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Adam Lambert’s instagram story 6-1-19

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Posted at : Sunday, June 02, 2019

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Sue Smith said...

Playing New Eyes sounds so gtreat.

Sunflower said...

How cute that Pharaoh got involved in a photo shoot picture! :)

Lam-My said...

Wah, now Pharaoh must help out in popularity hits for his family.

你好 ni hao Pharaohboy! You are so at ease with people, anybody; see I told you, you're a Rockstar!

早安 ! jow arn / good morning ! Lam-My, yea, looks like I'm a Rockstar... my Daddy No.2 needs me to garner more fans, you see he puts me upfront. Daddy 1 also needs me to capture attention but he is Super Rockstar with millions of Glambert fans worldwide. Love them both! 🕺🏻🐕🚶🏻⛺

Javi's IG : Click on video.

@LambritsUK 40m ago

Lam-My said...

Lino DiSalvo @LinoD 8h ago
Replying to @jessierichie194 @adamlambert

He’s a super talented actor and singer and an all around good guy... the decision was easy. His character, Maximus is a really cool, funny, nutty, fresh take on a Roman emperor.

Miles Tougeaux @milestougeaux May 31 ... @adamlambert Dude, They turned you into an internet game...

Lam-My said...

@adamlambert 3h ago

In Berlin chatting w the press today about #NewEyes and everything #Velvet !!!

Lam-My said...

@AdamLambert replied to more comments about his hair on his last Instagram post.

He added extentions for the TV performances and video of #NewEyes:"It was all fake!" But he's still a hippie at heart 😉

@AdamLambert singing #NewEyes at a private #Velvet listening party in Berlin today. His voice!! ❤️ @AdamL_Daily 6h ago

Click on videos. (Via hmantvsee on Instagram Stories, ty @OoftaBop)

Yep, Very good! more twists and turns...I much prefer the First Sing, light yet powerful, your alto/falsetto brought out the tenderness, fluidity, calm, that New Eyes encapsulates. That was what captured my psyche. But it's okay, I know you always change things to accommodate your audience, that's your EQ! (emotional quotient which ties in with your IQ as well.)

Aha, I see 'On The Moon'.. well, well, my dear Yutu rabbit will be jumping up and down in the Von Karmen crater; so Adam is getting ready to mesmerise zi Great Wall haw haw 🌘🕺🏻🥕🐇

Lam-My said...

Gentlemanly Adam is back in town
Long hair hippie Adam left Ghost Town
Cuz he got New Eyes
To experiment new sights and sounds
Though he says he's still a hippie at heart
Hippie or not, it is the mind's eye
That shines a bright light to break the darkness inside
Others who have lost their way can follow
And not fall prey to Evil In The Night
Twisted minds are warped, the third eye is blind
Can't discern right from wrong
Weaves in and out like the grapevine
The difference is grapevine produces fine wine...🥃🍾😳🧐


Lam-My said...

@AdamLambert in Berlin today: "Look out for my interview with Berry for Hollywood Tramp!"... Via hollywoodtramp Instagram Stories ... @AdamL_Daily 1h ago
Click on video.

Lam-My said...

Time flies...🦇🦋🦜🕊️...Oct 7 (after 1st leg of Rhapsody Tour 2019)

Pharaoh and Hazel from writingandpies IG post ...@LambritsUK 6h ago

Helloo Pharaoh and Hazel
The stoic doggo
I bet you’re looking out for Daddy
Who is real busy with Velvet...Superpower
Hazel-eyes black panther, long time no see
Hi Lam-My…
Cousin Pharaoh and I enjoy each other’s company
Run run run… sleep zzzzzz, eat, pee together
When his Daddy comes to take him home…I’ll miss him
Pharaoh is a Rockstar, his picture is up on a big billboard in Los Angeles
We love Grandpa and Amy, especially their scrumptious cookies…slurp…owooooh 🐩🐕🏡


Lam-My said...

By CreativeSharka

Velvet Side A ... 600 million Spotify streams total...wah!

Simone @skaschep 16h ago

Lam-My said...

