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Adam Lambert's IG story : jetlag / mmmelatonin / marcopolorules's Art 2019-02-02

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Sunday, February 3, 2019

Posted at : Sunday, February 03, 2019

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Lam-My said...

Hello hello ! Knock Knock! Anybody there...wakie wakie jetlag...Adam and Pharaohboy!

Today is Chinese New Year's Eve - Lunar year 4717 - February 5, 2019. Sign: Pig 猪 ju, a Yin year.

Now Year of the Pig is the year I was born in so I'm an Oint Oint ! 🐖
I know of one person in the Queen Band, who is also an Oint Oint ! born in the same year. Pig represents prosperity, easy-going, honest to a fault!

Yin and Yang can be thought of as complementary (rather than opposing) forces that interact to form a dynamic system. According to this philosophy, everything has both yin and yang aspects; shadow/light...male/female...sun/ cannot exist without the other.

Adam, Queen, Pharaohboy! 新年快乐 seen nian kwai ler / Happy Lunar New Year! Everybody! 🐷🐕🥂🎎💞

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I really love the picture of ADAM lying on the bed at the beginning .. absolutely GORGEOUS!! Looks like it's from one of his magazine shoots ... really well done!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Sunflower said...

I love this pic of Adam I think he looks hot! Yummy

Sunflower said...

I like some of the pictures or paintings actually, I kind of appreciate them, I can't draw anything! Lol I too love the one of Adam lying on the bed, and the other one towards the end,looking gorgeous ( before it turned to black and white)!

Lam-My said...

Classic Chinese love song - The moon represents my heart -月亮代表我的心 - sung/made famous by Teresa Teng ... sung by Bon Jovi (2015)

月亮 yueh liang / moon .. 代表 dai beow / represents .. 我的 wor der / my .. 心 seeng / heart

你问我爱你有多深 - ni wern wor ai ni yeo duo shern / you ask me how deep I love you

你 ni / you ..问 wern / ask ..我 wor / me .. 爱 ai / love .. 你 ni / you .. 有多 yeo
duo / how much .. 深 shern / deep

我爱你有几分 - wor ai ni yeo ji fern / I love you to what point

有几 yeo ji / how much
分 fern / point

我的情也真 wor der ching yeh jern

我的 wor der/ my .. 情 ching / love feeling / 也真 yeh jern / also real

我的爱不变 wor der ai bu bian

我的 wor der / my .. 爱 ai / love .. 不变 bu bian / won't change

你去想一想 ni chuee siang ih siang / you go think for one moment

你 ni / you .. 去 chuee / go .. 想 siang / think .. 一 ih / one

想一想 / siang ih siang / think for one moment

你去看一看 ni chuee karn ih karn / you go take a look

你 ni / you .. 去 chuee / go .. 看 karn / look .. 一 ih / one

看一看 karn ih karn / take a look

月亮代表我的心 yueh liang dai beow wor der seeng - the moon represents my heart

🌒🌔 Lam-My

Lam-My said...

By the way, the concept of moon now is quite different, you have to think in terms of front and back ! Perhaps that's why subconsciously, my emojis show both sides haw haw...
Bon Jovi hit the jackpot!

Lam-My said...

Wah triple 9 (above date) Year of Pig...Heeeere I come Oinnnt Oinnnt ! Pharaoh will reply Ooooeeeh! Who is there?

It's me Porky!

I don't think we've met Porky; are you the munchy marrow bacon Daddy feeds me with?

Come on Pharaohdoggo! You can surely be kinder than that, after all it's my year, you know Oinnt Oinnt! Grrrrr...

Okay okay...welcome to Year of Pig Ooooeeeh!

You know your favourite internet pal is born in Year of Pig and your Daddy is a Rooster / Dog. So we are actually one happy farm family Oinnnnnt...
Do you remember the story...those strategist Pigs said : 4 legs better than two and then roundabout turn : switch to 2 legs better than 4...depending on which way the wind blows to their advantage!

Despicable, can't be trusted.

Hey! Pharaohdoggo, I'm not like that! 🐷🐕

Pharaoh, has your Daddy recovered from jetlag?

Porky, that's very caring of you to ask. Yep, he's up and about feeding me p..p..porky...Oooops! I mean chikidi go-go. 🐥🥓


Lam-My said...

1 more translation / above song:

轻轻的你的吻 ching ching der ni der wern

轻轻的 lightly .. 你的 ni der / your .. 吻 wern / kiss

Mi Re La said...

BILLBOARD - Who Should Perform at 2020's Super Bowl Halftime Show? Vote!

"But if the NFL wants to return to guitar-slinging cross-generational icons, hell, it's time Metallica get a chance – or Garth Brooks, who has sing-along crowd favorites coming out of his ears. Or Queen + Adam Lambert -- after the runaway success of Bohemian Rhapsody, interest in the legendary British rock outfit hasn't been this high in decades."

Lam-My said...

In All !

新年快乐!seen nian kwai ler ! Happy New Year!

新年 seen nian / new year .. 快乐 kwai ler / happy

In Cantonese ... to my older generation folks in Singapore:

新年快樂 ! sun leen fai lok !

新年 sun leen / new year .. 快樂 fai lock / happy

恭喜发财 ! koong hei fartt choy !

恭喜 koong hei / Congratulations .. 发财 fartt choy / prosperity, windfall

In earlier times coins were wrapped in red strings and given to children; now it's red packets with dollars given to children / unmarried people.
红包 hoong bao / red packets.

This one may be a windfall haw haw! Happy Lunar New Year All !

First day of Chinese New Year is called... leen chor yut .. leen / year .. chor yut / day 1 (Cantonese).

