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From Creative Sharka: Adam Lambert Fan Art! New fashion doll (new type) @adamlambert

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Posted at : Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Dee R Gee said...

Yummy! I don't know how Sharka does it, but she nails it every time.

Nanbert said...

Really love that shirt....on the real Adam!

Sunflower said...

God he looks stunning here! Nanbert the real Adam. Hahaha

Nanbert said...

Sunflower....silly! I don't mean THIS is the real Adam. But I do love that shirt....with the real, live Adam occupying it! I've been trying to figure out how they get the print to lay that way....clever planning!

BTW....Sharka is VERY good....but she needs more work on usually looks as though the shoes are on the wrong feet. Fortunately, she makes up for it by excellent faces of Adam. I wish she'd do some of her superb posters. She hasn't done one of those for a long time. I always loved them!

Lam-My said...

Adam's reciprocation to Red Lions Ohhhhhh yeeeaaaah !

Halloween 2018 Lucifer

Red Lions wing-suit

Crowd's reciprocation Ohhhhh yeeeaaah ! I Fly ! Stay connected !
The starting place of Adam's Original High Tour, The Float, 2016, then proceeded round the world.
Red Lions flew across land, sea and sky at Marina Bay before parachuting down from the sky. To step on your brakes at 200km/h ~ 124m/h if you were driving, they brake on their feet!

Sue Smith said...

She is amazing he is Gorgeous. Perfect shirt because he on fire performing these concerts.

Lam-My said...

King Rocks you! @JulienMacdonald 13h ago ... #julienmacdonald tailored coat with faceted studs, glistening @swarovski crystals and metal fringe.

Click on video.

Lam-My said...

Even Javi who seldom smiles is smiling ... Adam's IG with Boyfriend

Lam-My said...

Hop Step Jump...Phoenix in 3 hours time!

4th ❤️R H A P S O D Y ❤️

8:00pm-10:00pm MST (Phoenix)
11:00pm-1:00am EDT (New York)

World Clock: …


Rosemary White said...

No criticism from me - SUPERB. LOVE CreativeSharka's work.

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

Started ! Now I'm here...round and round and round...Now "m here...Yeaaah eeaah eeaah ... Ohhhhh the seven seas of Rhye...sister...mister...dooong dooong dooong...Brian riffs booom booom booom...Keep yourself alive...all you people por...the hammer will fall...whiooo whiooo Brian's guitar grinds long riffs...heavy rock and roll...very fierce Rock Odyssey... hammer hammer will faaaaall oh yeaaaah Chang! Huge appplause...Jung jung jung jung...Killer Queeeen ooooooh wanna's a Killer Queeen guarantee to blow your mind...Brian's space shrill trill...
Give it up for Rock and Roll Legends...Wah! screams and shouts so loud...8 years now, everytime I still say I feel so honoured...I miss Freddie Mercury, his memory, legacy...and now I will renew my promise...Tonight... and the world is turning inside don't stop me now...through the sky, travelling at the speed of light...

Okay very good sound, I'll return with videos! Bye Bye for a while - shop closed - out for lunch πŸ˜‹Lam-My

Lam-My said...

Phoenix tonight...

Whoa! Beautiful capture! Feels opera.

@AdamLambert and @DrBrianMay at the end of We Are The Champions tonight!πŸ‘‘
"What a show!" @AdamL_Daily 38m ago

Click on very short clip.

Lam-My said...

GlamBiker...sexing up his bike! He's getting more and more relaxed haw haw!

Click on video.

Amanda @Adams_Kitty 28m ago

@AdamL_Daily 19m ago

Lam-My said...

The motorbike headlights remind me of my Biker poem and since Javi is finally smiling, I'll bring it back...(with several changes). Come to think of it, Adam might have read my Biker poem, he's shining those headlights at er Dracul haw haw!