600 million Spotify streams comprises all his 4 Albums + remixes + acoustics + sessions...A lot ! Adam is too fast and furious, good grief...

Velvet is smooth and sensual
Flows with the curves of the torso
Are you Ready To Run...Loverboy
Follow me follow me...down down down the rabbit hole
Oooooh it's dark and cold
But not to worry I'll hang onto your Overglow
And your Superpower will fly me to the other side of the moon
With lots of room and freedom to love and bloom
The Stranger You Are...The Closer to You... 🐕🐩🥶


Lam-My said...

2️⃣1️⃣ March 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ Spring Equinox 🩺🛏️

"The album feels closer to home" — "It's queer & I feel proud ab that"
"Never as clear ab myself as I am today" — "I'm proud of who I am"
“…it’s a world. I hope people take away the time & energy I put into it. I really love it & I can’t wait for people to see it live.” #VELVET ~ Adam Lambert

Lam-My said...

Adam must have been told he looked so gay, perhaps the rose glasses, red suit, gatzby hairstyle whatever. I didn’t read the person’s criticism; my honest assessment is Adam may be gay but for some strange reason he comes across to me as very macho ! 😋 but I accept that he is gay, so ? And one more thing, his extraordinary high notes may be soprano (female) and his lovely tenor (male). And that interwoven, captured my brain… 🎤🧠

Velvet, Adam’s beautiful new album
Smooth, curves, blends with the earth
Malleable glamorous
Roses…by any other name would smell as sweet
Takes the mind off for a bit of upbeat
Chases off the gloom and doom standstill on the streets
Superpower takes the heat…shifts it
So we can defeat the invisible Covid 19
What is that ? Overglow you never know
Whacks you at ground zero
Lo and behold where are we ? On The Moon
Hop step jump ! Wheee…ready to free fall
With New Eyes to take you on a frog leap
Earth looking like a hanging Blue Marble
And that’s where I am right at this moment…in space
Writing my hodgepodge poetry…
We better do whatever we can, whenever we can
The world is changing gear, faster than we can conceive, topsy turvy
Today is the March Equinox, start of Spring, pointing at Pisces
Hello hello Aquarius 你好 ni hao, I can see you
Astrology says : In AD 2597, the March equinox will move into Aquarius the water-bearer
Others say it’s already here…Dawn of Aquarius
Be that as it may, we are marching onward to seal this elusive Covid crisis 🧬💫🎤♓♒

Lam-My ~ 21 Mar 2020 Spring Equinox

Lam-My said...

你好 ni hao CNN Fan ! I just heard you use *sealed in their homes …with regard quarantine.

And mine : above poem :
Be that as it may, we are marching onward to *seal this elusive Covid crisis…

Also: *podium
Asked why there is no social distancing when he, Dr Fauci super experienced doctor on virus / vaccine / immunity, speaks on the *podium with others so close, on Covid 19.

Couple of days ago, Steven Jiang CNN used *herculean comparing the Covid 19 pandemic to WW2.

And my use :

Joseph swims the 100-metre-butterfly
Looking more like a dolphin
Up and down his body undulates
And when he surfaces
His outstretched arms rotate
Liken to majestic water ballet
Reminiscent of the killer-whale’s tail
Splashing above the ocean
With three Olympic Champions hot on his heels
He just has to accelerate, no two ways about it
Trained as a child to chase his comrades
Coach gives the other kids a head-start
If not, he’ll be a body-length apart
Well, this tactic effloresces at the Rio Olympics
They chase, he sparks
Good heavens ! he clinches the Butterfly Gold!
Beating not one but 3 Champs in a row
Looking quite dazed on the *podium
Joseph Schooling pulls off an *herculean for Singaporeans!
A decisive win by a body-length fly distance
2016 Gold Olympian!

Lam-My 19 Mar 2020

I watched the Olympic Flame arrive by plane from Greece to Japan, 20 March, no fanfare due to Covid 19. Also, Singapore is hosting preliminaries for entry into new games at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 …saw surfing, etc.

Finally...'to be or not to be, that's the question' on everyone's mind.

Lam-My said...

Our world in lock-down limbo
Isolation, solitary confinement
Groping for an exit, can’t find it
Mounting deaths in the thousands
Covid 19 has sunk its teeth
Deep into the human respiratory system
Scientists are working on vaccines, drugs
To turn around this life-death crux

Yesterday, I went out to get groceries
My usual once a week ritual
Our government has done meticulous tracings of clusters
So the rest of us can go about unquarantined
Purposely say, Hello ! to everybody
They just smile peacefully, politely
Not a word as they would need to open their mouth
My next-door neighbour however, walking her beloved doggie is chatty
Even asks me to call her if necessary
The taxi-driver coughs once, even that scares the hell out of me
He’s also wary as the elderly are more susceptible to Covid 19

I watch on tv, a Minister cry at a Parliamentary session
No, he didn’t contract Covid 19…just so touched thanking health workers
Putting their lives on the line, all-out to assist
He tries to regain composure but his tears keep welling
Doctors, nurses, volunteers, virologists are the front-line heroes
Dedicating their time and compassion
What better friend than one who lays down their life for another
As for the 2020 Olympics…postponed to next year 2021
Well, Joseph Schooling’s 100-m butterfly Olympic record 50.39 seconds
Refuses to budge, a sort of unforeseen walkover
And Adam’s timely Velvet album connotes vulnerability, with strength, resilience
SARS 2003 gives Singapore a head-start; a hero doctor dies to teach us
That we have to nip it in the bud…so Covid 19 this time round, can’t run amok
Meticulous tracing of clusters and quarantine fast and furious dawn to dusk
Give most of us more freedom without quarantine…it may last…economies hit hard…😥🚑🏊🎤💞

Lam-My ~ 26 Mar 2020

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

你好 ni hao ! Christiane Amanpour ! I just heard you giving advice regarding Covid-19 and then you said emphatically, “like what they do in Singapore” . I enjoy your in-depth informative shows very much and I know you came here for the Singapore Summit, shaking hands with PM Lee. 😊

Lam-My said...

Wah! Pharaoh basking in an orangy glow, he looks superb, maybe the setting sun; or Adam and Terrance are doing some off-beat home concert; Pharaoh is attracted to something, twitching his antenna ears to absorb the sound waves; Jelly wants to play but Pharaoh is too preoccupied.

Lam-My said...

Story time … OBE

One dim moonlit night, Bert was returning home after a singing stint at a local bar. He took a winding shortcut round a hill. Suddenly, a bright light flashed across his windscreen. Although the light was bright, it cast a dark shadow on the windscreen rendering it impossible to see what was in front. That was frightening when you couldn’t see where you were driving. He stepped hard on the brakes and the tyres screeched to a deafening halt. He got out immediately and realised it was so close to the edge, his car could have hurtled into the forest ravine.

Helloo…a soft low voice greeted him. I’ve been waiting to hitch a ride down this stretch of endless road.
Endless? What did he mean, the road junction was right ahead; Bert used this road many times.
He invited the stranger, a rather good-looking young man into his car as he said he needed a ride. The young man introduced himself as Fred and said he was a wrestler at the club. Oh yes, now Bert recognised him and had seen one of his shows, admired his beautiful contoured muscles.

At the road junction, Fred got off and thanked Bert. As he drove on, suddenly, he saw a crowd surrounding a pile-up of vehicles and the wailing of ambulances rang out into the night. Bert parked his car by the roadside, got out to see if he could render any help. A man was lying on a stretcher with an oxygen mask on his face. He opened his eyes and stared at Bert.
No ! It was Fred ! whom he had just given a lift to. How could that be? He just got off at the road junction.
Unfortunately, Fred didn’t make it, he stared at Bert, eyes wide-open and the paramedic gently pressed his eyes down and said he was gone…dead. Bert was totally flabbergasted as he had just spoken to Fred a short while ago and he was fine! Bert recalled Fred talking about an endless road !
He got goosebumps…weird thoughts flooded his mind…his Spirit was hitching a ride and talking to him in his car ? Bert was visibly shaken, held Fred’s hand for the last time, it was still warm…Farewell my friend…Bert bowed his head.

