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Adam Lambert on IG: 📸@josephsinclair grooming: @thebradylea

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Posted at : Saturday, June 22, 2019

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Sunflower said...

Just look at this fine specimen! Dayummm, I want this man! I know he's taken but I still want him. Lol

Lam-My said...

Wah so suave and stylish! Adam asks: Who is the fashion designer for QAL...

Lam-My said...

Halloween every day 💀🎃

Click on videos.

It’s all about dress up. ( Adam’s IG story ) @adamlambert @LambritsUK 51m ago

Adam’s personal Pride song ( IG story ) @LambritsUK 1h ago

Adam calls it pride, yes. It's about Self; if the Self is intact, you're less likely to cave in when someone runs you down. One of the reasons why young people are so vulnerable, to the point of giving up altogether, is their Self is not well-grounded, they are not aware of their strengths nor weaknesses; and this has to be done by their family, teachers, friends as early as childhood and throughout their lives especially teenage years, with love, guidance, affirmation.

Nanbert said...

My, Adam can certainly strike a pose!

It'll be interesting to see what his "designer" will do about Adam's wardrobe for the Rhapsody tour. This will be the first time Adam hasn't "dressed" himself..."out of his own closet"....and he's usually done a splendid job with it up until now. I kind of hate to see it out of his hands...although I assume he'll have a strong input. Usually designers are more interested in the clothes, than the person who wears them...i.e. might not be as interested in showing off Adam's best features as he is....and we are!

I wonder if it's possible the rest of the band will get "gussied" up, too. That might be a fun thing, for a change.

Can't wait for the "Rhapsody" tour! Heck...I can't even wait for all the things coming up next week!

Lam-My said...

The V motif and sombre tone of the material shown on Adam's sneak peek remind me of the jacket Adam wore on AI 2019 Queen night:

So my guesstimate for the fashion designer for Adam/QAL Rhapsody Tour would be Gucci. Wah! QAL splurge!