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

MiReLa .. why bother to vote?? I vote every year & QUEEN is always in the lead but they never perform ... maybe they are not interested in performing at half time ... I don't know what the reason is but so far they have been ignored or they may not be interested!! So this time I'm not bothering to vote ... they don't get paid for it from what I hear plus people pick that time to load up on food & goodies & no one really pays attention when it's on!! Seems like a waste of time ... JMO

But if by some miracle QAL is picked to perform ... I'll watch!! lol

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Lam-My said...

Should be 年 neen / year but I often hear 年 leen variant/Singapore Cantonese. Lam-My

Lam-My said...

I pick up 2 more translations - directly from what I hear in the song when I listen to it again.
Bon Jovi's Mandarin pronunciation in the song is very good.

已经打动我的心 yi jing da doong wor der seeng

已经 yi jing / already .. 打动 da doong / touch, impress .. 我的 wor der / my .. 心 seeng / heart

深深的 一段情 shern shern der ih duan ching

深深的 shern shern der / deep deep .. 一段 e duan / a period of .. 情 ching / love

Sue Smith said...

America Got Talent was on tonight. I watched some of it during the commercials there was a commercial for the El is special. It said the best in music singing Elvis. They had the names in sections of 2's Adam Lambert about the forth down. Closer it gets to 17 the more adds will be on. Oviously that was Elvis skipped a letter above.

Lam-My said...

What is Adam's favourite Elvis song...they could have let him sing that; it would fit him perfect.

Mi Re La said...

Lambert Outlaw The link I posted is a Billboard article that recommends who can play next year at the Super Bowl. It's not a poll. I posted for what is written in the article about Q + AL.

Mi Re La said...

Lambert Outlaw , I always vote for any polls in which Adam or Q + AL appears. Even if they seem to win nothing,I think the simple fact that they appear in that poll with many votes uses them for their image.Those who vote in a poll when they see someone who has many votes if they did not know anything until then about them are starting to look for information and that's good. I repeat once again in the link I posted is an article not a poll

My personal opinion is that Q + AL will never play at the Super Bowl because Queen is an English band and the Super Bowl is an American sporting competition The audience prefers local singers

Dee R Gee said...

I believer that other non-American acts have performed at the Super Bowl.

Dee R Gee said...

So Adam said his favorite Elvis song is "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You." I think that song is beautiful, too. Adam was REALLY do a wonderful job singing such a great ballad. Maybe he'll sing it someday. Meanwhile, I'm really really ready to hear him sing Blue Suede Shoes!

Nanbert said...

Queen and Adam Lambert aren't even nominated on that list. Weird, since they usually come in first when they are. However, as Lambert Outlaw pointed out, nothing ever comes of it.

Nanbert said...

Correction....QAL IS on the the bottom. Initially I didn't realize that the list needed to be scrolled down in order to see all the nominees.

Sue Smith said...

The Rolling Stones did the super Bowl quite a while back. I'm not sure when.
They were ok. They are not an American act.

Nanbert said...

I LOVE the Budweiser horses! Maybe they should make a Half-Time video and/or display of them for the Super Bowl, instead of only in commercials during the game.

In fact, I think the Budweiser horses without their harnesses are sexier than Adam Levine without his shirt! haha

Nanbert said... make the Super Bowl half-time entertainment REALLY gripping and pertinant, perhaps a Mandarin lesson would keep everyone glued to their seats in awe! Like us, it's a captive audience!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Nanbert ... thanx for the laugh about Levine ... needed that!! The other night on one of the late night shows they had a little skit about putin taking off his shirt & having RUSSIA tattooed on his chest like Levine had CALIFORNIA tattooed on his!! I laughed my butt off ... so funny!! I read on Ytube that the speech that trump gave SOTU was written by that (Horror Story) guy in the WH .. Steve Miller .. he's the one that gets tossed out of TV stations because he won't shut up & is rude to all the interviewers!! Really sad looking dude .. whoa!! My hubby said that wasn't trump that gave the speech .. it was a look-alike actor .. did you notice trump didn't make one mistake on all those UPTOWN words he used?? I thought something was strange .. he usually just sticks to words like "bigly" & "covfefe" ... couldn't have been him!! Must have been a clone sent by Russia that speaks English!! Hahaha!! And let us not forget his tweet doozie .. the "smocking gun" ... there are so many I can't remember them all but another one that comes to mind is ... the "hamberders" that he gave the sports team for dinner at the WH!! So that proves it wasn't trump on Tuesday .. they switched him!!

I'm still waiting for the results of my X-Ray of my foot from the fall I took 3 weeks ago .. it's still quite tender & walking is becoming more & more difficult every day ... maybe I'll hear something on Monday!! I'm so darn clumsy .. these legs are atrocious ... I had hubby take down the full length mirror in the hallway so I don't have to look at my ugly self every time I pass it!! It's just the two of us .. everybody is too busy with RL to call or stop over & besides it's winter & cold & nasty!! Hope we have an early spring!!

Not gonna bend your ear with my tale of woe anymore Glam Sister!! Keep safe, warm & healthy!! GOD Bless you!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw..._Please "bend my ear" whenever it pleases you...because it pleases me!

Sorry about your foot...hope by now you know whether it's broken...hopefully NOT! Sometimes things like that take a long time to heal....especially when added to the circulation problems in your legs. Let us know about your X-Ray results...and what's next.

BTW, you had me laughing with your description of Trump and his "speechifying". Hilarious! He certainly does have a very limited vocabulary for someone who has had the "best education" and "has the best words"! If anything he BRAGS about would be true, we'd all be better off!

Since Trump was elected, I've felt like we're living in a soap opera...every day is filled with upsetting news and impending disaster. The problem is....It's REAL life! Damn!

Thank goodness we have Adam to distract us and bring interest and pleasure into our lives.

Stay well, keep warm. Hugs, Glam Sis!