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Adam Lambert: "Can you guys believe #ForYourEntertainment turns 9 on Friday?! CRAZY!.." "#ForYourEntertainment ❤️"

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Posted at : Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Adam Lambert posted on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook:

"Can you guys believe #ForYourEntertainment turns 9 on Friday?! CRAZY! We put a few shirts up on ❤️πŸ•ΊπŸ» Let me know if you get one!!" 

And "#ForYourEntertainment ❤️"

Adam Lambert Fans store LINK HERE

And watch/listen to Adam's 3 singles from the album, the official music videos embedded below! Such fantastic memories! 

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And the TITLE SONG from Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment" album: Official Video (2009) Enjoy! 1st single from the album

Official Music Video: Grammy nominated "Whataya Want From Me": Adam's second single from the #FYE album 

Official Music Video "If I Had You" (3rd released single from #FYE)

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Linda said...

What a treat to watch these videos!! I LOVE them and, even tho I love Adam always, I especially loved THIS Adam!

Nanbert said...

Linda, yes, I understand where you're coming from... there was a NEW thrill of discovery... so exciting and satisfying. Finally, a VOICE that surpassed all others... a beautiful and unique entertainer who was unequalled....the complete performer....

That Adam was the ORIGINAL HIGH!

Sunflower said...

Happy Anniversary FYI!!!!! I remember I couldn't wait to get my hands on this, was actually nervous that I wasn't going to get a copy. Lol. But I did, yay! Love all the songs on this, and one favorite is If I Had You, that everytime I heard it, I cried. Something about that song that makes me cry. But I did think he looked pretty on the cover.