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EXPRESS.CO.UK: Adam Lambert Selling His First Hollywood Hills House

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Monday, August 19, 2019

Posted at : Monday, August 19, 2019

credit: Holcomb Petersen
Feature story from UK's EXPRESS newspaper from last week (8/15/19) on Adam Lambert having put his original Hollywood Hills house up for sale.  Although this had been announced months back the realtor appears to have started a new marketing pitch for the sale.  The EXPRESS piece includes lots of pictures of the inside of the house.

credit: Holcomb Petersen
"Singer-songwriter Adam Lambert is selling his 'enchanting oasis' home in West Hollywood Hills - and it's yours for a tidy $3.35million. ... Lambert purchased a larger house in the Hollywood Hills for $6.5 million last September ... According to estate agents Compass, the property 'uniquely fuses a modern aesthetic with a nuance of chic Hollywood style.'"


Dee R Gee said...

Hope he finally sells this place soon. We were a two-house family for a while. It's no fun. The house is lovely. That shallow pool thing may have been a problem for buyers. Most people want a regular pool. Maybe this time around will be the charm!

Sunflower said...

Broddybounce...TMZ had posted this also, that it was mentioned on TMZ and Harvey Levin loved the house saying it was beautiful and cool! I read some comments to this post to which was favorable except for one woman named Hannah Sexton Davis. She said she feels sorry for whoever has to deal with this ---hole at closing. She goes on to say in 2010 she was a runner for lots of different concerts in college.

Sunflower said...

Continuation...this woman said "no one was more rude than Adam Lambert"! Now I don't know what a "runner" does but she said Adam was ungrateful and rude that he might be sweet to his fans but to the staff it was a nightmare. She worked at the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville. Glamberts and I responded to her telling her she caught Adam at a bad time, that Adam is really nice and how celebrities have their off days. One asked her it wasn't Adam Levine? She said no Adam Lambert.

Sunflower said...

Continuation...She said I don't care who believes me or not, just stating I feel bad for whoever has to deal with him. On July 6, 2010 she had looked forward in meeting him after watching American Idol and was really let down because he was ungrateful and rude. On the other hand she met Alice Cooper and he was an angel, never been treated more kindly by an artist. She was a fan of Adams but not anymore. One Glambert told her, I think you're lying, I told her "that happened 9 years ago?" Another woman told this Hannah, I was going to follow Adam but not anymore, thanks for letting me know.

Sunflower said...

Almost done,... One woman is going to believe this Hannah when the rest of us are saying Adam is NOT rude and ungrateful to his fans, on the contrary! I hate that Hannah called Adam the A word, when he is the most considerate, caring, soul loving human being! Then this happened almost 10 years ago and she still has this grudge? Adam was going through something when she met him that's all! Her loss if she stopped being a fan! Broddybounce what the heck is a "runner for concerts"? Is it like doing tasks for celebrities?

Nanbert said...

Oh use in getting one's feathers mussed over this. That woman could have been completely wrong... or a liar...or so obnoxious that she earned whatever happened (if it did).
Considering the nasty thing said about and by people on the internet, I'm less inclined to believe ANYONE these days. The safest thing to say/repeat is something kind...or at least something neutral!

Sue Smith said...