RockBiker races across the murky moor
A daredevil, he waits for Dracul to settle their score
A tall figure with a lean and hungry look
Encroaches this handsome Biker at the misty brook
Yearns for a taste of his flamboyant blood
Offers a goblet of fizzling tainted tequila
Biker savours...spews it into the ether
The fanged demon wastes no time...lunges
Quick as lightning, Rocker fires his ultraviolet laser
A smouldering purple envelopes the shapeshifter
Blood oozes out, his head spins ...aaaarggh!
Vrrooom Vrrooom...RockBiker Comin in Hot !
Directs his bike headlights at the leech...tyres screech...eeeeeek!
Werewolves congregate to render reinforcement
Snarling, fangs salivating
Biker decides to take cover
Not so fast...Dracul regains his colour
A venomous gang of vampires with hooked talons
Swarms Biker for an all-out siphoning
Flicking his pompadour dark hair, sensing imminent danger
He escapes into the chasm...Vroooom vroooom...
With music to soothe the savage beast
Arrives safely back at his vampire mansion
Dooong ! The doorbell hauntingly lingers
A neatly-attired butler, named Roger emerges
Opens the skull-crafted door
A waft of steamed hot beef drifts to the fore
Butler takes Biker's long-tail crimson coat
Incense on the rosewood table from two fragrant candles
Evokes nostalgia of a yonder lover
The doorbell sounds another solitary...Dooong!
Butler hurriedly opens the door
Ooooh-la-la two lovers meet, kiss under the full moon
Biker swoons...with New Eyes, he gazes, touches
Hand in hand their endless love effloresces πŸŽ΄πŸ’žπŸ˜ŽπŸ•


Lam-My said...

Ohhhhhh Yeeaaaaa... Under Pressure ... Click on video.

@DrBrianMay 2h ago

Monumental ! Phoenix Arizona tonight. That was a beautiful night from where I was standing. Best yet on this tour, as we start to really lock in to the new format and set-list, and the sound of the room was great,…

Lam-My said...

@AdamLambert on Instagram Stories: "Queen & Me are playing @TheForum this weekend! Fri the 19th & Sat the 20th! Who's Comin!!?" πŸ”₯ ... @AdamL_Daily 2h ago

Lam-My said...

Eagle and Bird of Paradise
Eagle swoops...Bird of Paradise whoops
Soaring in flight...Sprinkle myriad lights
On people looking for respite or delight
Or stave off their numbing twilight
Like, no water, food, shelter, leave alone light
So Eagle and Bird of Paradise
Rock and Roll to bring hope and love
They must be Saints from Space
Actually, they just love what they do
And that is charity, food for the soul
When they in turn reach their twilight
Can safely say, we have done all right...
On the reverse, there are those who crave the spotlight
Using data exploitation...gain control to paint their pseudo
So enjoy the singing, keyboard, drum and guitar manifesto
Assimilate their Rock extraordinaire purity in action night after night...



Lam-My said...

Queen + @AdamLambert - Now I’m Here in Las Vegas tonight for MSInpire: @AdamL_Daily 1h 😍

Click on video.

Lam-My said...

#Queen #MSInspire @officialqueenmusic @Microsoft #MSInspire

Radio Ga Ga ... on video.

Lam-My said...

@adamlambert DSMN #AdamLambert #Queen #MSInspire2019 #MSInspire MicrosoftInspire

Don't Stop Me Now ... click on video...partial.

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

Microsoft Event Las Vegas
@ComunitaQueenIT 2h ago
Queen+ Adam Lambert live @ Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Festival Grounds, Paradise, Las Vegas (Nevada) 17/7/2019 ... 25-30,000 people



Lam-My said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lam-My said...

@AdamLambert stopped by Nova's Red Room last month and sang a beautiful acoustic version of #NewEyes!😍 @AdamL_Daily 3h ago

Click on videos.

Adam, as you may know, New Eyes is my favourite song; acoustic version is mastery in your alto/falsetto...Very Good!

Love premiere version - hair, fashion, alto/falsetto, face, sound/ethereal...all came together... I've been so blind...

I've fallen in looove...Adam points at someone! in the audience...

Lam-My said...

Roger Taylor's IG