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Adam Lambert Instagram Live, September 16, 2020

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Posted at : Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Adam strolls through London on the morning of September 16, 2020, answering some questions, and sharing both some disappointing news — and some very exciting news!


Angeladam said...

Sad about his Velvet tour mot being rescheduled, but exciting things ahead for him other than performing on stage, seems like he may be here in the UK for some time. I wonder who he’s cowriting the musical with ? nice that he can walk along without paparazzi in his face, think I’d definitely gave recognised him walking in the park especially with those glasses and trainers lol, he seems nice and chilled !

Patria said...

He's such a love.
His work ethic is in high gear as much as life currently will allow it.
Don't like the glasses, he said the sun was 'peeking out' which means he didn't need them and I could have seen his entire gorgeous face.
I miss him too, every time I walk away from my computer.

Patria said...

regarding the musical he's part of creating and co-writing, dare I hope for also starring?

Dee R Gee said...

Considering that he kept asking people to ask him questions, he actually gave us a lot of information. First, the Moonbase 8 thing is just one cameo in one episode. Still, that's ok with me. It would have been very odd if he had been in the whole series and we never heard a thing about it. It makes more sense now. Excited to see him in that episode. Nice of him to try to tell us which episode it is when he finds out.

Also, the "musical" news is very exciting! He seems very happy with the people he is working with. Hope it turns out to be something very successful!

He also said that he has done some studio work in London. That's a good sign, too.
And the loss of the Velvet tour is very disappointing, BUT that doesn't mean that we'll never hear those songs again. He'll sing them when he tours again. They are great songs and they are part of his repertoire. We'll hear them performed, for sure.

He definitely has some irons in the fire. It's smart to keep making plans. Love that he had viewers on this chat from all over the world.

Nanbert said...

Patria....I can't imagine him writing a musical without envisioning himself in a starring role.
I remember once, when asked if he'd like to do any musicals again, he said..probably...but really didn't want to play a part that had been played over and over by numerous performers....but rather would like to originate a part (or some answer approximately like that).
At the time, I thought he'd have to write it himself, and even wondered if that's what he had in mind....or, at least, it would have to certainly be a NEW musical.

So, I guess he finally decided he had to write the part/musical himself. Wonder if he's thinking of it for a movie...or a stage production? I wonder if he's got any backing, and/or some good writers/support/musicians, etc., and how far along it is. It must be well along, or he probably wouldn't mention it, don't you think?

This is SO-O-O exciting! How wonderful that he's (I assume) financially he can indulge all his creative instincts. I want everything he wants to be successful and fulfilling for him.

It's too bad the "Velvet" tour is off the table, but Adam seems to have accepted the inevitable and come to terms with it. It must have been hard to swallow, but I love his positivity!

BTW, I bet the glasses are as much for disguise as for sun protection. However, Adam is almost recognizable these days BY his crazy sunglasses....haha. If he really wants to be incognito, he should wear plain sunglasses, IMO.

Sunflower said...

Well I did'nt expect this and early in the morning I missed it, was sleeping. Haha So many exciting news and I can't wait to see all his projects! Adam said "musical" but for a play or movie??? I love both genres anyways. Yeah sad alright no Velvet Tour, dang that covid-19!

Dee R Gee said...

I always assumed that he was writing this musical as a role for himself. He has said a number of times that he would love to do an original role. I know these things take time so I'm not looking for a completion any time soon. (and then there's the virus thing). Many shows takes a few years to write, cast, produce and get out there. I am just thrilled that he is involved in this. It's one of his dreams.

And he said he's been in the studio in London, too. Good news. We should be seeing him soon doing that QAL album promo. September is turning out to be a pretty good month!

Sue Smith said...

I love him and this is great news. He seems safer in London to be honest. With the air quality so bad in California in general and LA. He can get out and do some things, safely of course.
Sorry about the Velvet tour it all came out at the wrong time I guess and got messed up by Covid. But, there will be new music and sooner or later new concerts. This mess covid has just got to get an immunization when safe.
He will sing the velvet songs as well in other concerts. I do love the music.
Exciting he will work in studio.
The musical he doing so very wonderful. play or movie. I admit hope the musical is a movie, but whatever it is great news. Why did not a person ask him that. May not have answered.
Sure there were some questions he did not answer if personal. Just so happy to see his sweet face looking healthy. This could have been crazy times in alot of countries.

Rosemary White said...

Great news about the musical. I love musical theatre. Also working on new music .... and such a beautiful park he was walking through .... all that gorgeous foliage.

Sunflower said...

Just read on Twitter that Adam will sing a duet with Cynthia (spelling?) Ervo at that Carousal of Hope, Oct. 10. Exciting!

Sunflower said...

Oops also Adam is performing for a private members only Herbal Life 40 Anniversary, virtually of course on Sept. 25. Hope for pics or a video.

Nanbert said...

Sunflower...your news about Adam singing with Cynhia Erivos sent me scrambling around Youtube for info about her. She has a superb voice... very versatile...with a big range...and many colors. She and Adam could blend beautifully in ANY Genre they choose. They're both belters, so hang on to your hats! So excited to see/hear this union! With the right song, and the right arrangement....their duet COULD be a blockbuster! Fingers crossed!

Rosemary, Adam is probably walking through London's lovely Hyde Park in that video.

Rosemary White said...

Nanbert, I've been to London but not in September so I haven't seen this divine foliage before. Winter will be approaching in the UK so I guess this foliage & others will be disappearing in the not too far away future.