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Adam Lambert IG Stories: Olivier R's 'Men Shouldn't Be Making Laws About Women's Bodies" Tove Lo's "Girls. We Decide What To Do With Our Own Bodies" Adam: "I'm A Feminist"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, May 17, 2019

Posted at : Friday, May 17, 2019

Adam Lambert Instagram Stories: Olivier R's 'Men Shouldn't Be Making Laws About Women's Bodies" Tove Lo's "Girls. We Decide What To Do With Our Own Bodies" Adam: "I'm A Feminist"

Adam shared two Instagram posts from Olivier R and Tove Lo, and posted them as Instagram stories.. And when a fan thanked him for sharing them, he responded  "absolutely. I'm a feminist"

The two Instagram posts Adam shared as Instagram stories on his own page: 

A post shared by OLIVIER R. (@olivier_rousteing) on

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Nanbert said...

Men would feel entirely differently about this if THEY had the babies! Such outrageous control!!!! This is a subject that can affect a woman's ENTIRE LIFE!

Things are really heating up again about Roe vs. Wade....and Trump's been "stacking" the Supreme Court! Time for women...and their supporters... to be vigilant and really involved in our government. It's OUR BODIES!

And pray for Ruth Bader Ginsberg's health!

Anne Marie said...

The major point that most people miss, is that it is the baby's body too. I am sure glad Leila did not choose to have an abortion, when she got pregnant with Adam.

Nanbert said...

Ah, but no one knows whether she may have had one before or after. Situations change constantly. In other words, each situation or problem has its own set of criteria, and its own decision. A private one else's business. No one has the right to judge or control another's action about their OWN body...their OWN life...their OWN health, or their OWN family.

Furthermore, banning abortions would not save lives, but likely cost more...both mothers and babies, through back-street abortions. Just like before Roe vs. Wade became law....desperate women will seek, and often die from those unsafe back-street has happened ALL during history.

It is a fact that abortions have continued to reduce in numbers since the advent of Roe vs. Wade. one WANTS abortions. But sometimes it is a woman's only solution.

Interestingly, a great many of the most strident anti-abortionists are also anti-contraception. Just think about that a bit!

Sunflower said...

Anne Marie I agree with you! I am Pro-Life, that's all I'm going to say.

Anne Marie said...

I am Pro-life. Unfortunately, there are plenty of qualified doctors who will continue to kill the babies. There is big money in it. There are plenty of contraceptives out there, I am not against that.

Nanbert said...

Pro-Life....even in the case of Rape or Incest?

Anne Marie said...

Records show, that less than 1% of all abortions are from rape and incest. 99% are by choice.

Nanbert said...

Even if you are physically unable or unlikely to survive a pregnancy?

Even if you discover the fetus is affected with a terrible deformity or incurable illness that will make its life short and full of agony? I knew of one who died at the age of 14, whose skin was constantly sloughing off, leaving painful open sores (like burns)that needed constant care and dressing....14 years of tragedy for both him and his parents! I knew them was 14 years of Hell....with no cure! And when he finally died, his parents were medical paupers...with years of debt to pay off! son....and too old, broken and fearful to want to have another child.

Doctors can forecast that anomoly, and MANY others, with blood tests NOW ....unfortunately, not until the second trimester.

It's easy to be high-minded and righteous and say "I'm Pro-life". EVERYONE IS, whenever possible. But very few would be, if faced with many of the reasons that cause women to seek abortions.

Pro-Choice means each woman has the absolute RIGHT to their OWN belief, religion or law should override that. No other PERSON has a higher right...not even a fetus.

Rosemary White said...

I agree with Adam and Nanbert. I've seen lives destroyed by the fact that children were conceived as a result of rape, and other lives destroyed as a result of children being born with multiple disabilities.