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Adam Lambert & Pharaoh at home Dec. 4, 2018 ig story edit

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Posted at : Wednesday, December 05, 2018

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Sue Smith said...

Precious baby. Adams kid.

Lam-My said...

Helloo Pharaohboy! Are you feeling cold, all wrapped up...

早晨 jo sun Lam-My!

Wah, you know a smatter of Cantonese.

Learnt it from you...

So what are you doing?

Just being with my beloved Daddy who is keeping me so warm and loved.

So what is he whispering in your antenna ear...

Didn't get much, just his breathing and some words, you can see my eyes are rolling to catch what he's saying.

Do you understand when Daddy talks to you?

Oh yes! And I try to obey his commands. Like once on Runyon Canyon, he shouted at me 'Rockstar!' So I stopped running and looked to see what he wanted.

So you are a Rockstar?

Yes, I got a lot of fans all over the world, like you, way from over the eastern region, so far away; yet you seem so close.

Your Daddy Adam just announced the big Rhapsody Tour for next year and I think after North America where it will end in Aug, it will hop step jump into my country and others, on its Eastern leg; just in time for the Singapore F1 GP in Sept 2019.

Oh no, I like Daddy to be at home with me but it's okay, he has to pursue his life-long dream. I'm a big boy now and can fend for myself.

Yes Pharaoh, your Daddy's love and care has groomed you into a curious and confident dog.

谢谢你的陪伴 sie sie ni der pei barn

(谢谢 sie sie / thank you .. 你的 ni der / your .. 陪伴 pei barn / company)


Lam-My said...

I wrote a poem entitled Concert Rhapsody 2012, somewhat deja vu to Rhapsody Tour 2019. As I went along adding in the QAL concerts every year, my poem has evolved and it's now entitled QAL Tour de force 2012-2018 from the beginning to the last, Las Vegas residency.

QAL Tour de force Concert Rhapsody 2012-2018

2012... Adam and Queen perform a series of pulsating concerts...
300,000 fans in Kiev...Stretching out his hand to the massive crowd, he reciprocates their love
Reminds me of Moses parting the Red Sea
I Want To Break Free... 

Outlaws of Love expresses an emotion so deep
Like a beacon-light, scanning the dark treacherous seas 
In search of love, peace, solidarity with LGBT

A trip in an Edo garden...wearing a black sexy singlet, studded shorts, boots, tantalising summer fashion 
Fans wave their sunflowers and yellow-black boomaramas
As he pummels the air, on stage in reciprocal 

A whirlwind touch-down into China to scale the Great Wall
Confronting it head-on, his first visit into uncharted waters
Everywhere he goes, Adam begets heartfelt moments
我爱你wor ai ni !
'What do you want from me'...a duet with Zhangwei, letting him sing all the high notes

Jazz boomerangs Downunder
Is This Love...soft lighting caresses his silver crowning glory 
What's next on the agenda...never a dull moment, declare Glamberts the world over 

Oki dok homeward bound...a ghost train rumbles into PLL town
Debonair Glampire in blue suit and ruffle, lurks a ghost compound 
Donning sexy fangs and a winsome smile, Cuckoo Glampire irks a taste of blood
Strikes up a sleazy conversation on the train's surreptitious vampire pub 

The last lap...striking his signature pose, clenched gloved fist in the air, legs stretched, full black
He flings and twirls a white straight-jacket strapped, trapped like a jackass!
Unfazed, gallant Knight of the Night fights back
Rockfiend Trespasses, globe-trots into packed arenas...Glamberts on track 

2013-2018... So far, we have covered cities west to east and back east to west...passing several times through...
Singapore, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Helsinki, Rio, Sydney and back to LA, New York, Arizona, Las Vegas, Berlin, Paris, London etc...
Adam Lambert's Original High Tour won Best Tour of 2016 – at Pop Crush Award

Rough, tough, lob it with love...with Adam, it's never enough
Ding Ding...all aboard, move on, forget the scorn; a titillating potpourri awaits a new Aquarius dawn
I Was Born To Love you...Tokyo's song that Freddie Mercury once performed 

Hop step jump...toot-toot train / Queen jet-plane zooms across terrains...
Queen finally give Singapore a try 
Singapore! 你好吗 ni hao ma ... Amazing! Brian dignifies
Maestro Brian speaks Mandarin addressing Padang's 80,000... 好 hao ! / good! ... crowd chorused

Okay, QAL continue their rapturous forage into Europe...UK...Las Vegas
The Show Must Go On! 
Dr Brian paints a feast for the mind, with his cosmic electric guitar...wheeeoou!
Maestro Roger encircled by drums of different tensions, strikes Boom boom pa! Boom boom pa!...We will...We will Rock you!
Prof Edney, keyboardist weaves his magical tapestry on the keys 
In perfect synchronicity with bass guitarist Neil
Tyler Warren, energetic prolific drummer
Together they propel Adam Lambert to the pinnacle 
Of his formidable vocals, streaking like a meteorite across the cosmos 
As their futuresque kaleidoscope ricochets their 70s ethos
QAL Tour de force spares no mercy, kills it with all they've got till the last drop
Concluding in stupendous Las Vegas September 2018
Witnessed by curious Pharaohdoggo live at the residency
Bring it back...bring it back...cuz you don't know what it means to me...yeaeah...Freddie...    
(August 16, 2018 at 12:36 am) Upgraded ✍🏻🏃🏻🐕

Sunflower said...

