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ABC News Radio Pnline: Hey "American Idol": Adam Lambert loves "critiquing with positivity"

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Monday, May 22, 2017

Posted at : Monday, May 22, 2017

Ever since ABC announced plans to reboot American Idol, speculation as to who would judge the show has been non-stop.  Katy Perry is the only name confirmed so far, but there are rumors that former contestant Adam Lambert might sit behind the table, too.  Adam says at this point, the fact that his name is in the mix doesn't surprise him.
"Every time Idol is casting a judge, there’s a rumor about me," he tells ABC Radio, laughing. "So I mean, yeah, I’m flattered that people associate me so closely. It’s really great."
Adam says he's interested in the job because he recently served as a judge on The X Factor in Australia.
"I had such a great time helping young talent discover who they wanted to be as an artist and get to from point A to be B and be the best that they could be," he tells ABC Radio. "And I think that’s the most exciting thing about these talent competition shows...critiquing with positivity and getting them better."


Hey "American Idol": Adam Lambert loves "critiquing with positivity" 

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Anonymous said...

Much as I hate seeing him passed over year after year, I love that Adam can see it as a positive. It is publicity for him and a reminder to those who don't follow his career. I'm on board with that. Personally I don't expect the sponsors are ready for him as a judge. It is all about making money.
Prove me wrong, American Idol!

glitzylady said...

And the other VERY IMPORTANT statement Adam made, quoted in this article is that is not quoted here on 24/7: It's about his upcoming new music...

"While we wait for another announcement, Adam plans to spend the summer touring with Queen, and, he says, "I am working on new music, I've been working the past six months, I'm really excited." "

"When can we hear it? He teases, "I think something will be out...soonish." "