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From Billboard: ADAM LAMBERT - Critic's Picks: 10 LGBTQ Musicians to Worship for Pride Month

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Saturday, June 3, 2017

Posted at : Saturday, June 03, 2017

From Billboard: ADAM LAMBERT - Critic's Picks: 10 LGBTQ Musicians to Worship for Pride Month

Critic's Picks: 10 LGBTQ Musicians to Worship for Pride Month

And be sure to check out the other musicians featured on the list.. Obviously, there are many, many more not mentioned, but so happy that Adam is one of those highlighted. 

Adam Lambert has not one but TWO photos in this feature, including in the intro to the article!

Adam Lambert in 2013: Photo Credit Christopher Polk

INTRO by article author Louis Vitel: "When I think of gay artists who have ... When I think of gay artists who have charted on Billboard, one thought springs to the fore: “I wish there were 50,000 more.” Pop music has always been a religion for LGBTQ listeners and it seems only right that we populate, oh, at least 75 percent of every chart. (I’m not great at math but it feels right.) While that remains to be seen, the queer artists who’ve made a dent in Billboard’s vast history stand out as defiant troubadours who often risked being misunderstood or maligned in the service of delivering something relevant to even the most disenfranchised listeners. Here are a few who ruled hard and loud"

Adam Lambert Photo credit: Craig Greenhill

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Anonymous said...

Off topic _
Could someone on Twitter ask Eber if he's heard that Adam is safe in London?

blu said...

Ditto . . I can't find anything on Queen's twitter . . . all the tweeting and snapchat . . . something important like this . . you would think someone would let us know he is safe . ..

glitzylady said...

With all that is happening in London right now, perhaps they all feel they need to wait until morning (London time) before responding to queries from fans who are concerned.. Many many fans have been tweeting to ask if Adam, Dr. May, Roger, etc.. are okay.. Including myself.

It's my personal feeling that they are indeed okay. In a time like that, often the request is to stay off mobile phones, etc.. I was in Boston at the time of the Marathon bombings and it was very difficult to get the word out that my husband & I were okay.. And it's the middle of the night in London right now.. And to be honest, it would be very unlikely that they were involved or affected in any way, other than being in shock like the rest of the world is right now..

I'm sure we'll hear something soon.. In my heart, I know they're fine..

choons said...

Pharaoh puppy is having a holiday in San Diego with Eber.

Dee R Gee said...

Still in shock about London. Heard about it while on the road today. Are there no solutions to terrorism? It's heartbreaking. It is likely that Adam is just fine, along with Sauli, Dr. Bri, Roger, etc. Our sphere of loved ones is so vast, far beyond our own families. Glad we have each here to share our joys and sorrows with. It helps a lot.

Thanks for the great link, glitzy. It puts some joy into the day.

Nanbert said...

Love that comment in the above article re: Adam replacing Freddie Mercury....."qualifies him for sainthood"....nice!