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Filed Under () by broddybounce on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Posted at : Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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Clase Azul... Verde 🤑

A post shared by ADAM LAMBERT (@adamlambert) on


Mi Re La said...

Adam Lambert: Join me in calling on world leaders to prioritize our oceans! Download the @glblctzn app and take action to earn tickets to see me & @QueenWillRock play the #GlobalCitizen Festival on Sept 28th in NYC!

Dee R Gee said...

I believe Adam is giving Avicii a toast. And yes, our oceans are a priority! Every aspect of the state of our planet is worth taking action.

Jean Renard said...

Our darling, sweet, kind Avicii suffered severe alcoholism during his short life. I remember how I cried once when I read an article where Avicii was quoted to state how in his glamorous world of a famous DJ, alcohol was constantly pushed in his face, especially in beautiful hotel rooms and popular nightclubs. He was too troubled and weak to shy away from the very life that made him so rich and renown but, played a great part in his destruction. Even when he went on vacation to Muscat, Oman, to find peace from his hectic lifestyle, he ended up on a boat drinking, the one thing that he was fighting to escape. They found him deceased in his hotel room the next day. Therefore, I hope if Adam is giving Avicii a toast, I hope it is with apple or grape juice. It would be a shame to toast a troubled dead young man with the very thing that helped to kill him. Rest in peace, beautiful soul, Avicii. I shall never forget your wonderful concert. You are greatly missed. Jean Renard

Jean Renard said...

Oh, and by the way, Adam certainly does not have apple or grape juice in the beautiful glass. He has his favorite thing in the world, CLASE AZUL, a very expensive tequila. The "verde" would probably be his green eye shadow and green nail polish. Jean Renard

Dee R Gee said...

Just heard Adam is working on a video with Camilla (can't remember spelling) from his old solo tour. Sounds intriguing.

Nanbert said...

Just a guess, but if Adam was toasting Avicii, I feel he would SAY that ...instead of stating ONLY the NAME of what he was drinking....that would seem quite incongruous...and thoughtless.

I personally don't think that the two photos above are related to each other. In fact, the number of photos of Adam included in the "toasting/drinking" SET appear to be part of a professional photo shoot....very likely for an AD for that tequila company, who may be a client, like Gucci, and other companies Adam promotes from time to time.

Dee R Gee said...

Actually, I was joking about the toast. Obviously not a very good joke. The two photos don't seem related to me, either. Adam included "ERNT" with this photo somewhere, and that may mean "earned," as if he is treating himself with a drink after working hard. Maybe a recording session.

broddybounce said...

Oh no not related ... Adam just happened to make these two IGs around the same time. He probably didn't realize the 'connection,' so to speak -- and I certainly hadn't when I first looked at them and posted them together! Sorry, guys, probably should have separated into two different posts.

Sue Smith said...

Well I see Broddybounce has kindly cleared up any misunderstanding about a toast. Any one that has followed Adam for many years certainly knows what a kind hearted guy he is. It would never have crossed my mine that Adam would have ever done anything so tasteless like toasting alcohol to a man who had passed away from severe alcoholism. That's not the Adam Lambert I followed for years. Now its cleared up that the pictures were not related at all.
I also know Dee R Gee meant nothing unkind at all by what was said. She has always been in Adam's corner.
I do remember fondly the night NR called Adam to come help him finish an Avicci song Lay Me Down. He came about 1.oo in the morning and finished the song in I believe was said 20 minutes.
Avicci had stalled in finishing the song and left but Adam wrapped it up fast and ended up being the one to record that song.
It is very sad that such a young talented man surcumed to such a terrible disease.unfortubateky we are all responsible for our own fate no matter how much temptation is put
Before us. I can say that because alcoholism has been a problem with my step son. I've known him most of his life and took care of him alot when he was a kid. He had and is having some real health related problems because of it. I wont go in to all the logistics that are going on at this time. It's very important he removes himself from the people and circumstances that cause such temptation when trying to stop drinking.
In my step sons case it really hard because of real personal attachments.
It's a terrible disease. I stopped drinking any alcohol years ago. One because of Medicines I have to take. Two I felt nothing was worth getting up the next day feeling horrible all day. Most people can have a drink or so at home or here and there with no problem then some cannot.
I think it is very lovely of all these artists and yes Adam going abroad to do this charity event in Avincci honor. Yes Avicci deserves it he seemed like a kind soul caught in the some times a soul devouring music business and all that very often goes with that kind of fame. I'm so grateful that Adam seems now to be in a good place, happy in a relationship and ecstatic to be getting lots of new music out.
Adam has said he went through a funk a bad period in his life. I am so grateful he got professional therapy and backing also from his family and friends that brought him back to feeling more stable in his life. Because he has said he loves making music but the music business is s--t.

Sunflower said...

Avicii was very young, which makes it sadder. I think Adam is toasting for his work on VELVET and that SUPERPOWER has over 1 Million streams. His caption to these photos is 'I ernt it"! He certainly did. By the way I keep reading in Twitterland that those who heard samples of VELVET say that we're (the fans) are going to freak out! So I'm ready to freak out! Lol

Nanbert said...
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Nanbert said...

It's O.K. broddybounce... it's hard to imagine any Glambert actually thinking that Adam was toasting Avicii...1. considering that Adam is naming a tequila instead of acknowledging Avicii... and 2. also considering that alcoholism lead to Avicci's death.

Since we all know how kind and thoughtful Adam is...those two IGs just didn't "compute" as being related.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Oh brother!! I must be some kind of dummy .. first .. I didn't even know what was in the goblet that ADAM was drinking from & secondly .. I never put the two pictures together!! I'm sure glad because it never even occurred to me that ADAM was toasting Aviccii ... I just thought .. oh who knows what I thought .. I just saw the two pictures & went directly to the comments .. just like I always do!!

BTW .. broddybounce .. thank you for the shout out .. I love being useful & I'm willing to snoop the net to get info .. I know that sometimes I'm a pain in the nether region but I don't mean to be!! Love to all my cyber Glamily!! <3<3<3

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Sue Smith said...

Yes I never thought it was related either. However it looked like one person may have mistakes it to be. But it is not related. Like I said Adam would never ever be that tasteless. Never has been in the 10 years and counting I've followed Adam. Right now its Adam's time with new music and more going on and he needs all our backing.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Sue .. I just came from Superpower on Ytube & I am happy to report that there are 1,861,329 views so soon we will be coming up on 2M views .. maybe another day or so .. I'm so thrilled for ADAM!! Can't wait for VELVET Side A ... YES!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Sue Smith said...

Just saw this post LAMBERT OUtlaw YEA! It is over 2 million now, been really streaming it. I was gone one day but other than that been streaming much as I can. I'm with you cant wait either for side A. So proud of Adam and trying to help all I can. He definitely deserves it and much more!