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Concert Review From "Libel" Blog: Adam Lambert TOH Tour In Auckland, NZ Town Hall 1-22-16 "...True Artistry.."

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Posted at : Friday, January 22, 2016

Concert Review From "Libel" Blog: Adam Lambert "The Original High" World Tour
Auckland, NZ Town Hall 1-22-16


All photos reproduced here are from the reviewer.. see more at the embedded link above
Photo credits: Leah Victoria 

Some quotes from the review: be SURE to go to the embedded link (above) to read more!!!!

He tells us that The Original High tour is a journey, and that there are evils in this world, but it's up to us to fill it with love! "Fuck that darkness" he pronounces! He took us back in time with a heartfelt rendition of Mad World from the Donny Darko soundtrack and then back to the happy feeling sounds with There I Said It.

A single blue spotlight on a darkened stage set an appropriate scene for Another Lonely Night and I suddenly noticed the lack of cell phones illuminated throughout the crowd. This I have become accustomed to seeing at concerts in this digital age, and it was nice to see the audience engrossed in the performance instead of being busy recording it on their tiny screens! All eyes were on Adam and captured by his theatrical presence.
I was beginning to wonder if all the true artistry will be buried along with greats such as Bowie, but Adam Lambert is living proof that the theatrical side to music will live on in the next generation.

I left tonight having had an absolute ball, smiled heaps and enjoyed every second of his performance! I'm totally sold, and if he returns to NZ, I will most definitely go see him again!

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NOTE: After posting this blog post, I noticed that Dainty Group (concert promoters of Adam's TOH tour 2016) has tweeted this review from Libel Blog: