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Adam Lambert on IG: #CominInHot 📸@itstylerrowell

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Posted at : Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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Nanbert said...

OF COURSE Adam would have a full length tiger skin coat! LOL

Imitation, I'm sure, but still.... SO Adam!

Angeladam said...

Looks like a 70's pimp in that coat ! Lol !!

Nanbert said...

Angeladam....snarky, as usual! Putting "LOL" after it fools no one.

Angeladam said...

Nanbert so YOU can add LOL ! But I can't ??( Ok for you to say OF COURSE Adam would have a full length Tiger skin coat LOL, why OF COURSE would he ? ) because he's gay or what ? so possibly a snarky comment as well from you ?? double standards I think here, getting bored with your word 'snarky' tbh.

For your information (because of course I know you NEVER go onto Adam's IG. Site!!) someone actual said a similar comment about looking like a 70's pimp in that coat, and he answered with a laughing emoji. So what was your exact point saying 'fools no one. ??

Stupid uncalled for comment as usual ! What I wrote was positive sarcasm, or humour NOT mean't as anything nasty at all !! which I'm sure yours was as well (oops sorry snarky at all ) but yet again you try to twist it, had Sue, Patria, Sunflower or your other friends posted the same your response wouldn't have been that !!! Give it a rest please

Nanbert said...

Angeladam....for once you're right. If Sue, Patria or Sunflower...or almost every other Glambert on this site had said the same thing, my response wouldn't have been the same. I know they would never intentionally say anything mean, derogatory or double-edged about Adam.

And OF COURSE Adam would have a full length tiger skin coat....that's one of his endearing traits...he loves to play dress-up...he loves animal patterns...he's wonderfully and unabashedly flamboyant...and has great fun with do we Glamberts!

Angeladam said...

Nanbert seriously you have some weird ideas and thoughts in your head ! You don’t fool me for one minute, stop trying to cause trouble by nit picking and dissecting anything said by me ! you don’t know me, I’m presumimg you are intelligent enough to realise how ridiculous you’re starting to sound LOL !! ( and that wasn’t positive criticism that was mean’t as a derogatory remark ....just so as you know !)

Nanbert said... is only natural to believe that you REALLY think of Adam like a "70's pimp" since you have derided and described his "New Eyes" and "Coming In Hot" videos several times as "sleaze", "sleazy, full of "sex and drugs","in a sleazy nightclub", etc...

Angeladam said...

Nanbert it certainly wasn't a church hall was it ? It’s part of all the drama of him being in bit of weird dream in a very dark nightclub with some dubios characters, and looking for something/ someone, it’s all part of the charade being a bit sleazy, think part three will make everything slot ino place, I’m presuming (hoping) he’ll come out of the darkness with his ‘prize’ into the light smd wake up from his dream?