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UPDATED With Additional Words By Brian May: Dr. Brian May On Instagram: Beautiful Words About "Modern Marvel" "True Phenomenon" Adam Lambert

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Posted at : Sunday, July 14, 2019

Dr. Brian May On Instagram: Beautiful Words About "Modern Marvel" "True Phenomenon" Adam Lambert

Also, see Adam's post with the same photo below

@brianmayforreal: And here is the Modern Marvel without whom, for sure, Queen would not be out here delivering at the top level. ADAM LAMBERT is only now beginning to be recognised by the greater public as the true phenomenon that he is. Gifted with a voice in a billion, for himself he is a passionate and unyielding perfectionist. Gifted to us, he is the reason that we are still alive as a functioning rock band. And still able to take on new challenges. Plus ... he’s nice. That’s a big deal when you’re a touring family. Freddie would approve, big time. TONITE !!! For One Night Only ! San Jose !!! Are ya ready ?!!! Bri

And later, Dr. May added these words in response to certain comments on his IG post: 
"THANKS @ALAlwayz on Twitter for this photo. 💥💥💥💥💥 Also, and I will say this only once, for the benefit of just a few people who haven’t stopped to think clearly. Just imagine how awful it would have been for Roger and myself to tour with a Freddie impersonator. Anyone who suggests such a thing doesn’t belong here. To the vast majority of you lovely people out there - BIG THANKS for being respectful to Adam. In supporting him, you are supporting the life blood of the live Queen legacy. Nothing is forever. This is a precious moment. We never pass this way again. Bri"

And Adam's response to Dr. May's beautiful words of and to Adam.... "Awwww"

@adamlambert IG: Custom Chain Fringe Vest by @julienmacdonald ! the Rhapsody Tour - Tacoma photo: @carolelabarbe

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Sunflower said...

Thank you Brian for appreciating Adam so much! Your words have touched my heart!

Patria said...

Off to take a cold shower

Dee R Gee said...

I literally have tears in my eyes. One in a billion.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I'm sitting here listening to the stream from San Jose & reading all these wonderful things about ADAM & QUEEN from all these news publications but what Brian says is more important to me!! He knows ADAM & he loves ADAM!! I feel like a Proud Grandmother reading & listening at the same time .. gonna stop now .. misty eyes starting again!! GOD BLESS QAL!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Angeladam said...

Brian has said it all really hasn't he ! great honour for Adam and yes he does have that voice in a billion !

Sue Smith said...

There no one like Adam no one at all. I've been on this earth 70 years seen many, many singer and there were some quite talented ones but none like Adam.
I've only seen videos of FM.
Adam vocals are spectacular and his stage presence is unmatched. The fact that he is a fantastic human being is a huge bonus. I'm totally thrilled what Brian said about the FM impersonators how anyone thinks that would work for the original concert band the ones that are still with us is totally unreasonable and selfish. Selfish for all these incredable men who have work so hard to put on these fabulous concerts and that definitely includes Adam.
Brian does love Adam and Adam feels the same way about him. They all have respect for one another. That one big reason its works so well not to mention the unbelievable talent of all of them.

Sue Smith said...

The picture above is fabulous of Adam.
Please someone make a poster of it and put it for sale. Love this outfit.
Love it so much with the jeans and white tee shirt. He looks flat out wonderful and sounds even better.

Nanbert said...

Sue, I agree about the jeans and white tee shirt. For some reason that glitzy fringed vest looks even more fantastic when paired with such mundane accessories. Funky/quirky! Adam hit the "sweet spot" with that combination. But can't even imagine it "working" for anyone else!

haha... we Glamberts have almost as much fun with Adam "playing dress-up" as he does!

Nanbert said...

BTW...I so love and admire Brian for his wonderful heartfelt praise of Adam. They make a superb team, with Roger, of extraordinary musicians. I especially love it when the three entertain together at the end of the runway..... there's just nothing more perfect!