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New Instagram Story/PHOTO By Javi Costa Polo With Adam Lambert: Adam Lambert's New Hairstyle!

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Saturday, May 25, 2019

Posted at : Saturday, May 25, 2019

New Instagram Story/PHOTO By Javi Costa Polo With Adam Lambert: Adam Lambert's New Hairstyle!

Earlier today, we posted a thread with Adam's Instagram Story of his visit to the hairdresser, with just a glimpse of at least a hair trim, later we saw a very brief hint of his shorter hair, and now we see a bit of a better view, courtesy of Adam's boyfriend, Javi

If you you missed the earlier thread, the LINK here:

-->UPDATED With Actual "Haircut" Glimpse! Adam Lambert's Instagram Story Video: "CHANGING IT UP" (Adam At The Hairdresser's) <-- 

Hoping for an even clearer photo(s) soon! Thank you Javi for this one! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! 

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Sunflower said...

Oh Wow! I like it so far, from the side of it. Can't wait to see the front of it! I think I'll fall in love with his new look too! Thanks Javi for taking this pic!

Rosepetal said...

He always has a new twist right around the corner, I love it!!!!!

annemarie said...

I thought he would have it shorter for the tour. From what I hear , most of the length was extensions. Love it shorter, but it will still be long for the Ellen show. From all the promos, it looks like he will only sing NE and no interview. Hope I am wrong.

Nanbert said...

HURRAY! So happy to see it shorter in back. But the "hairdresser" video still showed it pretty long in it was being dried and fluffed. Actually, maybe more like Javi's hairstyle...hope not!

Nanbert said...

BTW...Have to admit... I don't like that photo at all! It's not remotely flattering to Adam, and Javi looks too smug! JMHO!

Sue Smith said...

Just saw full picture like the hair alot. Adam hair is a bit wavy. However no where near the natural curl of Javi.
Just in my opinion it looks nothing like Javi hair.
Not a great picture from the side of Adam. Looks like to me they both may have had a couple drinks maybe not maybe just not a great picture we all have them I sure do. The worse my picture is the more my girls like to post them on Facebook if it's a BD eat out or something.
Adam has said Javi is wonderful he loves him and that all that counts to me. No one perfect or looks perfect all the time. I'm not trying to be contrary that's just how I feel. Were all entitled to that as long as it doesn't go over the top crazy like a person we recently witnessed that hopefully went off of the this site.
Sure better more handsome pics of the hair cut and Adam to come.

Sue Smith said...

I'm sure this hair cut easier to keep nice.

Dee R Gee said...

Love the shorter look! Can't wait to see it more clearly.
The pic is just a moment in time. I won't write smug into it. JMO

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee...yes, a pic is just a moment in time. But every "moment" doesn't NEED to be shown.
If I were Adam, I would find that pic embarassing, even rather demeaning. IMO.

Sue Smith said...

All that really counts is that Adam sings NE and does a great job which he did on Idol and that he always does with everything he sings.
Adam just works hard does great performances spends as much time with his BF as possible and keeps his nose clean not alot of intrigue to talk about. However he very interesting and has nice stories to talk about.
Most interviewers even Helen like the relationship intrique stories. He really not about that anymore but would have great l8fe stories of traveling with Queen ect if any bothered to ask. Just look at the bio.
Just glad to see him perform this great song just hope he can do the entire song and not shorten it for time contraits. It such a good song. I truly love it more you hear it the more you love it. Correction that was great life stories.
It got to me how hard Pierce whatever his last name is when interviewing Adam
On that abroad show tried to get him to fall in with his gossip and Adam wisely did not fall for it even with the complements he gave him.
Adam does do interviews lots of time especially abroad and lots times just interviews. Just love it when he performs. I know that interview abroad was from Los A.

Patria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hey nanbert thats a great homophobic opinion!

Unknown said...

yo woman, adam smirks all the time but when javi does it you have a problem? you really hate to see them as a couple i have to laugh

Sue Smith said...

