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Adam Lambert IG/Twitter: "LISTEN TO THIS!!"

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Posted at : Tuesday, September 03, 2019

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Nanbert said...

Hahaha....the remark I was about to make...."Whoa-ah...that's SOME funky beat!" turns out to use the same adjective in the above caption. Can't think of a more apt word.

FUNKY! It's gonna be hard to sit still when this song's playing. Would love to see what people do with it on the dance floor. I think I'm too old to even try it...I fear I might do permanent damage, LOL.

And just think, didn't Adam say there was a video for this. too? I can see we're in for a ride with this album.

Dee R Gee said...

OK THEN! I am REALLY onboard with this one! It has tons of energy and hopefully the strong HOOK that I always want in a song. And it looks like it shows off Adam voice big time! Video, too! Bring on the FUNK!

Sunflower said...

Awesome sound, I love it! I want to share something with you my Glamsisters/brothers, I commented on this video on Adams Instagram and he "Liked" and "Replied" to my comment!! I couldn't believe it and started crying and I couldn't go to sleep at all ( since this happened in the early hours of the morning. I didn't know what to do with myself afterwards! :)

Mi Re La said...

I love it! I Love it! I love it!

Sunflower, I'm so happy for you.Tell us what you wrote to Adam and what he replied.

Angeladam said...

Sounds good !

Sunflower said...

Mi Re La...Thank you so much, it was totally unexpected. I took my recent comment like the others I've posted and not being noticed by Adam until now. What I said to him was; Lordy! Lordy! Now you've wept (dumb auto check changed my word whet to wept but Adam knew what I meant) my/our appetites! Soo good! Weren't you suppose to wait for the 4th? Anxious like us huh? I added 2 emojis, the face with the heart eyes and a pink heart with I think they're stars across the heart. So nothing that I think would stand out but I'm grateful he responded.
All Adam said was "yup"!!!! That's it just yup. Hahaha. I know it's one little word but it made my day, because yesterday I was in a sad mood, feeling down but my spirits lifted up with this! So there you go Mi Re La, this may never happen to me again so I will hold this dearly in my heart! :)

Nanbert said...

Sunflower...fantastic...what a thrill! I would be overwhelmed, too. A treasured memory, indeed! Congratulations!

broddybounce said...

I saw that, Sunflower! Didn't realize that was you. Wonderful!!!

Sunflower said...

Aww thanks Nanbert and broddybounce! I was hesitant in telling anyone but I thought Why? We're all Family here!

Mi Re La said...

Adam Lambert - Superpower (Official Music Video)

Mi Re La said...

Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Footage From Adam Lambert's "Superpower" Music Video

Sue Smith said...

Just saw this Sunflower. So happy for you sweetie. I would be really excited as well. I wasn't at that didn't know about it.

Sunflower said...

Thanks Sue! It was after 1:00am when I saw it, kept me wide awake till 4:00am, I eventually fell asleep! Hahaha

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