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Adam Lambert on Instagram: Sing off w @j_corden and @officialqueenmusic earlier this year!

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Posted at : Friday, December 29, 2017

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Nanbert said...

Oh my....Note that this version (official queen) has 77.9 K views. And I just checked out has 4,519,806 views. Impressive!

I loved this sing-off. Evidently a lot of other people did, too.....almost 4.6 million!

Dee R Gee said...

I loved this appearance, too. It really showed Adam to lots of people who would never see him otherwise. That's what happens with a network TV appearance. I'm still praying that he gets the Judas role and show a whole new NBC audience just what he can do LIVE!

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee....that Judas role is all I can think about! Each A.M. I run to the computer and come here to 24/7 to check if there's news about it. What is taking so long? That would be such a feather in Adam's cap! He would blow everyone out of the water.

Why are we so anxious that everything happens for him right away? I suspect we're more ambitious for him than he is. I think by now he is content to know that everything will come in its own time...inexorably advancing by virtue of his extraordinary voice and showmanship. He seems more comfortable in his own skin than we are!.... LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm telling myself we haven't gotten the word on the Judas role because it was planned that John Legend carry his news until the end of the year. Hoping for further cast announcements by January 8 at the latest. Crossing my fingers for Jan. 02 reveal. Bring us joy or let us move on to anticipating Adam's new album.

Nanbert said...

You're right....Lollymop.

Mi Re La said...

Adam Lambert holding long notes

Nanbert said...

Great video, Mirela. How does he do that?...those impossibly long beautiful full volume through their entirety? And never can see him quickly gasping for breath before the next note...he's completely"Nothin' to see here".

I think he has an extra lung or two stuffed in there somewhere! Oh my! That'll never cease to amaze and thrill me!

Dee R Gee said...

Those notes are truly beyond belief. They are the result of so many factors. First, Adam was blessed with a broad, strong chest, big lung capacity. He's well-proportioned, with a strong torso.That's just natural luck. But then he's done lots of work to take advantage of his body. He's had training, and apparently, he learned a lot from it and follows it. He works at it.

There have been several articles about singers (pop, rock) who have trouble with vocal chord nodules, strain in the throat. Even bleeding. Names like Adele have been mentioned, and others who you'd think have had vocal instruction and know how to take care of their voices. But not all of them do, nor do they have Adam's God-given physical structure. These singers have to cancel shows or even whole tours because of vocal troubles.

Adam has the whole vocal package. He never sounds strained, even after singing show after show of BIG BIG BIG songs. (Lots of singers don't attempt that BIG sound on numerous songs, maybe just one or two.) But Adam does it on a nightly basis with the hugely demanding Queen catalog and still sounds great. He knows his voice and how to take care of it. I remember the FYE tour. It was long and grueling, but he NEVER MISSED ONE SHOW. His quality remained high. He is indeed one in a billion.

Nanbert said...

You're probably right Dee R Gee...I certainly hope so. I'm not convinced Adam... or any singer... is immune to vocal chord nodules, or other such maladies. He even mentioned one time that he had some bleeding problems one time....several years ago, I believe.

But there's no doubt he knows how to care for his voice...and has superb technique...and we can only hope that's enough to keep him out of trouble.