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Adam Lambert's Boyfriend Javi Costa Polo On Instagram: "Thankful for the huge support that you guys are giving me, what a warm welcomeđź’•"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Sunday, April 7, 2019

Posted at : Sunday, April 07, 2019

Adam Lambert's Boyfriend Javi Costa Polo On Instagram: "Thankful for the huge support that you guys are giving me, what a warm welcomeđź’•"

@javicostapolo: "Thankful for the huge support that you guys are giving me, what a warm welcomeđź’•"

He also replied to a fan Kerry @AML4me on Instagram who replied to Javi's message:

"Glamberts are falling in love with you"

Javi replied: "me with them too"

Javi apparently read and "hearted" i.e. "liked" each reply to his message (including mine.. an unexpected surprise!!). I personally think that is very sweet and thoughtful of him that he not only posted that message to those who follow him on Instagram but also acknowledged the responses to him.  

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Magiclady said...

I welcomed him in my heart because of my love for Adam.
He seems to be a loving man with a loving heart and if he makes Adam happy, that's what I want...

Sue Smith said...

He seems like a beautiful person in side and outside. Adam has said he happy and content in an interview. Been very long time since I heard Adam say any remark like that. The two of you take care of each other. Be happy both of you deserve it. Yes he will be in my heart because of my love for Adam as well. He will always be my main interest. Adam has something very special about him charming and sweet. I also see that in Javi.

Mi Re La said...

I hope this young boy will bring Adam the balance he needs. The test of this relationship will be the long periods in which Adam will be on tour and Javi being very young will feel the need to have fun. He will not be able to accompany Adam in tour, because he has his job. It's also not known what Adam is meeting where he will go on the tour

Angeladam said...

Seems Javi certainly knows what to say to please Adam's fans, I wish them well


Mi Re La said...

From Adam’s IG story
New house

glitzylady said...

Just a quick thought: Javi is a young man, and labeling him a "young boy" gives a false impression to those who may not know who he is, and his age, which is almost 22. He does look younger than his years, and we need to remember he is not a child :))) but indeed a man. And remind others of that too. So far, he and Adam seem to be doing very well, in spite of the age difference..

An example of a fair amount of age difference in a couple who are doing very well in spite of a large age difference is Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black. Tom is 24, Dustin is 44. They are married (in 2017) and have son who is 9 months old.

So I do wish Adam and Javi the best... It could very well work out for them too..

NoName said...

He really does. He just posted a sweet IG-story snuggling with "buddy" Pharaoh. He is adorbs.

Sunflower said...

You are so very welcome Javi! Adam is a special soul and we his fans wish him good and happy things in his career and life. Looking very handsome!

Sue Smith said...

Javi we welcome you. You seem very sweet. I wish happiness for both you and Adam.

Angeladam said...

Javi why does he never smile, he should be grinning from ear to ear LOL !!

Kiwi said...

I don’t know if Adam remembers this.A few years ago he did radio interview in Australia could have been Sydney. A psychic rang into the radio station and did a reading for him and she told him that he would meet two men in Spain and with one of them he could be himself and it was a meeting of the hearts �� the stars aligned and Adam met Javi and the rest is history.