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Picture of Adam Lambert in New York Today

Filed Under ( ) by Admin on Sunday, February 12, 2012

Posted at : Sunday, February 12, 2012

Via @Noe Angel:
"Aww, so cute. Adam in NYC today"


Anonymous said...

poor Adam he is going to hate NYC weather after LA.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this year's Grammy Award Show a lot more than last year's. Got in an hour late but the last two hours of the show was excellent. There'll be another telecast tonight so I can watch the first hour ; it's sort of back to front. By the way, the introduction tune reminded me a lot of Adam's song Soaked. Plausibly Adam's music may be seeping through, into the Academy. And cheers to the older performers, Paul MaCartney, Glen Campbell really swinging good; my era. I hope Adam will have this kind of staying power many many years down the road. Jennifer Hudson's tribute to Whitney Houston, spectacular.

Lorraine said...

I missed hearing Adam's beautiful voice on that Grammy stage tonight.....
As someone born and raised in New York {and moved to southern CA when I was 25 years old]I feel I have the best of both worlds. NY is a place like no other and Adam can very well handle the weather.And it's always so nice to come home to California after the stimulation of the east coast.

Anonymous said...

Poor Adam spending a week in one of the greatest cities in the world - during fashion week no less. Cold weather is no biggie if you dress well and he'll be stepping from door to cab to limo, no doubt. Such a tough life.

I have spent ample time in both New York and LA over 30 years of travelling for business (weeks at a time in LA) and a lot or recreational time in both cities as well. I love both but, for my money, New York ranks as among THE most exciting cities in the world, with London Rome, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong. A centre for every kind of art and culture, high and low and an unmatchable energy.

Adam will be so engaged and distracted by it all, the weather won't matter a whit.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Sydney!!!! And LA is my second home.

Anonymous said...

The Grammys lacked luster! Yes, there were some great moments with Bruno and Adele. When you know it's suppose to be the cream up there,the best in the industry, it leaves you wondering how some even make the grade, especially year after year. Good promotion and money goes a long long way!
Adam would have raised the heights of the Awards into a new realm. Next year 'A Change Is Gonna Come'!

Cheril said...

I'm sure Adam and Sauli are going to have the time of their lives in New York for fashion week and Valentine's Day. :)

Anonymous said...

A bit brisk in NYC today but Adam will certainly heat it up. He is here to do some promos and probably take in some of the Fashion Week shows. I think I read somewhere that Sauli is in the city to cover some of the shows. Hopefully once he is finished with all the interviews, the NYC radio stations will play BTIKM. I have heard WWFM several times this past week on 102.7Fresh perhaps in anticipation of an interview he will be doing there on Wed. I missed seeing him on the Grammys. I think he would have been such a great addition to the show. But there is always next year where he is certain to be nominated for several awards for TRESPASSING. Loved Adele and Bruno Mars; hated Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. Talent and the voice always win over showy dance moves and totally pointless music.

glitzylady said...

Very lucky lady!!!

Yes, the weather, while chilly, will be a minor detail for Adam and Sauli while in NYC. Looks like it will be sunny part of the time too. They both have said they love NYC. They'll just have to bundle up a little more. And they know they'll be headed back to sunny and warm southern CA soon enough. Having spent time tin NYC myself (loved it!!), for the first time, recently, I'd go back in a second, and the weather wouldn't be much of a concern. Too many amazing things to do there to worry about the chilly temps.

Anonymous said...

Adam and Sauli will have a wonderful Valentine week in NYC. Adam luvs fashion week.
Forward! as always

Anonymous said...

Just want to say that I sat down to do my onine daily requesting for BTIKM, which consists of 6 local stations of which 5 I really do listen to on a daily basis, and all but one of them had BTIKM as AN OPTION IN the acutal existing list/request form! Yay. That was new for most of them I think. I believe even as recent as last friday I still was "filling in" BTIKM. That can't be bad; hopefully a good sign. Funny thing is, the one station that had NO AML in existing list was Profm out of Prov. RI who actually had AML for an event on GN tour and seems to be supportive of him.

