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Houston Press: Queen + Adam Lambert Bathe In Classic-Rock Glory With a Side of Camp

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Monday, August 7, 2017

Posted at : Monday, August 07, 2017

So for the Classic Rock Harumphers and Humbuggers who bemoan and carp that any performing entity called “Queen + Adam Lambert” is not “really” Queen and shouldn’t be allowed to besmirch the reputation of the “Original Classic” Queen, and that Adam Lambert from American Idol is no Freddie Mercury, there’s at least one guy who partially agrees with you: Adam Lambert.
“I know there are some hardcore fans out there who are saying that I’m not Freddie Mercury. “Well no shit, I’m not!”” Lambert told the crowd during a break in the music when he talked about the influence of the band’s irreplaceable vocalist, dead now more than a quarter-century.

This did not seem to be an issue at all for anybody in attendance, who nonetheless still got half of the original band (guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor), a charismatic, talented frontman in his own right, and a crack backing group both paying tribute to the band’s incredible catalogue and providing more than enough thrills of its own for more than two hours. And – as promised right out of the gate – they did rock us.
Things did get off to something of a wobbly start when Lambert – dressed as if he were inspired by George Michael from the “Faith” video for Halloween – brooded and strutted rather than engagingly perform the first few numbers.


Queen + Adam Lambert Bathe In Classic-Rock Glory With a Side of Camp 

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Nanbert said...

I like this honest and enthusiastic a long-time Queen/Freddie fan... open-minded enough to realize that Queen is STILL at the top of its game, and Adam is a more than valuable member of the group...and they can still really rock a top-notch show.

I love his remark that..."if you still Hurrumph and Humbug" (i.e. it's not Queen w/o Freddie)... "I don't give...Two Fux"!

Great retort to the nay sayers!

Dee R Gee said...

I really like this review, too. This reviewer keeps everything in a reasonable perspective. He focuses on just enjoying the music and marveling at the level of talent and skill and Brian and Roger still possess. And he gives Adam major props, too.

Just want to add that I loved Brian's "thank-you" tweet to everyone, including the whole QAL team. But my favorite part of it is when he mentions Adam and writes, "And thanks to Adam, without whom..." He doesn't end the sentence, and that fact just says it all. He really has no words to express his gratitude to Adam, who has made this whole re-birth of Queen possible in a MAJOR way.

Nanbert said...

Agreed, Dee R Gee, I was struck too by Brian's...."and thanks to Adam, without whom...." It says more than an entire paragraph of effusive praise...and so true.

Adam could respond in kind...Queen has sliced off many flights in his stairs to stardom....and financial independence.

They've both profited in so many ways by their "affair"(as Brian once called it)....their stature and reputations have ballooned all over the world. They have become many, many times more than the "sum of their parts"! By the time this world tour is over, Queen will be more on top than they ever were before... they may be already ....

Long live QAL!

Dee R Gee said...

Nanbert, I love your reply! We really think alike. Queen has done so much for Adam. And the intangibles are just as important as the money. Adam will be in the annals of rock history forever. He will be just a footnote. Queen has been reborn and those two rock legends are living an unexpected dream. They are all definitely, as you say, "more than the sum of their parts."