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Adam has sold a total over 800,000 copies COMBINED!

Filed Under ( ) by Admin on Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Posted at : Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Singles Performances

4 Adam Lambert “Whataya Want From Me” 45,843 (127%; lw 20,207) Total: 97,471 (68)

138 Adam Lambert “For Your Entertainment” 29,605 (95%; lw 15,169) Total: 175,124 (99)

Album Performances

Adam Lambert,For Your Entertainment (62,000, +5 percent, 417,000/4,000 digital, +57 percent, 52,000 digital total)

This week alone, Adam has sold a total of 137,448 copies of all singles and album combined. Overall, Adam has sold over 800,000 copies of both Singles and Albums combined. (Including "Time For Miracles" which sold over 100,000 so far)


"Time For Miracles" - 100,000 copies

"For Your Entertainment" - 175,124

“Whataya Want From Me” - 97,471

"For Your Entertainment" Album - 417,000

Total: 800,000


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Adam! I'd love to see more album sales. Spread the word - once people hear him, they can't help but love him!

Anonymous said...

Once the album is released internationally, the total sales will be even higher! I'm predicting around 3 million copies in 4-5 months!

I bet RCA is happy to hear about this.

Anonymous said...

It's an amazing album that needs to be heard.

Anonymous said...

His album has been released some other countries - what are international sales figures? Heard they are pretty darn good so far

Anonymous said...

The album hasn't been released in Asia yet right? What about UK?

I know Japan will release their version of the album in Msrch and that should sell a lot. I predict around 200,000 in Japan.

Is Adam a hit in the UK?

Anonymous said...

I know his album was released in Israel and was #1 in sales this month. He is goig to go Platinum in no time. we, the fans have to keep talking about Adam and make sure ppl know who he is and listen to his music. Last night I went to a party and Adam was on the radio. I was jumping for joy and that started a conversation and introduction of Adam to some who didn't know who he was. Remember that word to mouth works the BEST!!!KEEP TALKING!!

Anonymous said...

So, On Access Hoolywood the reporter said that Adam sold 200.00. copies so far. Why don't they bother to get the right #S? At the time of the report he sold over 300.000 copies. This just ets me mad.

Anonymous said...

Adam is the whole package. He has worked at his craft a long time and earned this success. What a beautiful person inside and out. Wishing him even more success in 2010.

Anonymous said...

I assume the figs r for the USA? Does anyone know what global figs are?