I really do not see where it's all that bad a picture. Oviously Adam has taken better pictures. But its nothing scandalous at all.
Looks like to me Javi not Adam posted it. I think it looks worse because Javi hair is covering up Adam's eyes and part of his face making it look not so flattering the lighting awful.
Just not great and Javi msy be the one taking it so he got a big smile.
Again not the greatest picture but certainly nothing that bad.
I've had ones I like to hide ten feet under in the back yard.
People smile in different ways that may look a certain way. But all he really was doing is smiling. He wasn't trying to steal the silver ware are nothing assuming it's a place where food is.
The ones Iike to hide are usually the ones my kids like to put on FB.
It is just a picture in time. I think Javi posted it not Adam but what if he had it's just a picture. We are used to more flattering ones even Adam can get one in that's not the best.

That was Javi may have posted it.

glitzylady said...

I'm a bit confused by your comments about the photo being "not remotely flattering to Adam" and Javi looking "smug". And then your comment about the photo being "demeaning" and "embarrassing"....

Honestly, none of those thoughts entered my mind when I saw the photo. I was grateful to Javi for posting it. (And I was happy to share it here on the blog). For at least a couple of reasons:

#1 We got a view of Adam's new hairstyle, something we were hoping for..

#2 I personally thought it was a sweet moment between these two men. It appeared to me that Adam was leaning in to kiss Javi, with lips at the ready to kiss. And Javi was just looking cute. "Smug"??? No.. It was a bit of an intimate moment shared with us.

Don't get me wrong, you have the right to your opinion, but in this case, I don't get it.

Sue Smith said...

I thought that pucker up for a kiss was super sweet. Dont get what's demeaning either.

Patria said...

@Sue Smith
Thank you for the laugh!!! "The ones Iike to hide are usually the ones my kids like to put on FB."

Happily for me when my pic needs to be 10 feet under in the back yard, my kids are way ahead of me in digging the hole. LOL

Sue Smith said...

Patricia yea I wish my kids were like that. If they were in the picture and it was a stinker they would run over me digging the hole. However if it's just me that trip over theirselves putting it on FB the Uglier it is the faster it get up on FB. Of course they say It is a good picture Mom. I respond it's time for an eye exsam.
Correction they trip not that trip.

Nanbert said...

Unknown...can't begin to guess why you would think my comment "homophobic". THAT is a real insult in my book! Nor do I "hate to see them as a couple"...why would you even think that? I notice you are always ready with quick "judgements" and a jab whenever possible.

To any others who were upset by my comment, Glitzy, et al...sorry...I expressed myself poorly.

On review, what I probably SHOULD have said was... I would have loved to see BOTH OF THEM smooching with each other...THAT would have been REALLY cute! Unfortunately, you can't do that with a selfie.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I ... HATE ... SELFIES ... or any "impromptu pictures"!!! My hubby is always taking pics when you're not looking or at least looking your best!! I tell him ... let me know ... otherwise they go into the "ugly old lady" pile never to be seen again!! I know ... even now .. I'm vain!!

I like all pics of ADAM ... some are not as his best but the day will come when there may be no more so I enjoy the ones we are lucky enough to get while they are posted!! JMO

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Patria said...

Sue, I agree with this whole heartedly. "Javi hair is covering up Adam's eyes" it somehow takes away from the whole pic. It's distracting for me and if I can imagine it gone it's a very sweet pic.

Sue Smith said...

Patricia yes It would have been I totally agree. It is just another picture in Adam's and Javi life. A picture in time some will be great, some not as great as all humans have.
Just really happy to get them when ever nice enough to post them.
Makes no difference to me which of the two guys post it.
Javi hair was covering about half of Adam's handsome face which made it look different.
Just another picture in 2 young men life. Fortunately they will have many more to be proud of. Both good lookers.

May said...

Pretty sure neither one of them care even a little bit to hear your opinion of their relationship or their choice of pictures to post. They are happy and in love, get over your homophobia delusions

May said...

Actually it is a beautiful moment showing two people in love, you don't like it because you are homophobic