The following night, Bert was as usual singing in the small family bar; and in memory of Fred the wrestler, he sang Ghost Town followed by Another Lonely Night. At the end of his performance which comprised 8 songs from his album The Original High, the diners applauded, and some walked up the stage, arranged their shoes neatly in a row on the stage. Bert was touched by their heartwarming gesture.
Then, the inexplicable happened…Fred walked on stage ! He left his shoes alongside the others. Bert stared at him and was taken aback, befuddled as he thought he was dead !

After his singing, Bert walked around the tables as he always did to show his appreciation to his fervent fans for their nightly attendance at the bar.
He came to a table with a dim table-lamp…he saw Fred, alone. Bert politely asked if he could join him. Fred beamed a heartfelt smile and gestured for him to sit down at the small table for two.
Bert noticed Fred had tears in his eyes as he looked at him. He was even more perplexed now. Fred stammered rather uncontrollably that his twin brother, Seb, his only family member, died in an accident. And listening to Bert singing Another Lonely Night made him cry.

Whoa! there was Bert’s answer ! He had held Seb’s hand not Fred’s at the scene of the accident.
Not quite sure how to console Fred, he asked softly if he was with Seb when he passed on. Fred pressed his clenched fist to his heart and replied with an apologetic no, with sorrow and regret. He said he was at home watching tv when the news of the accident popped up on screen. He rushed there but Seb was gone, dead.

Lam-My ...continue

Lam-My said...

Bert choked up a bit too and whispered consolingly that he had given a lift to Seb and talked to him just minutes before the accident; bade him a last farewell as he lay dying on the stretcher by the roadside.
Fred stared at Bert rather confused…how could that have happened; Seb would have been in his own car driving to that fateful point of no return! If only he had indeed been in Bert’s car instead, Fred sobbed.

That night, as Bert drove along that same stretch of road on his way home, he kept contemplating what Fred said…that he wished Seb had been in his car (Bert’s); still wondering about that ‘endless road’ Seb mentioned.

It seems OBE, Out of body experience can occur at the moment between life and death and instances of people returning from death have been recorded with vivid descriptions of what they saw as they floated above their body; for instance, doctors fighting to save their life in an operation room. In a rather scary situation, a distressed pilot reported he saw himself piloting the plane while sitting on the wing of the plane. 🛤🏞🏕

Lam-My ~ 28 Mar 2020

Lam-My said...

My poem : a splurge to purge surged
Now *surge has overtaken *purge, courtesy of coronavirus
As the number of cases spurts…I need to find another word
你好 ni hao brain, can you find a substitute for *surge
That is now flooding the tv

Brain serves me a curve ball…Covid swells in waves of hell
Knows no bounds, recoils up and down
Nowhere to hide, in the air, on the ground, nooks and corners
The lungs asphyxiate in one’s own fluid
How are we going to subjugate mighty Covid
Our immune system is fast asleep zzzzzzzz…wakie wakie…half a million dead
Health systems, freedoms, economies in schizophrenic dichotomy 🥀🛌

A strange plight so uptight but Covid spurs me to write 😬🥶✍️💻
Young, strong people simply ignore, they want a fight
Because their immune system will rise to the occasion
Have you considered damage to your lung condition…
Older folk better take utmost precaution as our immunity weakens

Time for me to get groceries…回头见 huay toh jian .. see you on return
Girl at the supermarket entrance scans my pioneer card, Beeep !
My face shows up on a small computer screen, records 36.7 C 🌡️
A voice says : your temperature is normal…welcome ! 🥬🌶️

Wheeling the voluminous amount of foodstuffs in my trolley bag
Across the long and winding overhead bridge, heading home
I’m still averse to taking a taxi; only 8 passengers on a big sanitised bus, less risky
No doubt, paranoia has set in even though only 10 new community cases; migrant workers infection in quarantine dormitories too decreases

We are now in phase 2 opening; wear mask and adhere to 1.5-metre distancing
Our Government leaves no stone unturned, ensuring zero chance of a pervasive Covid re-emergence
3rd phase soon to resume, life back to normal as much as permissible
Badly battered economy requires immediate rejuvenation
A convoluted uphill struggle back to the top, where we were dealt a free-fall down down down...

