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Adam Lambert Adds Worcester (MA) To December Solo Show Schedule, December 12, 2019

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Posted at : Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Worcester, Massachusetts, located an hour west of Boston, is where Adam Lambert will be on Thursday, December 12, 2019 when he headlines local radio station WXLO's "Almost ACOUSTIC XMAS" show.  Adam headlined this show previously in 2015.  This brings his December solo shows to five, the others of which include New York, Los Angeles, Palm Springs (Indio), and Connecticut (read our previous item about them HERE).


Nanbert said...

Oh my.....I wish I lived near one of those locations! Adam is really hopping around!

Or even better, that Adam would schedule another concert in Pittsburgh! I an SO HOPING that he will schedule a "Velvet" tour here later. It was thrilling to attend the QAL concert here last summer with my grandson!

Mi Re La said...

Billboard - Ugh, Adam Lambert's Vocals in This New Live Video Are Just Perfection

Jean Renard said...

@Mi Re La - Hi there, I was wondering if you could answer a question for me? I am an English professor and I have noticed a few times that young people are now using the word "UGH" to begin their sentences when they really want to get a very positive point across in the body of their sentences. I am always trying to teach young people, especially my foreign students, that they are using the expression "UGH" the incorrect way. UGH means horrible, disgusting or that you are really turned off by something. I constantly have to check the urban dictionary for the current meaning of words and expressions used by the younger society in the United States so as not to appear uneducated as they purposely change the recorded definition of many words in their respective vocabularies. For instance, the word "sick" - that one really threw me for a loop when the urban dictionary gave the new meaning. Therefore, when I grade papers, should I still circle "UGH" as incorrect usage of an expression when they are describing something wonderful in a sentence as you did in your sentence above. Please help me out with this one because the urban dictionary still defines "UGH" as disgusting. I circle the word on their papers and write "UH" in its place. Am I totally out of touch with the young people? Has "UGH" changed its definition and no longer means horrible or disgusting? Please help me out as I really must keep up with current lingo. Jean Renard

Patria said...

Jean, Billboard used the word UGH in its title. Go to the link Mi Re La provided and see for yourself.

Jean Renard said...

Hi, Patria - I hadn't yet looked at the link. I was just so excited to see Mi Ri La use the word, but I didn't know she was quoting, and I thought, finally, maybe, I can get an answer to my question. I have asked a number of people about this new use of "UGH" but, I guess I won't be able to get an answer from Billboard. Words' meanings are changing so fast in the urban dictionary world but, my question is, "Who is the first person who decides to change the word to a new definition"? And, unless the urban dictionary states the new meaning, we, as English professors, are in the dark. I bet Adam would know. He totally stays up to date with all the new words and their definitions. Adam, if you are out there, can you help me out with my question - why is "UGH" being used to express delight - is it like "SICK" or just being misused? Jean Renard

Nanbert said...

Jean Renard...The lovely Mi Re LA is not from the USA....but from Romania, I believe. (Correct me if I'm wrong, Mi Re La). I doubt if she could be of much help with American urban slang, even though her English is immaculate.

I agree that "UGH" is used strangely....but I also clearly remember it being used, even many years ago, in a similar manner that "OOF" was sometimes vocally indicate a strong EMOTIONAL reaction to a stimulus (song, joke, insult) similar to being hit in the solar plexus.....without actually being hit.

I guess that's how "UGH" is meant by Billboard... Adam's song got them right in the gut!... knocked the wind out of them, so to speak!.....surprisingly, a compliment, not an insult. Yes, like "sick".

BTW, I detest the everchanging face of our language. People have enough trouble communicating as it is, without the additional problem of different definitions for the same word. For example, it seems that now half the adjectives in the English language have been replaced with the "F" word!

Nanbert said...

Jean Renard....I was just thinking about this vocabulary confusion between the Urban and Cambridge Dictionary. I believe if I was an English teacher, I would press my students to confine their class writings and the Cambridge order to maintain SOME NORM. It will stand them in good stead in their careers. They can play all they want in the urban dictionary in their "free" time! LOL

Jean Renard said...

Yes, @Nanbert, you are absolutely correct. "Ugh" has now been twisted and reborn to have a double meaning. Instead of disgust, it is being used as a noun - a power that wrenches the soul, your very being or as you stated, right in the gut! It takes a while for the urban dictionary to be updated - the new usage has to become familiar in every day language or street talk. It took me forever to get the drift of the use of "breakfast sandwich" on the campus - I thought they literally meant food for breakfast, until it was explained to me..........And, you mentioned the "f" word. Yeppers, this word is used as a verb, adjective, noun, transitive, intransitive, gerund, and, used to describe pain, pleasure, incompetence, dissatisfaction, fraud, dismay, trouble, aggression, difficulty, inquiry, dismissal, etc., etc., etc.......As painful as it is for me to say, I don't think it will ever die. It has forever embedded itself into the psyche of the spoken English language, probably in many other languages aside from English.........OK, thanks again for your opinion and clarification of "UGH" - much appreciated. Jean Renard

Jean Renard said...

