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Express (UK): Queen and Adam Lambert: Brian May very excited for THIS – ‘Eeeek! Who would have thought?’

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Posted at : Tuesday, September 29, 2020

"Queen + Adam Lambert guitarist Brian May has shared a very exciting limited edition of the band's upcoming live album."

LINK:  EXPRESS (UK): Q+AL Live Cassette


Sunflower said...

My gosh in cassette form? Boy oh boy I have tons of those since the 70s. Haha I was'nt aware cassettes are still being used today.

Sue Smith said...

This is the article I was referring to. It is one and same in 2 articles.

broddybounce said...

Yes, thank you, Sue. I discovered that this is actually an original Associated Press (AP) story that newspapers around the country reprint. If they do so they must have AP in the byline. There are other papers that are also carrying this same story, some may have titled it differently but still same story. Thanks for pointing it out, though.

And, Sunflower: no, I don't think there actually are any cassette tapes actively being made, as far as I know. I think this is simply something unique and special being commissioned by Queen. REALLY taking you back! Fun! (Funny, I don't know why, Sunflower, but somehow I thought you weren't even born until the '70s, if not '80s! But if you've collected cassettes in the '70s then you would had to have been born at least in the '60s like me!)

Sunflower said...

Broddy, Hahaha you're close enough, I was born near the end of the 50's (my secret is out)! Hahaha Was in grade school all throughout the 60's/70 ish. Taped alot of music from my radio on a cassette and yes television programs too. I would either sit by the tv set or place my tape recorder by my tv to tape. Hahaha I have been told throughout my life that I look younger for my age. But thank you for making me sound young. <3 Those 70's are my high school years. 80's College years. Guess my Glamily y'all can do the math! ❤

broddybounce said...

Well, Sunflower, you obviously wear your kid on your sleeve, which is wonderful, and that usually emanates on the outside, as well. I can relate! I'm not too far behind you — 1963. I used to tape things off the radio and TV, too, as a kid, mainly in the '70s. As a kid I was heavily into — and hope I don't embarrass myself by saying this — Captain & Tennille. So I built up a collection on them. If my folks had been agreeable to a VCR I'd now have more things on video but, oh well.