Singapore was born out of a crisis…says PM Lee HL
So here we are all geared up to fight a highly-contagious deadly nemesis
Manufacturing antibodies discovered from recovered patients by Singapore scientists
To block the Covid spike protein from fusing into cell membrane of the lungs and vital organs
A worldwide scientific marathon feverishly working on a vaccine…shall lift us from the ashes of the killing blight of Covid 19...🦠🔬💉👨‍🔬🌪️

Lam-My ~ 3 July 2020

Lam-My said...

Oooh-la-la Adam Lambert, Terrance Spencer and Johnnie Rice are back together; I saw this magnifique Trio live when they came to Singapore, Trespassing…still very gooood ! Yes, once you got it, you got it for life. Wah! Adam zi singing, moving, fashionista, always 1st class ! smooth and sexy Adam, Johnnie, Terrance. Adam is using his home turf as concert hall ! Superb ! Reinvent yes!

And Prince Pharaoh stroked by his Rock King down by the poolside haw haw!

Before Covid...Running the Runyon...Rockstar! Yeah!

Lam-My said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lam-My said...

Adam finally sold his Hollywood Hills previous house for 2.92 million.

I recall fondly the *perch on the sofa in the old house, and Runyon...

Helloo Pharaohboy!

Perched? Daddy asked.

Well, I heard purged? haw haw!

You are quite a Rockstar, aren’t you…

This is the best perched/purged picture of you; I like the zoom effect.

Adam's garden of Eden...wrote poems and stories like Serpentine tempting Adam with juicy apple 🌳🍎🐍

@AdamLambert shared Stufish Studio’s post on Instagram Stories:

A year ago 10th July 2019...opening night of Queen and @AdamLambert tour...

Out with Roses trishaw...lo and behold...vroom vroom motorbike… I want to ride where I like…

I wrote several poems on Rhapsody Tour 2019…these 2 pictures captured my imagination :

A walk I have to take…the gilded throne awaits
My stunning King’s coat and Q crown, fashion opulence
A lot at stake with every step I make
On my 5-inch shimmering platforms…
Bound by duty to liberate my comrades
Looking down, I contemplate…
How to surmount and free LGBTQ retrograde
I am here…I’m there…I have no fear
With two Queen Maestros…they steer clear
A pathway for the Queer
We are the Champions…We will Rock you !
Do you see me…the time is ripe for me to Feel Something and Ride it ! 🌊🌈

Lam-My 11 July 2020

Lam-My said...

A graveyard tale…

Alone in Ghost Town since the passing of his closest friend, Raven… Bert was visiting Raven’s grave. It had been Another Lonely Night, one after another without him by his side.
As he was meditating alone in the dark, sitting on Raven’s tombstone with the inscription My Love Raven, penned by him…he heard a faint whisper :

Hi Bert…don’t be sad, I’m in a more serene place now, no more craves which ultimately drove me to my death.

Startled, Bert looked behind the tombstone as the voice seemed to have come from there. Nothing, and then a dried leaf started moving across the tombstone. It was dark and Bert took out his torch and shone on it. Oh, it was a large red ant, carrying a big dried leaf to build its nest. Bert admired its tenacity, the leaf would be something like a strong muscled man heaving up a car, in comparison.
Bert was feeling tired after driving a long distance alone to the remote graveyard. At that moment, the voice was heard again. Bert looked everywhere around the tombstone; nothing in sight. He looked further into the graveyard…a flickering dim light, like someone with a lit cigarette. The person seemed to beckon to him to come nearer…Bert’s first thoughts : Raven is back !
He got up and got nearer to see if it was indeed Raven; no…he wasn’t there. He got back and sat on the tombstone; then a shadow cast over the words, My Love Raven, that was tearfully inscribed by him when his long-time partner took his last gasp of air; he died of an overdose.

