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Adam Lambert on IG: A little #flashbackfriday moment with the playbill from my time in the LA production of Wicked! The #Wicked15 anniversary album is out TODAY including my live performance of #AsLongAsYoureMine with the incredible @ledisi ❤️

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Posted at : Friday, February 08, 2019

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Dee R Gee said...

Nice to see Terrence in that cast. He and Adam have become best friends. Terrance seems like a really good guy. He's performing in Hamilton in NYC right now, I believe. When Adam does his solo tour, Terrence may not be able to be a part of it like he was before. We'll see.

Sunflower said...

Ahh, who's that handsome man on the top row, 3rd picture! 😍 Terrance is also one handsome man.

Lam-My said...

This was the actual turning point...he left because he was unable to secure the main role of Fiyero, as requested by him; he said he played Fiyero once or twice when the lead actor was unavailable, most of the time, part of the ensemble for 3 years.
Wicked was staged in Singapore for 2+ weeks and got great reviews; I saw the lead actor Fiyero being interviewed on tv.
Yea, Paula also mentioned Adam as a very good singer on Wicked when he auditioned for AI S8 2009.
Well, Adam Fiyero made it big all on his own as the lead for Queen and on 3 Tours of his own...the 4th, likely after QAL 2019.
As you can see, true talent cannot be subdued because it's a spiritual calling.

Linda said...

I saw Wicked in Hollywood and have that playbill with Adam's picture circled!! Of course, I hadn't yet discovered ADAM, but after AI and finding that he was in Wicked, I found my playbill and was so excited to have his picture!

Lam-My said...

Hello Hello! We finally see ourselves in real space and time from the other side of the Moon which we can never see, 4 Feb 2019, sent back by China's Longjiang-2 satellite orbiting the moon / relay satellite of Yutu; Earth looks like a glistening marble in space.

Sunflower said...

Lam-My...its very cool to see our planet this way. It does look like a marble.

Sue Smith said...

He said before doing Wicked special on TV, that sang it 7 or 8 times in theatre. I remember a couple saying they did not know he sang it that many times. Adam was and is to darn good for not being the main singer. So glad he took a chance on Idol it jump started a great career.
Nothing was handed to him he just was handed a chance and he has great work ethics. That what gotten him as far as he come along with that fantastic talent he has and not just for singing but boy can be sing. He certainly has much more to give.

Lam-My said...

Hi Sunflower, the description 'marble' was given by a Writer in her article, will try to look up her name. Like you, I thought yea, Earth looks like a marble in space.

Here's how we get the picture...Chang'e-4 and rover Yutu send images/messages to Queqiao (meaning magpie bridge / mythology - a bridge of magpies allowed two forbidden lovers to meet).

Queqiao 鵲橋 ... 鵲 chueh / bird/magpie .. 橋 chiao / bridge

Queqiao is China's relay satellite that transmits Chang'e 4 and rover Yutu's messages / images from back of the moon to Earth / Beijing.

'Sitting in orbit around a point in space known as L2, 60,000 kilometres beyond the Moon, Queqiao splits the journey up into two line-of-sight paths.' - Science Focus,404

Lam-My said...

Helloo Frank!
Adam brought you a pink rose
Yea, he's been warming my head
A rose by any other name...he's a drop-dead
I came all the way from Saturn 
To find somebody tooooo looove
And I really love the way he strokes my head 
Introduces me to so many Earth aliens
We ain't no aliens, Frank, we're humans
Okay, glad to meet you, human Lam-My, you seem real nice
How do you know my name?
Easy...telekinesis...I read your mind
And why do you keep rolling your eyes
I want to take a closer look at that handsome guy
Plonking his heels and knocking my wi-fi
Also wizard astrophysicist Dr Brian 
When he appears, I get real high
Especially when he peeks into my eyes
Frank, I like the way you raise Adam up
As he goes rub-a-dub-dub
When you descend back into that black hole...I miss you
But I am still there, Lam-My
Beneath the stage, I hear his soaring impeccable notes
Yeeaah e yeeaah...on with the showoooo! Chang! 👽🛰💫

(December 8, 2017 at 10:30 pm - (Original updated) 

Nanbert said...

I see Terrance in the playbill along with Adam. But I also see Brooke Wendl (sp?) there as well. I believe she was the choreographer and dancer in Adam's Glam Nation tour.

Sunflower said... is Brooke, I recognised her too. I remember he would say at his Glamnation shows "my Moon Sister". Lol