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Adam Lambert on Instagram: #pharaoh

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Monday, June 19, 2017

Posted at : Monday, June 19, 2017

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Nanbert said... his "sphinx" mode.....

Mi Re La said...
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Nanbert said...

Mirela... I believe I read that Pharoah will be staying with Adam's father.

By the way... in English, a "tournament" is a competition, mostly sports. The better word for QAL is "TOUR", which is what a band does when it travels around and performs in different locations.

Hope you don't mind my correcting you. Your English is superb, and I forget it is not your first language... until you use a word incorrectly, like tournament. As a friend, I felt compelled to help you...forgive me if I have offended or embarassed you.

Dee R Gee said...

Pharaoh is a very classy looking dog. Very regal. Beautiful coat and coloring. Perfect name, too.

Mi Re La said...

Thanks Nanbert for correcting me. I'm not a native speaker of English and excuse me if they make mistakes sometimes. I would like to know English better because I consider it a wonderful language. Unfortunately, at school I have learned French for many years than English.

I really like Adam's father. I think Adam has inherited his passion for music from him.

Nanbert said...'re very welcome. Years ago, we lived in Belgium, and thankfully I made some very good friends who were constantly correcting me as I was learning French. I am/was eternally grateful for their help. French is a lovely language... I hope you still get use out of it.

choons said...

I love how Pharaoh can wink one eye at a time.

Lam-My said...

Helloo Pharaoh! Wah you sit so neatly with your feet together. You are quite tall, judging by your shapely legs; those nails for scratching plausible fleas hitching a ride? lol!

Hi Lam-My! Nice to hear from you again. No, I don't have to scratch any fleas hitching a ride. My groomers do that for me. Now my fur is spick and span; hey I smell nice too!

I bet you do! You lucky son of er er canine lwl!
The fur colour seems a bit paler than your usual goldish ocre, maybe it's the camera lighting. And your eyes look a bit almond-shaped rather than round. So you are learning to pose stylish? like your Daddy. Well, my favourite parts are your erect ears and your curly doughnut tail.
What's up? Miss your Daddy? He's awfully busy getting ready for the major huge QAL tour.

I will always miss my Daddy; he's sooo special to me; I feel so loved by him. He may be gone for quite a while but Grandpa Eber loves me a lot too. Oki-dok, time for chikidi chi chi, marrow munchy with Daddy's Daddy. Ooooeeeh! 再见 jai jian!

保重 bow joong / take care Pharaoh. Love talking to you.

Lam-My said...

I didn't know it's a video without the white arrow.

Aha, you are an expert at winking oooh-la-la! ...left and tight, together, you're real smart and so composed.

I do it naturally, not deliberately left or right. Ooooeeeh!

You are so well-mannered and handsome; got a responsive brain.

The Dark Side said...

Mireya I think your English is charming. I love the diversity of Adams fans--it's part of his charm. Cheers to a great tour/tournament. , which it might just feel like to the Brits who are starting out in record heat in the US this week.

The Dark Side said...

Btw I wrote your names earlier several times and spellcheck changed it time and again. Gotta love spellcheck.

Nanbert said...

The Dark Side... I know, I have a opinionated spell-check on my cell phone. I was trying to send a message to my grandson about a Michael Buble special (he is a fan.. not I).. and my phone kept insisting that it should be spelled Michael "Bubble".....I was forced to finally give in, and that's how my grandson received "Bubble"... much to his surprise and roar of laughter!

BTW...when I was trying to learn French, some friends in Brussels wouldn't correct me when I made an error, either because: 1. "my French was charming" (condescending) or 2. "they didn't want to embarrass me or hurt my feelings", or 3. "they thought it was bad manners to correct me". Often, that just meant they just didn't care that much or want to bother.

My REAL friends, however, were able to be brought around to the idea that I needed help and advice if I would ever become truly proficient.... and that made SO much difference in my progress. I, in turn, returned the favor for their English.