It was his weekly ritual to feel solace and Raven’s love. He walked unsteadily out of the graveyard, looking back to check for any strange sights or sounds. It was dead silence except his footsteps. He got back into his car and drove off.

Bert !…

Startled…the same voice was following him. He parked his car by the roadside and got out; took in some fresh air to calm his nerves. Swiish…a dark mass whisked across the road, almost hit by an oncoming vehicle. And then a shadow of a person glided across the trees lining the road. It seemed to be wearing a big hat with two long quills, had a white beard and two long plaits. As another passing vehicle’s headlights shone at it, the figure appeared to be waving at him ! Bert wiped his eyes and looked again. Yes, it was still there. He waved back, being the responsive loving person he is. The supposed ghost disappeared and never accosted Bert again. Was that Raven trying to console him…Bert cried, as he did love Raven a great deal but he finally thought it was time to let go…

Lam-My ~ 21 July 2020 ~ (2 Nov 2015 ~ updated)

(Graveyard photo by : Bliznetsov...Fordham Law News)

Lam-My said...

2️⃣2️⃣ July 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣... my caravan rumbles into the station...oh la la la la oh la la the lap of the gods 🏞🛤🚂 toot toot !

Ooooh-la-la Pharaoh basking, haw haw…I like the luxuriant purple efflorescence of this tree. I recall writing about it the first time I saw it in Adam’s Garden of Eden.

你好 ni hao Pharaoh sphinx…you look so blissful amid a worldwide pandemic.

早上好 jow sarng hao Lam-My…yea you got it right, so blissful…what’s a pandemic?

It’s a long long story, Pharaoh, you just continue giving your special love to your Daddy and all your caring uncles, oh, me as well ! 😘🐕

Why are you always twitching your ears?

I hear little strange sounds which you can’t hear.

Has Serpentine paid you a visit?


Who is that?

Me again, Serpentine….

What do you want from me?

No, not you, I brought a juicy red apple for your Daddy Adam, owner of Garden of Eden. He is a very talented person, that’s why millions of Fans love him. But this time round, he has gotten more careful, don’t think he’ll take my juicy red apple; it got him banished from his Garden of Eden. But now he owns one, not bad, pssss…pssss…see you in worse times to come…

Away from me ! Serpentine before I trample you to pieces !

Really ? Try ! You won’t win, I got lots of tricks up my sleeves, oooops, mouth, from which I spew temptations that you can’t resist; want a juicy bone ?

No, not from you Serpentine…I don’t buy into your sleaze…Owooooh! Okay, maybe I’ll just give it a lick to get a bit of the taste.

Have a nice meal, if you need more, you can always count on me, Pharaohdoggo…love your beautiful fur in the sunshine…🍖🐍🏡

Lam-My ~ 22 July 2020

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A wavy kiss curl, a flamboyant swirl
Both looking down to Feel Something
To render help through his FS Foundation to LGBTQ
Time stagnates, yet almost like moments ago so vibrant
When these two pictures were taken
First one Adam’s Velvet album which was to take off in 10 solo concerts, cancelled
Second photo, New Year’s Eve of 2019…

Happy New Year Dr Handsome
You look as if you are on a movie set
Aha, 21st century Gatsby
What are you gonna pull off next…
Never a dull moment…Glambert quote
As we gloat and float all over the globe
On our hot-hair balloon…whiioo wheet up here
Hitching a ride with Adam is mind-boggling
Don’t waste time haggling
Get on your feet…now that brings me
To the great big feat…Chang’e-4 touching down
On the unseen other side of the Moon to swoon 3 Jan
Historic 1st ever moon landing on Von Karman Crater !
Also, the peanut-shape Ultima Thule NASA 1 Jan
To the furthest time and space of our solar system…
Brian May sending it off on his cosmo guitar
But nothing compares with Adam Gatsby and Pharaohdoggo
As I journey live on my Hodgepodge Poetry…🏞🎈🛣🐕

Lam-My ~ 3 Jan 2019 (original)
Covid already happened, fever scans, propped up at Changi Airport 🛩️🛣🏞
~ 20 July 2020 😷