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Vote for Adam Lambert @ Pop Crush: Fan Showdown 2018: Vote for the Fiercest Male Solo Artist Fandom (Round 1)

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Posted at : Wednesday, April 04, 2018

PopCrush's 2018 Fan Showdown is a month-long competition to determine the most dedicated fan base. Solo artists, groups, and ex-group members will all face off until a winner is crowned on May 1.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fiercest fandom of them all? Is it Adam Lambert's Glamberts? Justin Bieber's Beliebers? Or the fanbase that started it all, Eminem's Stans?We're putting it to the test.

Round 1 of the competition begins today (April 3) and ends on Monday, April 9 at noon; Round 2 begins April 10 at noon and ends on April 15 at noon; Round 3 begins April 16 at noon and ends April 22 at noon; the Final Four begins April 23 at noon and ends on April 25 at noon; and the winner of the final showdown will be revealed on May 1.

Vote for Adam Lambert:

Vote for Adam Lambert @ Pop Crush: Fan Showdown 2018: Vote for the Fiercest Male Solo Artist Fandom (Round 1) 

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Nanbert said...

I voted for Adam's Glamberts, of course... with GREAT reservations, after Pop Crush cheated in the last poll by letting Adam's competition continue voting after the deadline, so they pulled ahead AFTER Adam had already legally won by the deadline.

Be aware, the poll makes you vote (whether you want to or not) in EACH bracket before it will go to the next one. Adam's bracket is the last one in this round.

Sunflower said...

Ugh I always have bad luck with ALL these polls. I go to the site and then I vote, but somehow something goes wrong for me, I get frustrated so I leave the site. I do want Adam to be in first place but I'm not lucky with these polls. :(

Nanbert said...

I've revisited there a couple more times to vote, and on my first visit Adam's Glamberts were way ahead. But now, sadly, they're steadily dropping behind!. I don't even know the guy/fan we're up against...Stans, or something?

Are the Glamberts boycotting this poll? Just wondering.

The poll is set up very strangely...are people having problems voting?...I did at first.

Nanbert said...

Me again....I checked back and Adam's "Glamberts" are vs. Eminemem's "Stans" until Monday, April 9th. All together there are four elimination rounds of voting...each round about 5 days long.
The final round ends April 25 at 12:00.

So-o-o -- this poll is only for a short duration....less than a month to run through all four rounds...but we have to keep consistently voting to make it through to the end...for Adam/us.

I don't believe there are any vote restrictions.

So...Glamberts....what is it? We can"take it" if we want to! Do we? Can't do it "half-assed"!