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Adam Lambert's IG story:Fan art / WWFM-Perth 2016/Feel something/Jonas Brothers 2019-02-28

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Posted at : Friday, March 01, 2019

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Mi Re La said...

Javi in Adam,s house - Instagram post

And the message posted by Javi:
"And it's because you're so sublime That I think about you all the time Don't ask me if it's true Because how could anybody not love you?"

Mi Re La said...

JAVI 7 days ago
Don't you see that I'm here to stay, you should start trustin' me’

ElEvans said...

Mirela what’s your point? He’s a private person.

Glamitup said...

I hope Adam is very happy in his personal life. He deserves it. Such sweet words from Javi, Mirela

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

Love has to be two-way
Adam is now more mature and careful
Engaging in long-term relationship
Why would he want another heartache
Javi is okay...
Being together requires a staunch heart
Not sure if he's still waiting for Sauli
Over for the time being
The brain too plays a huge part
Similar interests, maturity, ability
To weather difficulties, not giving up easily
Hopefully it works out...
Two people of vast age difference...still
It boils down to love, a deep sense of belonging...


Lam-My said...

WWFM never really felt deep for me until this was so touching Adam was asking my fellow Singaporeans what they wanted from him; that was after 20,000 petitions against his NYE performance; but 24,000 counter petitions, put their foot down and insisted Adam should carry on and so he did. This controversy gave WWFM a much deeper meaning for me. He sang it with passion. By and large, Singaporeans love Adam; so why this? I too was taken aback; there was outside influence colluding with a Singapore church group that had an axe to grind. By the way, this was actually the start of his Original High Tour 2016...complete with hail brimstone and fire! He sailed above it. Well done Singaporeans!

Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me - Live In Singapore 2016 The Float at Marina Bay.

Published Oct 1, 2018

Sunflower said...

How sweet Adam included Creative Sharkas chibi. To this day WYWFM sounds good, the same year it came out I was at Clearwater Beach at Clearwater, Florida, walking to the souvenir shops and passing at one of them WYWFM was blasting from a speaker and I had to stop and listen to it, made my day! Feel Something is beautiful.

Lam-My said...

@AdamLambert on Instagram Stories - He's singing "If" by Janet Jackson at her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame πŸ˜‚
Click on video.

@AdamL_Daily 44m

riittaa216 said...

Sauli and Adam are just friends at the moment, Adam did not support Sauli like Sauli's other closer friends at the time of Sauli's fathers death or funeral, in fact he met Javi during that time

Eloci said...

To be fair: We don’t know, if or how Adam supported Sauli during that time. Social media isn’t the only way to communicate. It’s just the only one, that we fans can see.
But I agree, that S and A are good friends. No more, no less.

Lam-My said...

I feel they are pretty much over with each other. I wrote so many love poems and stories about them. In fact, they started me on my very first love gay poem; the best part was I was so engrossed in their love story, didn't realise it was a gay love poem until very much later when the gay issues dominated the media. Bye Sauli! You are a very nice guy and talented too! Oh, that reminds me of my dear Finn pal...Hi Kindred!

riittaa216 said...

You are right, for me being present is the only true support

NoName said...

Now that Adam has found his love (so it looks), I wish Sauli will find his. He is such a great guy and deserves someone to be with. He just said he does not want to be bachelor forever. They seem to be friends but I don't believe they will see each other anymore. It would be strange.

Javi seems to be a very nice guy. Age is just number as many have said. I just remember Adam's interview, not so long ago, where he said that he is no more interested in guys under 25 years, lol. Well,when love strikes...

Nanbert said...

Oh my....PLEASE don't start gossiping about Adam's past and present love lives again! These people are all actually complete STRANGERS to you and me....even Adam!

Adam will tell us what he wants us to know. Personally, if I was him, I wouldn't say a word, because everything immediately evolves into what Adam calls "a game of telephone"...and turns into a gossipfest.

Lam-My said...

Helloo riittaa216...nice to meet you!

You are a practical person...rather wise words with regard "presence, true support"...but only if that presence is mutually accepted. At times people progress better on their own. Still, you are right.
I remember whenever Sauli came on this site, everyone got real excited and the thread would be very long. lol! So Sauli is still unattached but with someone close, I guess. I think Sauli being a homely person wanted more "presence' of Adam who is on tour a lot. That may have constituted to their breakup...also, Sauli was not willing to give up his well-paid job in Finland. Since both are so absorbed in their own career path, it's best they part ways for now; many years down the road, may/may not happen. Oh, Sauli adores Pharaohboy, holds and kisses him chook chook...πŸšΆπŸ»πŸ•πŸšΆπŸ»

Nanbert said...