@Nanbert, I will try to explain to you the phenomenon that has risen with the world of social media and how it has affected the use of our English language. I truly worry about young students when I give, for instance, pop quiz essays. This situation presents an opportunity for me to witness first-hand, their command (I should say lack of a command) of a classy vocabulary. BTW, when did "your" replace "you're" or the incorrect use of there, their, they're to be accepted? In freestyle writing, they can't seem to help themselves to control the use of the urban dictionary. It has become an innate part of their lives. Of course, when it comes to serious papers, students have so many tools at hand to write very sophisticated assignments. I require them to download Grammarly, the basic, or to purchase the upgraded version. However, if I tell them to take pencil and paper, with absolutely no help from Grammarly or any other source, write an essay about a favorite topic, this is shocksville (made up this word). Many come up front and say to me, "sorry, I can't write cursive" but, I can print my essay. It is painful for them to write or print their essays and, may I add, so many of these students are brilliant in their own respective fields. The proper use of the English language is dying, spelling and punctuation, without the use of tools, is sad to behold. However, I am presented with excellent papers when students have the time to research and use the tools of Grammarly on their computers. Yes, the old-style pop quiz essay tells me all I need to know about a student's ability or command of the English language. When I say those words, "take a pencil and paper", you can hear the word "UGH" reverberating throughout the room. Now, that is the proper use of "UGH" to me. Jean Renard

Mi Re La said...

Jean Renard, I do not think it is necessary to comment any more. Nanbert and Patria have done so well. Thanks!

English is the 3rd language I speak after Romanian and French. I think I make many mistakes many times. Correct me how many times I'm wrong. I'm glad when a professor does this.

Mi Re La said...

DIGITAL JOURNAL REVIEW: "Adam Lambert releases ethereal 'Closer To You' live session video"

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

While streaming on Ytube I came upon this strange recoding .. no video only audio .. of supposedly Adam Lambert & Steve Cooke from the Paramount Sessions album of 2013 so I listened to it .. very curious I had never heard of it before .. title completely unfamiliar to me .. wondered why I or one of our ninjas hadn't come across it before!! Well .. the reason we never heard of it before is because IMHO the voice that I heard was completely & undeniably NOT our ADAM LAMBERT!! It didn't even remotely sound like ADAM!! Worse part was .. the comments were oohing & aahing that it was indeed ADAM!! I am going to post the link of this audio/video here & would someone Please do me a favor & go there & listen to it?? If I am wrong .. NO .. I'm sorry .. I am NOT wrong .. I couldn't be that wrong!! I have been following ADAM for a decade & never has he sounded like this .. not even with a cold ... NOT to me!! If I'm right .. can we have this imposter removed from Ytube?? I hope so!!

Adam Lambert - Under the midday sun

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw....I feel your pain. I looked up The Paramount Sessions, and it said the release date was 11/15/2011. Is it possible that it was part of that skirmish Adam had with Monty Pittman about the release of some "demo music" Adam had made earlier in his career and did not wish for it to be released? least that's what I think it was all about. I didn't pay much attention to it at the time. I believe Monty Pittman was mentioned on this CD, too.

I agree, for the most part, that voice does not sound like Adam....maybe it's Steve Cooke (never even heard of him...but I'm not into current pop music). Evidently, they both contributed to the CD.

I'm sure some of our more knowledgeable Glamberts may have more insight into this dilemma.

glitzylady said...

@LAMBERT Outlaw & @Nanbert
So after reading Tess's comment about the song from "The Paramount Sessions" released in 2011, and the earlier "Take One" released in 2009 of the same sessions that Adam recorded as a paid session vocalist i.e. being paid to sing songs/demos that are available to be bought by other artists to record, (and was the source of a lawsuit brought against him which was aimed to have him declared ineligible for American idol, a lawsuit that was ultimately dismissed).

I checked up on the 2 disc Paramount Sessions set of CD's, and I agree with Tess, that particular song doesn't sound like Adam in the least and I strongly suspect it is actually the other vocalist, Steve Cooke. On EACH ONE of the songs on the Paramount Sessions CD's, BOTH names i.e. Adam Lambert & Steve Cooke are listed as artists singing the songs but clearly, Adam sings some and Steve sings some.

In a review of the music here:

the reviewer states that Disc 1 is Adam singing, and Disc 2 is Steve singing.. In listening to the song "Under The Midday Sun" it would seem that it is Steve singing.. not Adam..Listening to some of the other songs (on Disc 2, Steve has a distinctive sound to his vocals, different from Adam. It is very confusing that they listed both Steve & Adam as vocalists on each song on the 2 disc set.. And as a result when that particular song was uploaded to You Tube, the one Tess referred to, Adam Lambert was clearly the much better known singer/artist of the 2 and so only his name was listed. I think perhaps that the reviewer in the article I linked above was perhaps mistaken about disks one and two being only Adam on Disc One and Steve on Disk Two. It's confusing to say this least.. and a bit moot at this point.

I think what you could do if you wish to do so, Tess, is leave a comment on the video to that effect, that the song is most likely not Adam Lambert singing but instead is Steve Cooke..

Nanbert said...

Good idea, glitzylady. Go ahead, Lambert Outlaw.....set them straight! If you don't, I will!
We can't have Adam Lambert "imposters" singing around on Youtube!