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Adam Lambert Make-up Tutorial: "Disco Blue Glam"

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Posted at : Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Nanbert said...

Fun to watch. Adam is so adept with all those products. I have to say that he can't improve on "HANDSOME", no matter how hard he tries. But he does become more exotic with all those "additives", and they are especially effective for performing....or for dressing-up/going out, which he loves to do.

However, watching Adam slowly disappear behind his carefully applied "facade", it seems that he becomes less approachable as a direct proportion to the amount of cosmetics he least that's how I perceive him. I don't know if that affects others the same way, but it occurs to me that it may actually be Adam's intention....more instinctive rather than set himself apart....while at the same time attracting attention.

I doubt that any of us have seen Adam without any makeup, but I often sort of miss the days when he didn't appear to have any on at all. Like his voice....Adam's face doesn't need "autotune"...heh heh.

Angeladam said...

I’d like to see him more natural without all the makeup he seems to be wearing lately, just another phase
he’s going through probably, (a bit like some of the ‘weird’ clubs he’s been frequenting recently where they all seem to have similar likings for heavy makeup, did like him trying to roller-skate thpugh that was fun ! As long as he’s happy it doesn’t really matter what we / I think x

Patria said...

I know my opinion is not popular but I'm fine with the makeup no matter how he wants to wear it, I'm fine with what ever clothes he wants to wear. I am not fine with him being overweight. Slim is not only crucial to his health but also his chosen career.

These makeup videos are not meant for me but I enjoy watching him showing off his skills. He's enjoying doing them. No problem detected.

Patria said...

Speaking of Adam's makeup
I hope you all can see this FSA announcement from Adam on instagram.

(spoiler, he's drop dead gorgeous.)

Help Broddy! I don't know how to copy and paste it.

Patria said...

Sorry, I meant Feel Something Foundation. It's Adams fault for being too cute.

Here's the twitter link for those of us who can view it on twitter.

Nanbert said...

Watched these makeup videos again...for the third time. Not because I want to do it myself, but because Adam is such a pleasure to watch and listen to....a really nice guy! Someone you'd like to hang out airs...delightfully likeable/loveable.

Also, I had one of my questions does Adam work makeup in and around his beard for a seamless appearance? The answer seems to be....carefully! heh heh.

Nanbert said...

Question: If Adam put out a make-up line, what would he call his foundation?
Answer: "Feel Something".
Yeah, I know, it's a REALLY BAD joke....but I feel much better now that I got it out of my system!