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Sales Of Queen's Music AND Adam Lambert's CD's Have Soared In The UK Since The BBC NYE 2014 Live Concert!

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, January 2, 2015

Posted at : Friday, January 02, 2015

Several sources continue to indicate that both Queen AND Adam Lambert have greatly benefitted from their appearance on BBC on New Years Eve's "Queen + Adam Lambert Rock Big Ben Live".. Adam's "Trespassing" (2012) is doing well, and his other music, including his first album "For Your Entertainment" (2009) and his "Glam Nation Live" CD/DVD, as well as "The Best Of Adam Lambert" (2014) are selling, or are in fact sold out, on UK.. New fans searching out his music is a very good sign of things to come for Era 3!!! 

For instance:

                                Photo credit: Peter Neill




"Queen enjoy UK sales boost after New Year's Eve performance Queen are experiencing an iTunes chart boost following their high-profile New Year's Eve gig." 

"The band performed with Adam Lambert at London's Westminster Hall on Wednesday (December 31). The show was broadcast to the nation on BBC One and their set has been widely praised. "

"At the time of writing, Queen's 'Greatest Hits' collection is sitting at No.15 on the UK iTunes chart. Their 'Platinum Collection' record meanwhile is No.67. "

"Adam Lambert's 2012 album 'Trespassing' is No.10 on Amazon UK's list of best-selling pop rock records."

Link to Pressparty:


Dee R Gee said...

Yay! Every gig has the potential to connect with lots of people. And lots of people buy lots of music. GO ADAM!

Anonymous said...

Adam storm!!


Anonymous said...

RCA is probably grinning quite a bit. Good for Adam he will get some money from the sales and the songs he wrote and in collabration wit others. This is very good news! All this uber talented man needed was exposure, exposure, exposure! I bet Adam & Brian and Roger and the rest of the Band are thrilled!

To the moon!!

Anonymous said...

The magic of television, concerts and Adam and Queen! He wants it all, and He's giving it all, and it is no doubt paying off now, BIG TIME!!! FULL SPEED AHEAD 2015!!

Love this beautiful, humble, generous, talented, kind man known as Adam M. Lambert; the Leader of The Glam Nation!!

Magiclady said...

If the concert on NYE was the first time I saw Adam, I would be all over the internet trying to find more of him just like I did in 2008!

I really don't see how anyone can resist this man!

Anonymous said...

I hope this translates to better sales for Adam's new album. Seems like better luck with that since many different types of people saw them on a major TV show than see them in concert.

Anonymous said...

You should be careful of the hyperbole. Words like "soared" are overly dramatic. Amazon UK is not a good indicator. He got a bit of a bounce which is fantastic. But the over drama is why some are called crays

Anonymous said...

4:55 omg there are crays in every fandom. I wear the hat myself from time to time. Lol

Anonymous said...

All work and no cray makes Jack a dull boy.

glitzylady said...

Aw c'mon.. They got a VERY nice boost.. "Soar" is just a more **enthusiastic** term for boost :))

I did see additional excellent figures re sales but unfortunately didn't save them and as a result didn't post them. If I see them again they'll be here and will help to reinforce the very encouraging news re the "boost" or whatever you wish to call it...


Anonymous said...

Hey this is brownie to all my never forgotten glamberts. I never strayed from this site, but I guess never got around to using the new tag thing many months ago. The live video of adam and quenn was awesome!! Love this man and I will always follow him!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving that I can finally comment again lol. Does anyone know when we will be seeing Adam on idol, in just a few weeks right? Also, is there any release date of adam's new album?


Anonymous said...

iTunes would be a better guage than Amazon UK, but it's still good that Trespassing moved up that chart. (I'm wondering if no one is sharing Adam's movement on iTunes because it didn't change much.)

Anonymous said...

I just realized best of the Carpenters and best of UB40 are just before and after Trespassing. What in the world is going on with the pop/rock chart there?? How many people are buying Carpenters albums?

Dee R Gee said...

Hopefully, this "little boost" is just the beginning in the UK. The European and UK concerts are soon to begin, and the NYE show was a nice way to open the door for lots of potential new fans to follow them on the tour. Let's hope the twitter, Amazon, Google, ITunes, etc. numbers all keep rising. And remember, A3 can't be too far off, either.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brownie! I just saw an AI promo on TV tonight...I think it starts January 7. The ad showed just the 3 regular judges, so not sure when we'll see Adam on. We haven't heard a definite release date for album 3, though it's just gotta happen in 2015!


Dee R Gee said...

Yep, AI starts on Wed., Jan.7. Can't wait for Adam's episodes.

Anonymous said...

It only took for people to know about Adam for sales to rocket. I've been a fan - sorry Glambert, for years now, and have been frustrated over just how little publicity he has been given in the UK. Hopefully now, he will catapult to the top of the music world where he belongs. I will be forever grateful to Queen for their faith in him.

not anonymous!!! Denise Webster

Unknown said...

when I sat in the Descendents trailer and "babysat" Milo's kids while my friend interviewed the band, I thought, "It doesn't get any better than this." music UT

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