Here's their link, if anyone reading is legit in listening distance for 92 pro fm:

Anyway, keep requestion peeps

faty-1999 said...

It is true that Sauli was hospitalized because he had a stye ?

Anonymous said...

No he didn't go to hospital for a stye. He had an out patient surgery for a second eye lid. not sure what that is, but he is OK now.

Anonymous said...

This is a working week for Sauli too. He will be doing his video radar tutka. The time difference between Finland and NYC is ony 7 hour instead of 10 hours from LA. I hope they both can squeeze in a couple of fashion shows. But work comes first, at least they will meet up in the evening. I am sure Sony has Adam booked for numorous radio slots. Sauli will also be doing his blog for Finland, should be quite interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Grammy's was dull:(
Adam Levine has NO voice!!! Beach Boys sang better than him!!!

Adele & Bruno Da BEST!!!! the only 2 good singers that night!

Bobby Brown YukkkkkSSSS! & 2 perfomances??? huhhh?

Anonymous said...

I've posted by Grammy opinion on another site already, so if this sounds familiar, it's me.

Adele, sublime. Shows that the voice really IS the thing, not always bells and whistles. Adam is definately in her league and I hope they'll team up at some point.

Jennifer H., really good job with I Will Always Love You. I'm one of the few who thinks that JH tends to shriek at times and strain for notes, but this time she kept it simple, toned it down and did a fine job.

Paul McC, a legend, who at almost 70, can still deliver. He killed it on Carry That Weight, a classic.

Beach Boys, should have been left to do the act themselves. They'll old, but their sound is unique, and they can still rock it.

The goofball, pyro-tech, over-staged stuff that negates the singing is a waste of time. I believe in a stage show, for sure, but some of these people can barely sing. Gimme a break.

BRUNO MARS, I confess, when I saw him last year, he left me cold. Musta been the song. But he does a tight, well-crafted performance, and has a good voice and strong stage presence. I can see him and Adam meshing well together. Can't wait to hear the song they are doing, and HOPEFULLY, there'll be a live performance of them together at some point. Adam and Bruno both have the chops to showcase each other well.

Now, on to voting, requesting and viewing.

glitzylady said...

@Anon 9:34 AM
: ) Sauli's painful 10 minute outpatient surgery was indeed to remove a sty from his eyelid. He said this is the 2nd time he has had to have it taken care of. No 2nd eyelid!

Adamluv said...

@10:10 - I think you meant to say Chris Brown, not Bobby Brown who is Whitney Hustons ex-husband. Having him perform twice - WTF? Also loved Jennifer Hudsons rendition of D. Partons song - liked it better than Whitneys version. Loved Adele and also enjoyed Katy Perrys fun performance. Liked the Band Perry and their rendition of one of Glen Campbells songs. Enjoyed Mr. Campbell and his performance as well. He looked and sounded great and that was wonderful to see. Didnt see the entire show so there might have been other good (IMO)performances. ... Adamluv

Anonymous said...

Havent been able to see the show, but from what you all say, I absolutely agree with you all. Re Adele, Glen (an old fav) and Bruno. Also Have seen snippets of Jennifer Hudsons tribute performance and what I heard sounded lovely.
I also hate all that other hiphop, screamo crap.
Roll on next years Grammys I say.
Jadam NZ

choons said...

In the picture Adam has sun rays behind his head - haha - golden boy.

daydreamin said...

@DRG, I LOVE your eloquent posts! You said it all and I agree with you! Niki Minage (sp?) what the ____? What was that? Chris Brown should NEVER be given that stage ever again. I heard he and Rihanna are 'dating' again!

HEY NEW YORKERS! Did anyone win the Meet and Greet with Adam there at 102.7??? I posted it a few days ago for you as a heads up. Come on! Fess up! I want to hear from you as I am sure we all do!