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NME: “I felt fabulous”: pop megastar Adam Lambert on his experience of coming out

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Thursday, June 7, 2018

Posted at : Thursday, June 07, 2018

At the end of last week, pop hero, former 'American Idol' contestant and current Queen frontman Adam Lambert gave a talk to young people at London-based LGBT+ charity Mosaic Centre, where he discussed his experiences as a member of the LGBT+ community. Here, he tell his story of coming out.
“It was Halloween, and I was about nine years old, and I pulled a dress from the box of costumes in the attic. My mom’s Snow White costume from the year before; I figured that’s what I wanted to go tricking or tricking as. I thought: ‘Perfect! This will fit.’ I felt fabulous. My Dad was cool and open-minded. My mom was like, ‘Adam, you can’t go out in the neighbourhood like that! People won’t understand and they might be mean to you.’ She was coming from a place of love. I did get some weird looks, but I felt really good in that dress. It really cinched in my waist.
I knew around adolescence that I was a little different than these other kids. I knew around seventh grade –age 14 – even though I wasn’t hundred per cent sure. I also never had any experiences and I never confirmed anything. I went to high school and didn’t have any relationships, though I smooched a couple of girls to make sure. After I graduated high school, I came out to my three closest friends, and then came out to my parents shortly thereafter. That felt so much better. I was lucky because it was well received and my parents were like, ‘Yeah, we know’.


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Nanbert said...

Good advice for those kids coming out....Adam understands them.

Nanbert said...

I feel so sorry for that young Adam, feeling so out of place, confused and lonely with his secret....with no one to guide him to a better place.

It's wonderful of him to try to help young people going through the same problems he faced. I'm sure he will continue to be of great value to the youths in his "community" going forward.