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Adam Lambert On Twitter: #TBT BROKEN OPEN [via Spotify] - Updated With A 2009 Interview & Vid (2010)

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Thursday, October 5, 2017

Posted at : Thursday, October 05, 2017

Adam Lambert On Twitter: #TBT BROKEN OPEN [via Spotify]

Adam is perhaps in a nostalgic mood today. His twitter post of "Broken Open" takes us all the way back to his first album "For Your Entertainment" in 2009, and his subsequent "Glam Nation" tour in 2010. 

Such an utterly beautiful song.. sung by Adam with his incredible voice. Haunting & etherial. And quietly powerful. Gorgeous man & song. 

Another #TBT: Adam's performance of "Broken Open" in Honolulu, HI on October 25, 2010. Video by suz526

Listen to the full original recording of  "Broken Open" on Spotify if you have that ability (click on the link in Adam's twitter post) or on Apple Music on iTunes. 

LINK: "For Your Entertainment"

More background (below) on "Broken Open": posted by @14gelly today:
"Interview 2010 Q @ 5.20 What song on this album is the most personal to you" Adam's answer: "Broken Open" & explains"

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Nanbert said...

One of my favorites..."Broken Open" showed the gentler, more introspective side of Adam...and showcased the superb control he had of his voice, even though he sang so lightly and lyrically.

I remember Adam describing this song as relating to personal experiences he had with friends who felt comfortable enough with him to "break open" and spill out all their problems to him...and feel "safe" with him while doing it.

Nanbert said...

Lucky friends!

Nanbert said...

Weird!...when I wrote the above, it was in response to the top video of Adam singing "Broken Open". For some reason, the second video (interview) hadn't appeared here yet, so I just ended up saying basically the same thing that Adam said in the interview.

Sorry for the redundancy!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful interview - I could listen to Adam ad infinitum. <3

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Nanbert .. no apology necessary ... after all ... Great minds think alike!! Broken Open is one of my favorite although too underrated songs from ADAM's first Masterpiece ... FYE!! So many excellent songs from that album that just went ignored ... such a waste of really Great music .. shame on RCA!! That goes for Trespassing too!! If only ADAM had had Warner Music instead .. who knows how many songs would have hit the charts!! I hope this next one hits the charts & stays there forever!!

Any more info about ADAM's gig for tomorrow ... are we going to be able to listen on audio stream ... I hope .. I hope ... I HOPE!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

fluttsp... so true...Adam gives great interviews...intelligent, honest, and very often funny. I always enjoy watching them...and still often return to watch ones I especially enjoyed.

Lambert Outlaw...Wow!..."Great minds"..THAT certainly made my day! haha. Yeah, I hope too that we get something about Adam's "Point Honors" gig on Saturday.