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Adam Lambert Picture mention via Blasting News: BuzzFeed hosts Queer Prom and it's everything you could have dreamed!

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Posted at : Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The promo video dropped a month ago and over the past few days, #Buzzfeed has been releasing videos surrounding its #Queer Prom. Videos such as "Dream Prom Makeovers" and "High School Seniors Attend Queer Prom For #The First Time" show the preparation and behind the scenes action of the prom. This idea to host a Queer Prom was one designed to celebrate members of the LGBT+ community and to show teens that they are not alone.

Celebrities in attendance


There were many celebrities who attended BuzzFeed's Queer Prom such as Adam Lambert, Evan Rachel Wood, and Daniel Franzese.
Some of these famous stars reminisced on their own proms many explaining that they went with members of the opposite sex because in those times being an LGBT+ person was not accepted. Some even stated how they did not feel comfortable to attend their own school prom.
They praised BuzzFeed for setting up the Queer Prom and arranging a space where LGBT+ people could feel accepted and loved. The night was certainly one to be remembered and showed BuzzFeed audiences worldwide how important it is to be inclusive to everyone in life.


BuzzFeed hosts Queer Prom and it's everything you could have dreamed!

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Lam-My said...

Somehow hard as I try to accept 'queer' as an endearment term for LGBT, I find it disparaging, though it may not mean harm or offence; and it's accepted by the LGBT people. But Adam, do you feel you are 'queer'...I've not heard you describe yourself that way. Weird, I've heard you say but weird, is more general and can be applied to other circumstances. 'Queer' has become a kind of stigma exclusively with reference to LGBT and that may be one of the reasons I can't accept it because I don't feel LGBT people are any queerer/weirder than any of us! lol! Lots of examples around for us to know that.
Another aspect is many LGBT people may not regard themselves as queer/strange because they lived all their lives that way.
I'm aware that Q can also mean questioning. To that I say, questioning what? ambiguous. I think LGBT is a comprehensive clinical acronym, no need to add other abbreviations.
You gave a very good LGBT speech... like a pro activist!

Lam-My said...

pro / professional

Lam-My said...

Not mincing words nor long-winded
He leads LGBT on his own terms
One step at a time
A long and winding climb
He'll touch the summit one fine day
To plant his rainbow flag in the sunshine
'Any way the wind blows...'
A natural LGBT activist to follow
Adam, you'll reap what you sow