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From The Korea Herald: Rock legend Queen [+ Adam Lambert] to hold Seoul concert[s] in January (18th & 19th)

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, May 17, 2019

Posted at : Friday, May 17, 2019

From The Korea Herald: Rock legend Queen [+ Adam Lambert] to hold Seoul concert[s] in January (18th & 19th)

"Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen will hold a concert in Seoul on Jan. 18-19, marking the first solo concert by the legendary rock band."

"According to Hyundai Card, the latest artist to be featured in its Hyundai Card Super Concert project are the guitarist and drummer of Queen, who will be joined by singer Adam Lambert."

LINK To The FULL Article --> Rock legend Queen to hold Seoul concert in January

Dr. Brian May, Adam Lambert & Roger Taylor 
Queen + Adam Lambert 

Adam Lambert 

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Mi Re La said...

It looks very good all three.

Nanbert said...

Hurray for South Korea....they cherish QAL. Maybe we'll get another good video of "I Was Born To Love You"....I visit the one from Japan's Super Sonic festival often...that was a classic! Adam made amazing LOVE to that crowd....unconditionally reciprocated.... on that day. In my mind that ranks as one of the most outstanding performances of QAL's partnership. I wish QAL would share that song with the rest of the world on the Rhapsody tour.

Nanbert said...

After "flailing"(above) about QAL's "I Was Born To Love You" in Japan, I felt compelled to visit it again...and to share it again here....PERFECT! Oh My! Enjoy!

Notice Brian look over to Roger with that big grin to share his delight (at 3:29) in Adam's performance....with that pleased look, Brian is saying to Roger..."Adam really NAILED it!"

And that closing note....!!!!!!! Such a wonderful example of Adam's professionalism, impeccable vocals and megawatt charm! Unequalled!

A bit of background here, as I understand it, if you don't mind. This performance is only the second time they had ever performed this song in concert. The first was just before in Korea. Evidently, they had only briefly had time to "put it together" (practice) before Korea...but managed to perform it to perfection....after which Adam could be heard to say exaultantly..."We did it!" Remember, that was the FIRST time Adam had sung the song, with almost no practice! Such professionalism!... and a perfect example of how well Queen and Adam "mesh" in live and "dangerous" situations.

Am I smitten? Evidentally!

Dee R Gee said...

Glitzy, thank you so much for that link to "I Was Born to Love You." I remember it well Adam is a true musical genius. Brian and Roger still pinch themselves, I'm sure. Can't wait for more QAL! It's still the gift that keeps on giving.

creamtangerine said...

Oh so Sweet. Love those guys together.

glitzylady said...

@Dee R Gee
You’re welcome, although it was @Nanbert and not me who posted the link in her comment 😊

Otexbert said... Is this new or did I miss it. Adam helium Karaoke

Sue Smith said...

Great news for Korea. Adam been there they do love him. Remember the place was very packed.
Sure they are very excited to see Queen with Adam. Who the heck wouldn't be that really amaizing performances and good old rock and roll among other types of music. They do it all and do an amaizing job. Missing word is love.
Really love amaizing performances.

Sunflower said...

Happy for the fans and I absolutely love this new picture with all three looking very handsome!

Sue Smith said...

Yes 3 handsome devils.

Dee R Gee said...

Correction. Thanks Nanbert!

Nanbert said...

You're welcome Dee R Gee. I love to share some of my favorite performances by Adam....and that sits near the top of the list....Classic Adam! Iconic, IMO!

Patria said...

I don't understand why they can't do "Born to Love You" at my upcoming concert in St Paul Minnesota.
I'm regularly adding my share of plays to the count on YouTube.

I love when the crowd breaks in to an approving roar when Adam smiles and it shows up in the Q. The camera goes to Brian who quickly looks up to see what he did and breaks into a smile seeing that that was all Adam had to do.

Nanbert said...

Patria....they only do that song for Korea and Japan. You might notice that many
countries Queen visited during their early years have their own "special" song...which is usually sung by Brian, often in that country's language....and only for that country. It's just a charming personal nicety of Queen's.

As far as "I Was Born To Love You" is I understand it, it was one of Freddie's songs that was used as a theme song for a very popular soap-opera in Korea and Japan way back then...and maybe even up to today. That's why all the audience knows all the words...they've heard them for years. Queen plays it for them because it has that special meaning to them....and only plays it for far. Can't you see in the video how much that personal touch means to them?

However, like you, I would LOVE for QAL to perform it for us, too! It's beautiful! That video displays one of Adam's finest moments, IMO. He made amazing love to that crowd!