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Article From Yahoo!'s Lyndsey Parker: Brian May On Queen's Revival "We would never be doing this now if it wasn't for Adam Lambert.."

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Posted at : Saturday, September 01, 2018

NEW! Article From Yahoo!'s Lyndsey Parker: Brian May On Queen's Revival "We would never be doing this now if it wasn't for Adam Lambert.."

LINK: Brian May talks Queen's revival: 'We would never be doing this now if it weren't for Adam Lambert'

@LyndseyParker (Yahoo Music editor AND fellow Adam Lambert fan): "You @adamlambert fans will like this: I dug up some previously unseen extended footage from my @DrBrianMay interview last year, of him gushing about how Adam revitalized @QueenWillRock. Who's going to see Queen + Adam Lambert in Vegas next month?"

Excerpt from the much longer article linked above (and in the tweets below): 
In the Queen in 3-D book, May jokingly writes that late Queen legend Freddie Mercury would almost be downright jealous of his successor’s vocal prowess. “Freddie would love and hate him, yeah; I mean, you know, he’d be like, ‘You bastard!’” May quips. “Because, I mean, Adam has a real gift from God. That voice is a voice in a billion, and nobody has that range, nobody that I’ve ever worked with. And not just the range but the quality throughout the range and the passion to use that instrument. And I’ve seen Adam develop, just like I watched Freddie develop. … He was great to start with, but now, we’re doing something like ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ onstage, and sometimes I almost stop playing because I think, ‘What did he just do?’ He’s so free with his interpretations, and it’s spine-chilling, just the sound he makes and the way he interprets a song.” While May stresses that Lambert “in no sense imitates Freddie” — a point that Lambert, a huge Queen fan himself, makes humbly every night onstage — May explains that Lambert “provides that piece of the jigsaw puzzle, which is, I mean, stupendous. We would never be doing this now if it weren’t for Adam.’

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Sunflower said...

Dr. Brian May and Roger Taylor, I love you two more and more each day, 2 class acts! Thank you for the Kind words on Adam. When I read an article where you Brian give Adam credit and praise I just tear up and want to cry. I'm so touched by your loving words for our beloved Adam! Hugs and kisses Brian and Roger! (I wish I could really give them hugs and kisses). Sigh.

Nanbert said...

What wonderful praise for Adam from Brian...and so true..."That voice is a voice in a billion, and nobody has that range, nobody I've ever worked with... not just the range, but the quality throughout that range..."

If anyone would know, Brian would. How unbelievable that Queen would discover Adam. Just think, they could have lived out their entire lives without even meeting.

Best of all, there's such joy in their performances...they ALL feel very lucky and fulfilled and at the top of their game...and they are!

glitzylady said...

Lots of great comments on the article and some not so great, as always happens when anything about Queen + Adam Lambert is said, particularly if it's presented in a positive way.... I left a comment, just saying how absolutley happy I was to have the opportunity to hear Queen's music live, and that Adam is certainly worthy of singing with the band in it's current configuration. And I went back later to check new comments, and discovered someone had given me a thumbs down .. Which was just kind of funny and sad both.. There are those who just go on articles to dis Adam.. and sometimes Roger & Brian. I guess they have nothing better to do. AKA "trolls". Everyone is free to have an opinion but... sigh.....

So if the mood strikes, go to the article, leave a comment. No sense getting flustered but a positive word or two is always a plus!

Dee R Gee said...

Exactly right, glityz. Some will never accept Adam, but that's their loss. So many true Queen fans have accepted Adam whole-heartedly.

I think that as these shows get going, the word will get out that the show is GREAT!

Nanbert said...

Glitzylady....I see what you mean about the mean-spirited! I think most of the them are just there to "rain on somebody's parade" or cause a fight and some excitement. Why is that? It just breaks my heart for Adam, Brian and Roger.

Strangely, reviews and comments have seemed more favorable for Adam in the U.K. (Freddie country)! It seems they are more open minded and accepting... and full of pride at having their beloved Queen performing with such joy and at the top of their game again, thanks to Adam.

Dee R Gee...yes, but the "word" should have been out a LONG time ago. Like you, I'd like to believe that more people will "see the light"....but they've had plenty of time already. The U.S.A. should be SO proud of Adam everywhere by now! Sigh!

Nanbert said...

BTW... Glitzylady...I planned on giving thumbs-up to you in the comments, but Yahoo required too much personal info to join, and I'm scared to give it now after I was hi-jacked about two years ago! Sorry!

glitzylady said...

Thanks but no worries.. I went back there again, sorry I did.. Every troll who usually shows up on those comment sections has discovered it. I think QAL is reviewed well after the US concerts too.. It's just these types of articles (those that are available to a wide variety of readers) that attract those people who troll every article, and diss Queen for daring to continue to play their music and think of reasons why Adam is "wrong" for them.. Same ol' same ol' we've been seeing for years. I honestly pay little attention to their negativity. Because we know that Adam does an amazing job, Brian & Roger and the other band members have a great time having the opportunity to play their music, and to also honor Freddie's contributions. I pretty much assume the negative comments come from people who don't bother to read the article, view the videos included, or have never been to a Queen + Adam Lambert concert. Their opinions, their right to comment, but also their loss. It's such a pleasure to hear that music live.. I understand that many fans miss Freddie (I think all Queen fans do certainly..) and feel it's sacrilegious to listen to the band without Freddie. So it is what it is....