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Adam Lambert Tweeted: Wow, thanks for putting New Eyes on your playlist Taylor! @taylorswift13

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Friday, May 24, 2019

Posted at : Friday, May 24, 2019

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glitzylady said...

This is HUGE that Taylor Swift not only posted on Instagram that she LOVES Adam's new single "New Eyes" but she's included him on her own personal playlists... This way, a large majority of her very dedicated fans will hear Adam's music..

Sue Smith said...

Thanks Taylor you know great music when you hear it.

Sue Smith said...

Very happy about this! Let's pay more attention to post like this go and back
His music as much as possible. You dont have to be a poster on here to do it.w

Sunflower said...

I'm beginning to like this girl more! Thanks girl!

Dee R Gee said...

Taylor Swift has very good taste! So happy to see her support Adam. If we can stream and view NE whenever we can, it will all help Adam. His iTunes sales for have dropped and seem to have stalled. If you haven't bought it on iTunes, consider it if you like. Not too confident that this song will hit radio. Hope Velvet will give us some more songs that really grab our attention and maybe get some radio play.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Maybe after a few more TV shows like ELLEN & GMA it will pick up in sales .. or .. maybe people are waiting for the album to drop so they can get it with the album & won't have to buy it or maybe not have to get it by downloading ... or ... it's all over Ytube so maybe they're just happy to stream it instead!! If I remember right .. Ghost Town didn't make a big splash at first either!! These are not cookie cutter songs & sometimes you need a few listens before they grab you especially the younger crowd!! This song has a more adult vibe & doesn't blast your ears like some other songs I've heard on the radio ... adults are more discerning than teenie boppers!! JMO

tess4ADAN(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

I bought both the song and the video on iTunes.

I hope Adam gets more TV exposure. He is such a visual performer!... A multi-watt entertainer! HE can sell his own anyone!

As far as teeny-boppers are concerned, Maybe Taylor Swift's recommendation will help. But, let's face it, teeny boppers like young, straight guys...or girls....and music they hear over and over on the radio.

It's pretty obvious that most of Adam's fans are adults... probably because many of us were brought up on music before autotune, and learned what GOOD MUSIC sounds like...and before so much of the hype and frou-frou that accompanies singers these days.

Actually, Adam could use some more "hype and frou-frou" himself....and I hope he's got some good PR working for him when the album is released. Thank goodness for Glamberts....all over the world! We know his brilliance, and will always be in his corner...and will be devoted fans for all of his music!