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New Now Next: “American Idol” Returning Next Year—But Will Ryan Seacrest Host?

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Monday, May 8, 2017

Posted at : Monday, May 08, 2017

The singing competition, which launched the careers of LGBT artists like Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken, jumps from Fox to ABC.

American Idol, we hardly had a chance to miss you.
Variety exclusively reported yesterday that high-bidding network ABC was finalizing a deal to revive the popular singing competition, which ended its 15-season run last year on Fox.

Idol, which featured Ellen DeGeneres as a judge for one season, launched the careers of numerous LGBT artists, including Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken, although they didn’t discuss their sexuality until the competition was over. Former finalists Rayvon Owen and David Hernandez both came out publicly as gay last year.


“American Idol” Returning Next Year—But Will Ryan Seacrest Host?

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Anonymous said...

Generally speaking, I'm seeing people wanting the same people to return to American Idol as before. Big name celebrities like JLo and Ryan Seacrest. Yes Ryan is a huge celebrity. What was the purpose of canceling Idol and then coming back with the same old same old? I want Adam more than anything, but if they truly make it new and Adam isn't included I will watch and give it a chance. If they feel they must have celebrity of the caliber of (this is just an example-I know she wouldn't do it) Beyonce, I will not watch. I want it to be about the contestants.

Dee R Gee said...

Well, it sounds like AI is indeed returning, I just assume in my heart and soul that Adam will be a judge, and I will watch every episode if he is on. The benefits should be huge for him. People will finally see his amazing personality and get to know him as we do. He is the most logical choice to be a judge. XF OZ proved that he's great at it. I know the XF format is different, but he'll be great on AI for sure.

We don't know when AI would actually start its season. I hope QAL doesn't interfere. Adam MUST be part of AI to make it worthwhile, at least for me. Being on AI would certainly boost his solo career and maybe even open other doors. And the chosen judges will likely make the talk show rounds.

Dee R Gee said...

lollymop, I sure hope they don't go with those other celebrities as judges, when they have absolutely no connection with Idol. I think Adam transcends it all.

Nanbert said...

For all we know, Adam might not even be available to judge---even if asked. However, he still will be able to make an occasional guest performance (or be a rotating guest judge)....which by itself makes the return of AI a really great idea, IMO.

CT said...

Somehow I can't imagine AI without our Adam! There's no-one who has experienced the "contestant" phase, "mentor" phase, 'Guest Judge" when filling in for Keith Urban, performing every season after the 8th season, and, of course, being a full-time judge, not on AI but XFAU. He had the winning contestant there, Isaiah Firebrace. Adam's done it all and was well liked by the AI producers. The audiences loved him, screamed for him and waited for his performance every week while he was on AI as a contestant.

We don't know whether Adam would be available as a permanent judge or even if he would want to do it. He came so close to be chosen for judge once or twice and I kept wishing it would happen.

Now, I still wish it would happen! There's no doubt i wouldn't miss a week if Adam were judging. Adam makes it about the contestant as was witnessed on XFAU. It was never about himself. Celebrity judges seem to do that but not Adam.

We'll have to see how this plays out and if AI has changed the format which is something Adam stated he felt necessary.

Dee R Gee said...

I wouldn't want Adam to be an "occasional" judge or a guest judge. If anyone belongs as an official judge on that show, it's him. He's got more credentials doing that show than anyone else out there. I hope the "availability" issue is worked out tohis advantage.

Nanbert said...

But Dee R Gee.... Adam might not be able to commit to being a judge during the entire AI season...between Queen and his own future album and tour. However, he could probably make a few guest appearances during their season performing and/or judging.

Just an occasional appearance by Adam makes AI worthwhile for me! Besides, he needs more exposure on American television.

And then, truthfully, it's always possible that Adam might not want to be a full-time judge on AI.

Dee R Gee said...

Nanbert, Everything you said is true, of course. But I just keep on thinking that the people who DO become permanent judges will really reap the benefits. They will wind up on talk shows and get interviewed a lot and will likely see boosts in their music careers. As much as I'd watch Adam on AI in any capacity, even as a guest judge, I sure would like him to be on as a judge that gets as much out of it as the rest. I know the scheduling looks like a problem. But maybe it will work out.

I just want Adam to become a household name in the best possible way.

Nanbert said...

We certainly DO agree on that.

As far as "household name" is concerned, I revisited Adam and James Cordon's "battle" on youtube again last night... there have been over 3 million "visits" already! Most interesting was the comments... that go on forever...I never made it through to the end.

Of course, there the usual "Freddie fan" naysayers...but surprising few. Most were MORE than positive about Adam...either being amazed by this fantastic "find" of Queen's... or suddenly discovering where Adam Lambert had been "all this time". Most were convinced to get tickets to the tour right away. And almost to a man, the comments extolled his talent, charm, looks, and anything else they could think of. And they were very impressed and pleased about Queen's revival.

And, of course, many begged having a "Car Kareoke" with Adam and James.

In other words, that sKit with Cordon was a VERY big hit...and great promotion for Queen and Adam. More, More!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Adam & Simon Cowell on the same judging panel but I guess the chances of that happening are zilch.