That little face of Pharaoh is way too cute! His daddy is equally cute!

Mi Re La said...

Adam holds Pharaoh in his arms as a child holds his favorite toy.Very cute both.

Shelagh said...

Lam-My you nailed it yet again with your poem !!thank you x

Lam-My said...

Shelagh, you liked the previous one too and now with the added part towards the end.

Thank you sooo much!
I hope we'll still be around to share what would be added in 2019...Rhapsody Tour.


Shelagh said...

ooh definiely !!

Sue Smith said...

LAM-MY you are such a wonderful Glambert/Queenbert. Your imagination and ability to take everything in is amaizing.

Lam-My said...

Hello there Sue and Thank you once again! So Rhapsody Tour is touching down on Houston; I recall several years back you attended QAL and you had some heath issues. I used to be very active too, not so anymore so I need my imagination a great deal. lwl!
Appreciate greatly your observation:'Your imagination and ability to take everything in is amaizing.' Hope we stick around Adam for many more years. 😋🕺🏻

Sue Smith said...

LAM-MY I hope so to. Yea I'm counting on nice Glamberts for good vids on this just not able to go this time. Christmas pretty large family to buy for and my health.
However still looking forward to it, seem like their sales are doing really well already in presales tomorrow they probably really tear the seats up.
I'll buy as much as I can on line and stores so it will count of Adam's single and album I can support him best I can that way. I can spread it out a little and stream that seems these days really important. Really looking forward to the new music single and album. Lots coming with Adam next year
Hope you get The Cher tribute show he did this past weekend at the K Center in China on Dec 26 at the K Center looking forward to that if not should be YT vids.

Sue Smith said...

I meant I hope you get the Kennedy Center tribute in China it's on Dec.26.
I am sure you already know that.

Lam-My said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lam-My said...

Sue, I may or may not get the show you mentioned; not bad, for a moment I thought he was going to perform in China. QAL will carry on after their N American leg tour onto the Eastern leg, most likely, similar schedule in 2016.

Sue Smith said...

I meant he gonna be on TV on Dec. 26 it is a Cher tribute at the Kennedy Center I think in a Virginia. It's a big deal lots of celebs big ones and Adam performed great reviews. He flew there right after the show in England he performed at Strictly come Dancing on Dec.2 flew to Virginia and performed on the Kenedy Center honors which will be televised on CBS.
I just was hoping you got the show in China so you can see it. He did Did Believe by Cher a tribute to her and a duet with C Lauper. It on CBS America December 26 on CBS dont know what station that is in China I hope you get it. But, if not the vids of the show most likely on YT after show airs on tv.
Adam has always seem to have business ventures in China for years. So would not doubt something coming business wise in the near future if not already.
Made a couple mistakes sorry!

Sue Smith said...

LAM-MY I wrote the note above before I saw your answer. I'm sure you will get it on Youtube after it airs. I have to depend on YT for the new tour concerts.
The other TV show he did Dec.2 Strictly Come Dancing did not air in America so I was glad we get this one.

Sue Smith said...

I'm sure later on in next yeat tbey will do planning for the concert all over the place abroad . With new music coming from Adam they will have to work around his schedule after the new music comes out. It will all work out. It was nice talking to you. Sorry I did not explain things very clearly.

Lam-My said...

Sue, I'm not from China; I'm born bred Singaporean; Chinese is my second language; English my first language. All Chinese regardless where we live use the same Chinese language Mandarin and Dialects, like in my case I'm Cantonese, my roots - Guangzhou and Hong Kong / China; the written form is mostly the same but the oral/spoken is very different.

Sue Smith said...

LAM-MY SORRY I really did not know the difference thanks for educating me. I appreciate it.

Lam-My said...

No problem Sue, no need for apology. 😊

Shelagh said...

Lam-My on my 'bucket list' to visit Singapore, and my hubby wants to go to the Singapore Grand Prix, that's on his bucket list, and as QAL as I understand are playing on the night of the race in 2019, fingers crossed we may get there !!

Lam-My said...

Hey Shelagh, it has not been announced that Queen and Adam would be performing but the F1 Grand Prix's contract is 5 years, every year. I'm judging it by the 2016 QAL Tour, West to East, then back to London/Europe, 2016. Better check when the time approaches. I've flown before from London back to Singapore 15 hours non-stop. Everyone at the 2016 GP said it was a very enriching experience; Brian was really impressed, he said 3 times on stage the reception they got was Amazing and Roger said the Eastern leg was phenomenal; crowd is between 80-100 thousand for the past years. Go for it!