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Adam Lambert on IG: Looking back on ‘09: my first year in the ‘celebrity’ world. I had the pleasure of meeting some pretty iconic artists! #tenyearchallenge ugh is this Thirsty? Hahah

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Posted at : Tuesday, January 15, 2019

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Sunflower said...

To this day you're still meeting big name celebrities. I can't believe how little and innocent Justin Bieber was back then. Lol

Sue Smith said...

He has changed quite a bit since them
Both in looks and if possible his amaizing voice has gotten even more wonderful. I saw a clip of Adam fresh off Idol going on Kelley R. Morning show he was so young and very cute.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I found this video on Ytube of ADAM but he's not singing .. the song is beautiful .. the video is Fabulous ... I LOVE it!! here's the link .. Enjoy

It's a Sign of the Times

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Here's some ADAM nostalgia videos from AOL Sessions from Trespassing album ..

Never Close Our Eyes

Naked Love



Broken English

For Your Entertainment album

Whattaya Want From Me



If I Had You


tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw.... I checked out that link to the "Sign of the Times" video you posted above. Yes, it was a GORGEOUS video of Adam performing in different circumstances....but NOT his voice, as you noticed, too. The background music was a song by Harry Styles.

The song was nice, but I found it offensive that Adam was NOT even identified there, and to the uninitiated, it would appear that HE is the singer, who is identified as Harry Styles.

It's probably quite innocent.... but almost appears that Adam is being used as a "bait and switch" in order to sell a Harry Styles' song! IMO

BTW... Thanks, I really enjoyed the other sings you posted from Adam's 2012 AOL sessions.

Rosemary White said...

The person who posted the "Sign of the Times" video on YouTube depicting Adam is
obviously a Glambert with the username "2wofux *". His/her videos are all of Adam. Yes, it would've been polite if the star of the video, Adam had been indicated. However, 2wofux * does say, in response to a comment, "I wish it was Adam's song".

Nanbert said...

Rosemary White, point well taken....among Glamberts perhaps.....but "2wofux" means absolutely nothing to the average person who would see that, which was lightly stamped on the videos. If they didn't recognize Adam, they surely wouldn't recognize the relationship of "2wofux"!

Or, even if they recognized Adam, and/or "2wofux", they still may have thought that was him singing, too. Then, they might have made a judgement about Adam's voice that was incorrect.

Yes, I know that Harry Styles was identified as the singer in the credits below...but not everyone reads all of that. I only read it because I was startled to see a video of Adam performing -- but didn't recognize that as his voice. But at least I KNEW that wasn't Adam was simply not even in his league!

And BTW, Harry Styles has a perfectly good official video of that song.....with HIM in it!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Nanbert .. I don't know if you noticed it but my post under the video made note that although it wasn't ADAM singing the video was still beautiful because it was ADAM on the screen ... 2wofux is one of ADAM's most devoted videographers creating a lot of ADAM fan videos on Ytube like this one!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the AOL Sessions videos ... I love them b/cuz ADAM is so free & o/c Gorgeous .. just a little nostalgia to tide us over until the new videos & music are released!! ELVIS Tribute is on the way & who knows what else he might have to surprise us with ... Can't WAIT!! I feel like a school girl going on a date for the first time!! LOL

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw....yes, I mentioned that you remarked below the video that it wasn't Adam's voice, but even you didn't say Adam "LAMBERT".

Well, I identified him in the comments...but, as I said, not everyone reads the stuff UNDER the videos on youtube....I know I don't. When I send my computer to a link, I immediately enlarge my computer screen, which completely fills my screen. No comments, or credits, are displayed... so I have to purposefully scroll down if I wish to see them, or, VERY rarely, make a comment.

Adam is extremely photogenic, and I notice that many people use HIS videos with THEIR music on youtube...undoubedly to attract more listeners to THEIR music.... but I feel it is EXPLOITIVE of Adam....especially since he is often not identified. I picked this one out to complain, because Harry Styles is a well-known singer, with his OWN videos! Nor do I mean to accuse was probably done by an enthusiastic, but thoughtless, fan.

I guess I just feel very protective of Adam... he deserves ALL the credit for his success, and should not be used to promote other people's music.... certainly without being identified.

And yes, like you, I am VERY excited about the upcoming Elvis Tribute!