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Adam Lambert Tweeted: I listened to every recording of @ArethaFranklin ‘s THINK when I was asked to do this version... was a masterclass studying her vocal magic. whenever I’m struggling to catch the spirit, to really FEEL a song, listening to her flips that switch.

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Thursday, August 16, 2018

Posted at : Thursday, August 16, 2018

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Magiclady said...

Grewup listening to Aretha

Nanbert said...

Such a coincidence! I just finished listening to Adam's masterful version of Aretha's "Think"...from the soundtrack of the movie "Captain Underpants"...and forwarded it to my sister a short time ago.....and here is Adam posting it for us!

It was enlightening to hear both versions today, since Aretha's version has been playing here and there all day.

Adam did justice to Aretha...and now pays homage as well.

Nanbert said...

Aretha sings Opera! Gotta post this amazing and startling item from Aretha's career...

Background...1998 Grammys... Pavarotti scheduled to perform "Nessun Dorma", but became ill at the last moment. Aretha was asked to fill Pavarotti's request I understand. She asked to listen to a run-through recording of the rehearsal, and after a couple of listenings, she said "I can do this"...and she walked on stage with the waiting orchestra and chorus...AND SHE DID IT!

Here it is:

Awesome! I wish I could have found a recording of the entire performance... but at least you can see that monumental ending. Oh my!

Nanbert said...

Sorry, link above to Aretha singing Opera has been removed for some copyright reason....i.e. somebody figured out a different way to make money from it! Darn it!

Nanbert said...

Found another one...hope it doesn't get closed down....Aretha sings Nessun Dorma!