags I can't remember right now (due to fever?) - THANK YOU ALL for being so active & regular (sounds like I'm describing bowel movements, sorry...), enjoy reading your posts and learn something new every day - and not only about Adam!
I wish the best to all of you both here in AL Paradise 24/7 and in RL!

I don’t have anyone among ”my nearest and dearest” with whom to share my Adam enthusiasm (lol), this site has been my ”drug of choice” re everything Adam. I might be a bit ”out there”, but to the Á-non-person who called me a troll during the ”Adam-Sauli hulabaloo” a couple of days ago - I’m NOT a troll and I’m not going anywhere, trust me!

Have barely skimmed through the news from the last couple of days, been feeling very tired and "achy" due to some mean flu bug, a lot of bugs going around...

GGD Gal, greetings to all Glam Peeps!

Anonymous said...

@GGD Gal Flu-induced loving attack?! We can take it, don't you dare look for treatment! :-)) Greetings to you too, my key pal friend! Be well!

I'm always late on birthday wishes... Many Glam Years and Good Fortune to Adam Fix!

Fan4fun said...

@ Adam Fix,
Hey, fellow, what is going on here? Is it (or was it) your Birthday? When? Where? Why? Who told you that? Errr...because I have your birthday marked to Mars 5th!!!!! Whose is Mars 5th Birthday anyway?
If I'm missing anything, please forgive me... Happy Birthday to you, my adorable fellow Glambert! May all your wishes come true, one by one, starting by ripping off sweet Adam's pants as soon as possible!!!

Rebecca said...

very cool

Anonymous said...

Glad Adam had a nice vaction. I'm just glad he found someone new instead of the club kids and old circle. He carries himself real well.Sauli seems to have alot of class. He seems to know how to dress, and is positive also.Adam may have fould his viking.
Thanks also for standing up for Tommy Joe. He is a loyal friend.Does't deserve crap from jealous hateful people. Love and best wishes to you both.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought the Finnish tabloids would be a little tame but I was so wrong. THey are all over the story,they even seem a lot crazier than the US tabloids, sweet jesus! Easy people...LOL.


Anonymous said...

@GGD Gal

Face the AFTERMATH.......concerning Adam, WE are your nearest and dearest, you are not alone.

I have one family member whom I haven't bored out of their skull son in law, he still thinks it's funny. Whenever the family gets together he always asks "What's new with Adam? That's when the craven cowards groan and head for the kitchen. And after all I've done for them.

I was a good sport thru my daughters David Cassidy, Peter Frampton years and thru my grandsons Sarah Michelle Geller years and God knows I've suffered in dignified silence while my husband stared starry eyed each time he saw Jacqueline Bisset and Candace Bergen and that's been YEARS AND YEARS.

And yet, I have to turn to you or as we say around here...y'all. Life is bittersweet.

Anonymous said...

@ GGD, Backatcha! This is a great place to gush over Adam, without eyerolls,sighs and concerned looks! A good many of us are in the same boat as far as having anyone close by that are as addicted as we are. My grown kids are great sports, but I give them mini Adam updates now because they thought I was going to have a stroke when the wireless went down when I was in FL!lol I also was a sport living thru' my kids music.My girls had boyfriends that had a band in highschool. With no place to play, I let them practice at my house when my husband was traveling with his job. Fortunately it was a big soundproof house in Chicago and the neighbors were spared.I also taught them how to dance and they still dance with me, the last time at the HardRock, seeing Adam.Great sports, one and all! funbunn40

Anonymous said...

Last night, my husband and I went to dinner and ran into two guys my husband knows (I've met them once or twice). One lives in Hollywood part time (and in Seattle the rest of the year). My husband said "we were just down in LA recently - we went to the Adam Lambert wife loves him!!". There was an awkward pause, then the Hollywood guy says "hmmm, well, he'd do well in Vegas". To which I replied "actually, he would! he's totally over-the-top/theatrical, and I love that about him. He doesn't take himself too seriously, and he can SING". Didn't convince the guy, though.

I think Adam is polorizing (as someone said on an earlier thread)...ppl seem to either love him, or hate him. Either he's for you and you're gaga over him, or you just don't get him.

Glad I have my Glamily here, who GETS it, and I can gush to!!

Thanks 24/7 mods for the great site/safe place (ha, ha) you've created for us.