I went to that post to see what was going on. If it was the post about his old house if that's the one Sunflower is referring to. It said not accepting any more comments. Those comments that were referred to there must have been removed saw 30 something comments on the house ect. However that was it. Did not see that comment from that woman or any response to her. I read the comments on the house I looked couple times did not see those comments from the woman about Adam.
Some of these trolls can really talk a believable game. Adam has had a unrelenting troll following him for years. Do not know if this is the same one but sure sounds like it.
They know enough about Adam to put together a good story that is some what believable. The whole story sounded very fishy to me right away. When there was open comments on here and no sign in. The person I'm referring to lived on this site with one stupid comment after the others real piece of work. Used to call him or her LOL and there were others. I truly would not believe a word of it. It's really hard to attack his singing and other talents right now.
Because they would be immediately not fooling any one. They immediately would be though to be a troll by any person with ears thats heard him in these concerts any normal acting person.
So they now have to be more creative with their trolling. I also remember in about the year 2010 a video of an incident that happened. I think it was with a man but sometimes now days it hard to tell. Not sure what country I'm thinking England but not sure could be wrong. Think Adam was on a radio promotion tour and on a pretty tight shedule. Adam was trying to sign as many autographs as possible for real fans. This person had a big sack of either magazines or tee shirts for him to sign. He told the person he was just their for the fans just signing for them he was not rude. This person was obnoxious acting kept on Adam to sign the stuff he just wasn't going for it. It's one thing to sign one or 2 things for a fan but it was obvious he wanted the contents of the large bag signed to sale them. Adam signed fans and then got in the car with the people who were with him and were leaving. This person threw the the bag in the car. Guess though he have to sign the items. The driver just took off. They may have stopped and put the bag out. I saw the whole video the person was persistent and obnoxious. Adam was not rude but was not going for putting his name on things for this person to sale. Right after that incident this trolling person appeared and made ridiculous comments all the time hateful. That stuff kept up for years and still continues to this day. Dont know if this incident has a thing to do with this phony sounding post. But this person sure was out to run Adam down any chance they had. It was obvious to me that it was the person in the video out to run Adam down any time they could. When you said the person said 2010 I immediately though of this video.
If any ones being a a--hole it's this person who said this nonsense about Adam. This is not the first time a very far fetched story like this has been done to Adam. However never heard this rude one before. It's so not the man I've seen with people and fans for ten years. It's just not Adam's personality. However if it had a thing to do with this video I'm talking about I would not blame him at all. I believe this person had it out for Adam for years and he never deserved it.
Like I said have no idea if this has a thing to do with this recent stupid post. But I immediately thought of this incident. Just rang a bell and sounded so familiar to me. I would not worry about the post it sounds phony and does not ring true at all to me. That's just my opinion. I just would not worry about it these people are not worth being upset over not even a little bit.

Sue Smith said...

I KNOW I wrote a book. But when 2010 was mentioned. It just came back to me. About this video incident.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Well .. here's how I feel about this .. BS!! Plain & simple .. we all know that there are people out there who are jealous of ADAM's success & will do/say anything to turn others against him!! For what reason .. I do not know ... so many have sung ADAM's praises ... well-known people ... about how kind, respectful, etc. he is to everyone ... one of the nicest guys in show biz .. so I don't give a **** ... I know they are lying when anyone says otherwise!!

"Believe NOTHING you HEAR & only HALF of what you SEE!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Sunflower said...

Sue...First time I've heard that story you brought up from 2010. The comments I referred to was on the TMZ (celebrity gossip program), website. I stopped watching TMZ like 10-15 years ago, but I saw the same posting here ( TMZ also posted) on my Twitter feed. If you care to you can check out the TMZ website for Adams Hollywood House story. The woman I mentioned was a college student in Knoxville, Tennessee. One Glambert did tell her, "I think you're lying". Hannah, that's her name said, "I don't care if you believe me or not"! She also told a Glambert, if you ever work for him to let her know how it went.

Sue Smith said...

I tend to agree with LAMBERT Outlaw and Nanbert. TMZ would attract a post like that. It was 10 years ago and if there is a shred of truth to it,it just a shead she was probably twisting it to suit her. She could have been the most obnoxious person ever. I've heard people on Instagram that did not make it to the top 12 on Adam's idol year say Adam was so sweet. How many times has Bryan and Rodger sang his praises. Touring with people is a very intimate experience, not to mention rehearsing and helping put on a huge show if he was a stinker it would come out never heard anything but praise from them. She was throwing in little things to make it sound more believable how nice AC was. She may had some experiances in college that gave her the idea for the story line of this whopper and I truly believe that is what it is a lie.
If any one works for him let her know. Now just how would that happen with a perfect stranger on the internet and I'm also sure she doubted that was going to happen. I've heard some trolls like this one brag about having multiple accounts on FB ect. When this site had so many trolls they brag about
That. She probably posted on other sites under a various accounts.
I will never purposely go on TMZ the way they done Adam in the past.
I know it hurts your feelings Sunflower to hear stuff like that. You just went there to read the article. I would not let it bother you. It's not the first time untrue ctap has been said about Adam and it won't be the last. However it is the first I've ever heard any person say this about working for him or with him. All say he the nicest most professional man. Dont let it hurt your feelings I know you care alot for Adam.
Adam just posted about fires or something in the Amazon. Saw posts thanking him from there for bringing attention to it. Said the president there didn't care. It was on the nightly news. Have read about it.
Now that is who Adam really is he cares about the people and world around him.

mochyr said...

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