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Adam Lambert on IG: Horrifying. Fuck this guy

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Thursday, April 4, 2019

Posted at : Thursday, April 04, 2019

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Dee R Gee said...

I've been reading about this horrible news a bit here and there. It is beyond belief that in 2019, some cultures (groups? societies?? still believe that homosexuality is something to be punished or eradicated in some violent way. Some countries advocate whipping. I have my doubts that a boycott of these hotels will make a major impact (and it could adversely affect the employees who work at them), but I DO think that some kind of major protest WILL bring wide-spread awareness to this insanity.

I think I heard that one of the countries involved (Qatar? I could be wrong), will be hosting the next World Cup. That is a huge global event that attracts the attention of millions. It could be the perfect platform for bringing this issue to LOUD, PERSISTENT, GLOBAL ATTENTION.

Nanbert said...

Good Idea, Dee R Gee! But it seems that the World "hears", but does nothing.

Man's Inhumanity to Man!.....The wrong people are being stoned!

But, apropos of your remark....It is also beyond belief that in 2019, some cultures/groups/societies will drag children out of their parent's arms, put them in cages, and have no plan on ever reuniting them! That one's much closer to home.

And our dear Vice President probably thinks that stoning is a clever idea...resolves all that LGBTQ problem....and can't wait until Trump gets dumped and he gets HIS turn! Oh my!

Sunflower said...

How cruel and inhumane!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I will Pray that this madness is short lived ... as Nanbert said ... there is so much more to address here at home ... but does anyone do anything about anything?? NO!! Our cries against all this brutality seem to fall on deaf ears!! Too many atrocities go unheard & unpunished!! Why isn't this on the news on TV .. at least the channels I watch?? These so called 'world leaders' are going too far with their horrors ... are these hotels the only things that can be boycotted ... any other products or properties?? How about sanctions against trade with these animals!!

LORD have mercy on us all!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Lam-My said...

No matter who or what one loves 
It motivates, brings out the innate
The soul, heart and mind
Embarking on the twists and turns of life
It gives...more than it takes...that's the magic!
It flushes out hate which takes root
On the outside...surreptitiously invades your inside
Not worth it...even if it brings short-term benefits
Love is the the grapes hanging on the vines
Produce fine wine
For everybody not just for one's own
The latter is pseudo, smacks of double standard
Which I detest to the minutest
Love likens to a brilliant lamp on a lamp-stand
Uplifts the lost and forgotten
Chopping off heads...ghastly resolution!
Adam has given a lot of himself to others
And as he sings... 'you get back what you give away'
Adam, Javi and beautiful Pharaoh
Open a new chapter, a new morrow to furrow...we follow


Lam-My said...

Double Bingo! 4 4 8 8 ... oooh-la-la!

Lam-My said...

As far as we know, this is the 3rd consecutive day that he's been in the studio! #AL4 🎶

Keskross on Instagram Stories:"Sessions" - we can hear @AdamLambert a bit!🎤

Click on video.

Sue Smith said...

What an abomination this terrorist hypocrite with his 6 wives is. If we had a leader with any human decency and human morals he would not let this go on. But we dont. Pence I doubt would be for intervening in this barbaric acts.
Criticize me all you want some one has to have a voice with what's wrong with this world. It's my opinion. I also agree that in America in 2019 we are taking babies small children and children of any age away from their rightful parents and housing them in inadequate facilities. Or housing them at all from their parents that will mentally scar them for life if not physically. Children need their parents not all the people coming in this country are bad they are mostly desperate. Their should be faster a better screening of criminals coming in opposed to just desperate people who just want to be safe.

Lam-My said...

Javi on Instagram Stories with @AdamLambert:"My goal of the day get to u" - He's kissing Adam's hand 💓

@AdamL_Daily 12h

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When Adam sang : 'Something is better than nothing' this may be it.

Good evening Pharaohboy! Your Daddy, it seems is hard to get to, according to Uncle Javi.

早安! jow arn Lam-My!...In my case, I find Daddy easily, by smell. You know our house has many nooks and corners, ah but Daddy's scent can't escape my brain, a lot smarter than humans in the smell region oooeeeh! 🐕💒

I Feel Something...Uncle Javi loooves Daddy!

So are you jealous?

What is that? I love Uncle Javi like Daddy; they both adore me.

Very good answer Pharaohdoggo; no wonder you graduated 1st in class. 🤤


Lam-My said...

早上好 jow sharng hao / Good morning Yutu Jade have woken up for the 4th day on other-side of moon for further tete-a-tete. The beautiful circle you constructed is still there; forever actually, no wind, only a thin layer of gases. 🌘 (1 moon day/night ~ equivalent to 2 weeks earth day/night)

Previous: Yutu constructs moon's first circle on other-side of moon surface.

~ China National Space Administration 

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