- Adam Fix

Anonymous said...

GGD Gal, thanks for the shout out! Me too! I don't have anyone to really share my craziness over Adam, so I am so happy to have you as part of my Glamily here! OT but I went to pick up my son from college today and had the FYE CD playing and when he got into the car his eyes kind of rolled, but then he asked if he could change the track and I said 'yes'. He changed it to Pick U Up and he cranked it! That song also happens to be my favorite. When it was over he replayed the song again! I think I might be winning him over little by little!


Anonymous said...

GGD Gal, it's truly an honor to be here with you & everyone else! One happy Glamily! MWAH! K

adam luv said...

@DAYDREAMIN, really enjoy personal stories like yours!

Anonymous said...

I agree it's nice to learn a little about each other since we have a shared interest.

If all posts were just I LOVE HIM++I LOVE HIM+I LOVE HIM they would be a little or a lot boring.


Anonymous said...

@ Adamfix, I also have encountered the awkward silence as well as flat out don't get him and like you gave them my best Adam shot. A great reason this site is so wonderful with all that do get Adam. Think I'll crank up Pick U Up outside and maybe turn some neighbors or maybe get the youn ones like daydreamin's son! funbunn40

Bing said...

@GGD Gal you are one of the many reasons why 24/7 became my favorite Adam Lambert site. And it is your thoughtfulness that perks up this place. I really love it when you do our Glamily roll call. The poster you were referring to must have completely misunderstood your comments and it happens a lot here. I'm so glad that you didn't take it personally. It is just a matter of differences in our perceptions. You get well soon my dear. I may not have have the luxury of time as i used to but i chime in here once in a while and it's wonderful to get a shout out from you GGD Gal! Just remember that we will be in this fandom together for the longest time so brace yourself haha :)

@Fan4fun it was Adam Fix's birthday last Feb. 22 and based on my little b'day book teehee, i don't have anyone for March 5. It must have been mentioned here by one of the posters that's why it's in your head. We have an Anon celebrating her birthday on March 14 and K/C's will be on March 20 :) Thank you so much for your many hilarious posts Fan4fun, loving them :)

@Adam Fix, oh yes it was because of that crazy game we played that i got to record the birthdays of some of the regulars here and even the Anons LOL! That is my little way of showing my appreciation to the members of our 24/7 Glamily :-) Btw i left you a post at the ADAM LAMBERT WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT HIS FANS THREAD. Hope you'll see it. And yes, had the same experience when hubby told his friend (a musician who plays blues and jazz) that i was going to watch Adam's concert. To each his own because when i watched their band, i couldn't bring myself to like Blues either hahahaha.

@daydreamin thanks for the nice Adam moment with your son. Hubby likes FYE and WWFM and that is good enough for me. When i was thinking aloud why our dearest Adam was included in the opening credits of AIS10, he said that Adam deserves to be there knowing that he has huge talent and is unstoppable. I immediately run to him and gave him a warm hug :) I am just lucky that the 3 men in my life do tolerate my Adamholism and that is very comforting.

24/7 mods, words are not enough to express my sincerest gratitude to you for maintaining this site for Adam's most passionate, dedicated and loyal fans. Your efforts are genuinely appreciated and hope that we are not giving you headaches with our highly opinionated posts. Please bear with us.

Kind regards to all the Glamberts here and around the world :)

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the newest IS-Tutka videoblog by Sauli and Katri. Sauli brought Katri a fridge magnet as a souvenir from Bora Bora, because it's so bloody freezing here in Finland. Sauli blushes a few times. I wonder who was he thinking.. :)

Anonymous said...

I just listened to the entire video from Finland and Sauli is so cute..wish I knew what they were saying..If Adam is with Sauli much longer I may learn Finnish..they seem so happyl...someone translate soon..

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Adam, my family has reserved a room for me in the psychiatric section of "the home".
Come visit me.....we'll talk.

Anonymous said...

Better translation on>Idol Showcase>Adam Lambert
Translate please....some articles use the word shoot - what does it stand for?

Anonymous said...

So many people love Pick U Up. RCA are you listening?????? Great radio song for young and old. Eber likes it too. LUV the laugh!

Anonymous said...


That "HOME" may have to have a whole GLAMBERT WING many of our families are in favor of shipping us off............JAK

Anonymous said...


Haha...Won't we just have a Blast!