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Adam Lambert’s Snapchat & Adam Lambert’s Instagram story 10/15/17

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Posted at : Monday, October 16, 2017

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Nanbert said...

I still don't understand why men who aren't attracted to women....are attracted by men who look, dress and act like women......albeit, usually quite flamboyant women.

Oh my... one more question to add to a lifetime of unanswered questions.

Unknown said...

Androgyny. Adam said that about Bill Kaulitz.

Nanbert said...

Marielle....Yes, but androgyny means a combination of masculine and feminine characteristics, and as far as I know Bill Kaulitz has that appearance...rather ambiguous persona/form but it doesn't seem intentionally exaggerated because of clothing and/or make-up.

I'm thinking mainly about those highly made-up and flamboyantly dressed up men (female impersonators, diva-likes) .... that gay men find so attractive. That's WAY beyond androgyny!

Anonymous said...

@Nanbert, maybe it's because although the men you're referring to are dressed flamboyantly & are made up like women, underneath all that, they still have that something that the female person doesn't have.

Nanbert said...

fluttsp...haha...are you thinking of the same video I'm thinking of....when Adam was on a talk show ...on UK I believe...discussion was kinda about some woman who was suggesting that he might like to give women a chance ....she was very curvy and sexy.... Adam remarked that he wasn't interested unless she had a certain "something hidden up there"...under her skirt.

I've always thought that (short of actually "groping" the individual) how would Adam, or anyone, actually KNOW whether a person was a woman or male ... if the individual was very flamboyantly dressed and made-up...particularly if that person was a women identifing herself as a man.

Many female impersonators look like the real thing...and I've even read somewhere that all female impersonators aren't even gay.

IMO...An easy "gig" would be a female impersonating a female impersonator!! It would certainly save a lot of time getting ready! LOL