For what it's worth.....Adam was very open and fact, almost "gushing" about
Sauli...which certainly gave Glamberts reasonable "permission" to gossip about their relationship. And Glamberts DID...and still nauseum!

But that was YEARS ago! Whatever happened to their relationship is unknown, and no amount of guesswork, gossip and speculation will add to the information we have. Evidently, both Adam and Sauli have learned their lesson, and have remained MUM. We should respect that, and get out of THEIR business.

Water over the Dam, people! For all we know gossip and public prying may have been part of the reason that pushed them apart. Living in a fishbowl can be very stressful.

Sue Smith said...

Stop judging Adam you know zero how Adam handled Sai fathers death. They are close friends now. I believe that been over for a long time even when they still saw each other on occasion.
Leave it alone and let Adam go on with his life in peace. Correction that was Sauli.

riittaa216 said...

Now I remember why I never wanted to become a Glambert and never will be��my point was that since they were not linked = Adam not present at the time Sauli was suffering a lot, trust me I just lost my mother and know what a warm hug means, it is a sign that they not close any more and have moved on;RIP

Nanbert said...

riittaa216....You.."never wanted to become a Glambert and never will be"..because of Sauli????? Then why are you here?...making negative remarks about Adam?

Both Adam and Sauli are complete strangers to's not like you are Sauli's best friend, yet you choose to "diss" Adam because of some perceived slight to Sauli that you read on social media by another gossip who doesn't know them either!!!!!! OMG!

This is why I hate people here delving into Adam's private life. Many people believe everything they read...or interpret it to suit their preference....and negative, controversial and salacious is more exciting....nevermind whether it is true or not. And, of course, they HAVE to spew it back out on the internet!

Each negative remark that turns up on the internet finds a home in someone's "gossip receptors"...and is gleefully elaborated on and scattered back onto the internet for the next round of gossip! Like WEEDS!

And in the meantime, that negativity can hurt Adam's reputation and his career, DROP by DROP...the "game of telephone" is POISON!

Adam gets "trashed" enough on the internet by Freddie Mercury and Marc Martel's malicious Trolls!

Please Glamberts, let's keep 24/7 "trash"/negativity free!

Nanbert said...

P.S. If anyone wonders why I am so strident about my distaste of online gossip (good or bad)'s because a high-school friend of one of my grandsons committed suicide because of online gossip and bullying....a lovely vulnerable young girl...her family was friends of our family...their only child...they will NEVER recuperate from that!

Some people can't refrain from picking up on/adding a bit of "spice" or "innuendos" in their comments....especially since they are anonymous. And, like rolling a snowball in the just keeps getting bigger!

Lam-My said...

Ghost Town touches 200 million counts!
Wah, that's a whole lot of ghosts flaunting around
Be not afraid...Love found its way into
'My heart is a ghost town...'
Meltdown dissipates...sets sail once more the high seas
With Pharaohdoggo and Javi
Cross the bridge when you reach it...
Concentrate on what you have...lick it


riittaa216 said...

People like you are the reason for me not wanting to be a Glambert, your text above is a good example of positive Glambert PR or ??

Nanbert said...

riittaa216.....If you don't want to be a Glambert, why are you here? And why should what I say decide whether you want be a Glambert? I'm not looking for a fan. And my "positive PR" is reserved for positive people...NOT someone who comes here and declares they "NEVER WANTED TO BE A GLAMBERT AND NEVER WILL BE"!!

ADAM should be your ONLY criteria in choosing to be a Glambert. It's obvious you've already made your choice.. don't pretend to blame it on me or other "people like me"!

Angeladam said...

riitta 215 and No name
I'm not going to get involved in a spat on here, but agree with some of your comments, , I did think Adam would have either gone to Finland for Sauli's dad's funeral , OR put some sort of comment on his IG, he certainly would have put something on if it has been Terrance, Danielle etc, they are or were good friends ( or more) until June last year, when Adam flaunted Gian Levi all over his social media, then of course he moved onto Javi around the time Sauli's dad died, so he was obviously busy with that ! I'm sure from what I've heard recently about Sauli, he's DEFINITELY moved on and might be in another relationship with a rather beautiful Finnish big celebrity but he chooses to keep it private though ,instead of 'hinting' and 'playing games' with his thousands of fans on social media, I know people on here hate any backlash of Adam which is absolutely fair enough, however, I think if Adam or Javi or their ardent fans don't like people commenting on their private life , they shouldn't post on IG etc, (and most of the blog on here comes from Instagram )but should keep their accounts private I can't see Javi doing that he's lapping his new found" celebrity by association status" up and good for him, )

Anyway I still love Adam as an artist, don't care what he does in his private life, more interested in him getting his new album out as time is ticking on !!