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Adam Lambert's IG story photo : in San Francisco July 14 / Fan art ・Playing FaceApp July 15, 2019

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Posted at : Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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Sunflower said...

My only comment is that I will always see Adam as he is today! Lol I know we can't control aging but in my minds eye he will forever be young! Lol

Nanbert said...

It looks as though he will be very handsome and distinguished as he ages.

Rosemary White said...

Yes, it looks like Adam at an older age but I don't think he'll let that happen.

Nanbert said...

Rosemary White....and how do you think he will avoid it?...besides dyeing his hair. Facelift?
Hey, when you get older, you get older! LOL

Rosemary White said...

Nanbert, Adam has Botox now - he's said so in interview - and I don't think that's likely to stop any time soon. Who knows - maybe he'll have a facelift. It's a popular practice in the entertainment industry .... and it's his business entirely.

creamtangerine said...

People age gracefully. Not all at once. Adam will be handsome at any age. You just have to take good care of yourself. Eat right stay away from alcohol and drugs. They catch up on you and you are hooked. That is just my opinion.

creamtangerine said...

Stay away also from smoking also. Second hand smoke is also bad for you. You can still have fun with out all of the above. Just my opinion again.

Sue Smith said...

When you are in the public eye alot like Adam and other celebs are. I in no way can blame them PS and botox. Adam has said he does some botox but would never change his face. You know the saying never say never!
It his business. I just dont think Adam will ever let himself go his body either.
That's not vein that just trying to be the best you can be to the public when you are in the public eye alot.
But I also have to say PS can be over done even with a skilled surgeon of course the skilled the better so can botox. Whatever Adam doing now is perfect just smoothing some lines away.
But of course it his face. The thing I've been doing since young is always clean your face before bed and moisturize face and neck. Started taking neck more serious later in life but not to late. Yes I dont smoke never have not at all good for complexion.
Adam always says he uses a tinted moisturizer. No matter what he will always still be Adam.
However I have to confess there has been days I'm so worn out in my life especially with kids I fudge on my routine but not to terribly many times.
Yes this is just my opinion for what it's worth. Probably not much.

Sue Smith said...

Also unfortunately what ever you do with your face the inside still that age unfortunately.

Nanbert said...

haha Sue....your opinion is worth just as much as anybody's here! In fact, probably a lot MORE than mine, LOL!

I didn't know that Adam has SAID he uses botox, but it is pretty obvious that the creases across his forehead that were evident in his earlier years are all gone now. Smart on his part to catch them early, before they made permanent furrows.

Hopefully, he will not need/wish to resort to plastic surgery....that often turns out to be a slippery slope....a tweak here, a tweak there....and suddenly you have a different face entirely!

Adam's face is quite classic, with good bone structure, with a perfect nose and mouth. If he keeps a healthy diet, goes very easy on alcohol, avoids drugs, AND USES SUNSCREEN....he should age very handsomely. In fact, healthy aging often adds "character" to a face. It is then when a person's true "character" begins to implant on the face, IMO. Adam's humor, intelligence and kindness will show in his face more and more, I feel sure.....if he doesn't "mess" too much with it!

Sue Smith said...

I totally agree Nanbert! It's all about moderation.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

My advice through experience in growing older gracefully .. don't worry about it .. maintain a healthy diet .. stay away from others who don't mind pushing you to do as they do .. Johnny Banana may be one of the bunch when you're young but what happens when you grow older is strictly up to you!! Don't feel obligated to be a follower just so you can belong .. sometimes it's better to go your own way!! Last but not least ... don't wait too long before you start taking care of yourself ... or you may end up like me ... a sorry shut-in mess with no one to blame but yourself!! My hubby's favorite saying is "too soon we get old .. too late we get smart"!!

Light 'n Love

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Angeladam said...

Lots of celebrities in the public eye use Botox, just think the saddest of them all without a doubt was Michael Jackson, he was a beautiful young man who changed so dramatically, sadly his friends and family couldn't stop him, and his plastic surgeons in my opinion were rogues to comply with his wishes.
Adam's said in the past that he's used Botox, but I doubt he'd ever overdo it though ! I reckon Roger's had a 'tweet' here and there, but Brian I don't think he'd even give it a thought !
I certainly wouldn't say no to a tummy tuck and boob job, but lasted this long without, I'm just going to carry on growing older disgracefully lol ! To me it's the inside that counts anyway, not the outside regardless of how you look .

Sue Smith said...

LAMBERT Outlaw you are not a mess sweetheart your a lovely nice lady.
I know how you feel. When kids were growing up and I did home health I took care every one but me.I got horribly run down then it just started a spiral of health problems I never quite recovered from.
So I agree sometimes besides the outer look you really need to take care of your health. However I think Adam for the most part does that.

Nanbert said...

I agree Sue, Adam seems to take good care of his health, since it is important for his voice...i.e. his career....much like a professional athlete.

Oh, he probably "wanders off the reservation" a bit from time to time, but he's too disciplined and intelligent to take a chance with that incredible "instrument" of his....I HOPE!! Unfortunately, he does claim to like tequila...and problem, in moderation!

But one can't help but worry, when one sees how many celebrities "go down the drain" through their own fault....with drugs and alcohol...Michael Jackson, Prince, Elvis, George Michael, the top of their games! It must be very stressful up there!

Sorry, didn't mean to sound like "gloom and doom", but I want SO badly for Adam to reach his well deserved pinnacle (ICON) and live a long, healthy, prosperous and happy life.........even though I won't be along for most of the ride!

Sue Smith said...

Nanbert I agree with you. Let's face it once a mother always one. You can't help but want the best for him. He did say on RP show he had to pull it back some drinking ect. I guess because he started feeling like crap. I think Adam mature enough now to know when to but the stop sign up to himself.
I also think he content now and happy with Javi that he settled down a bit.
He been pretty health concious for a while actually much better than I was at his age. Of course I had 3 kids by 37. I don't blame you a bit we worry for who we care alot about I feel the same way about him.