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San Jose Mercury Reviewer Makes Gratuitous Swipe at Q+AL ⁠— and Brian Punches Back!

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Monday, July 15, 2019

Posted at : Monday, July 15, 2019

Although San Jose Mercury News reviewer Jim Harrington had a lot of praise for Adam in last night's 3rd stop of the Q+AL tour in San Jose, CA, for some reason he felt compelled to add in a few zingers to characterize the overall show, which were completely uncalled for ⁠— and, in my opinion, quite gratuitous and used simply in order to draw attention to himself.  First, the positive:

"The project works on many levels, including, perhaps most importantly, the vocals. Sure, Lambert — as has been made abundantly clear — is no Mercury. Yet, it’s hard to imagine finding anyone better for the job. He’s a powerhouse on the microphone, blessed with both a wide vocal range and superb technique, and he handles all those challenging singing parts with style."

But then, in reference to the concert overall....

", at its core, a highly paid tribute act."
"...for some two hours ... that’s a lot of time to spend listening to a cover band..."

The response from all of us can be well summed up by Adam's expression caught in one shot from the concert last night (he was probably prognosticating the review!)....

But then, Brian to the rescue!

Me and my Bro’ say THANKS San Jose for a great welcome tonight. Me and my Bro’ might disagree about anything you care to name, but we have learned mutual respect over the years, and somehow when we play together, some kind of magic still happens. All hail Rog !!! We are proud of what we are, an ouvre we have worked for nearly 50 years to create and constantly update. I have to say that being called a ‘tribute band’ by some half-assed critic in the local paper is an insult I will not quickly forget. We don’t need your condescension, Sonny Jim. That’s my life’s work you’re dismissing there. I guess you’re the only one who didn’t really ’get it’ in that wonderful rockin’ crowd tonight in the good ol’ SAP Center. I can still hear your roar, folks, ringing in my ears. Bless ya’all. Bri
A post shared by Brian Harold May (@brianmayforreal) on

Here is what Brian wrote, for anyone who does not have Instagram:

Me and my Bro’ say THANKS San Jose for a great welcome tonight. Me and my Bro’ might disagree about anything you care to name, but we have learned mutual respect over the years, and somehow when we play together, some kind of magic still happens. All hail Rog !!! We are proud of what we are, an ouvre we have worked for nearly 50 years to create and constantly update. I have to say that being called a ‘tribute band’ by some half-assed critic in the local paper is an insult I will not quickly forget. We don’t need your condescension, Sonny Jim. That’s my life’s work you’re dismissing there. I guess you’re the only one who didn’t really ’get it’ in that wonderful rockin’ crowd tonight in the good ol’ SAP Center. I can still hear your roar, folks, ringing in my ears. Bless ya’all. Bri

The reviewer then posted an overly defensive response (hm, getting a wee bit childish here, aren't we?), which was also obviously gratuitous (his overall purpose), which made us pause to even include it here.  But it's worth posting the link because it includes several responses from some very smart fans ⁠— who couldn't be more spot-on.

First, below, is the link to the original review, which includes a nice, long photo scroll with some quite lovely shots.  The second link is the reviewer's response to Brian, which includes Brian's IG, as well as the marvelous fan rebuttals.  And, please, let us hear your thoughts and feeling in our comments section!


The Dark Side said...

The Mercury critic might want to rethink taking on Dr. Brian May by insulting his music and life’s work because he’s a singular “Bad Ass”! Your not in his league Mr. Sonny Jim!!!!!

Patria said...

Geezus! What an arrogant simpleton critic what's his name is. He thinks it's okay to say something nice then come up with the worst insult he possibly could?

I like this comment on twitter - it politely covers it for me
"Queenie of Norway
A Tribute act?!!! The founding members of Queen! You must be joking!😠"

Go get him Brian --- he deserves everything you want to lay on him and more.

Dee R Gee said...

I'm sure that the terms "cover band" and "tribute act" are what set off Brian. The reviewer actually gave some praise to Adam's voice and to the songs and show in general. He just can't seem to get past the fact that someone else is a GREAT front man. Doesn't seem to me that anyone felt this way about Paul Rodgers.

This guy seems to think that Brian and Roger are not worthy of performing in the band that they created themselves.

The reviewer replied that he DID give them some compliments on the show. Fine and dandy. But there's no way QAL is a cover band or a tribute band. They're performing that they wrote themselves, for Pete's sake.

Dee R Gee said...

Really can't wait for this all to become old news.

Nanbert said...

Oh my....I bristled when I originally read the "cover band" and "tribute act" remarks by that idiot critic in San Jose, and fully planned to "bitch" about it here later...but I had to run out for a appointment first.

Now I've returned home to find that I'm not the only one who was riled up by that thoughtless matter how complimentary it was otherwise. He's a music critic, for goodness sake! He should KNOW what a cover or tribute band is!

I'm so glad that Brian gave him a tongue lashing! And well he should have! What a condescending pompous ass that critic was!

I'm STILL steaming!!!!!!!

Dee R Gee...I can relate to your wish for this to become old news....but maybe it shouldn't fall into the background too quickly.....there's a bunch of critics still ahead that may need educating....and I hope news of this furor will reach them. Especially the New York Times critic that suggested Queen's harmonies were too perfect to be done live! Remember?

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

What "Sonny Jim" doesn't realize is that in spite of his "excuse me .. accolades" in his "review"?? .. it doesn't make up for the innuendos & blatant insults he intertwined with them!! Plus .. that man do not know who he is dealing with .. angry Glamberts & Queenberts on social media & elsewhere are a force to be reckoned with that he does not want to go up against .. he'll just be defeated & boiled in oil in writing!! If that were I .. I'd print an apology "toute de suite"!!! Dumb schmuck!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Sue Smith said...

You tell him Brian. There is again a half a-s apology actually I dont think you could even call it that. Again saying he over looked the complementary things in the article the so called writer said. Then posted several mad posters that posted to him.
It definitely was pretty half a-s.
Think this person was just trying to get more clicks on the stupid article or so called non apology in my opinion.

Patria said...

It just mystifies and infuriates me that some little nobody would tear down a good person like Brian May. Brian has never hurt anyone. Why did this nothing critic do this, why? to what end? why? Did he reread his article and decide he'd come off looking like a big man attacking Brian and Roger? Did he even care what he sounded like?

Rosemary White said...

Can someone please point me in the direction of the critic's apology? I've read the review and the comments but can't find the apology. Thanks in advance.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Rosemary White .. As far as I know there hasn't been an actual apology .. just the link that's here of the article & the reviewer's rebuttal which he seems to take lightly .. not an out & out apology!! I'm not holding my breath waiting for one either .. I think this guy just wants hits for his article!! He even printed Brian's response to it .. it's all there in the link !!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Rosemary White said...

Big thanks, Lambert Outlaw.

Angeladam said...

Takes a lot to rumble Brian, but totally support his outrage at having his 50yrs work dissed by some local two bit journalist, a 'tribute band/ cover band ' they certainly ain't( tbh wouldn't think any other journalist would even think that !) , take note all local journalists in the up and coming concerts you have been warned !!

Nanbert said...

Still stewing over this! I have read it all again, and realize that even the title of the article shows the real ignorance of the critic..."Review: Queen and Adam Lambert celebrates Freddie Mercury in San Jose"....then goes on to quote Adam's talk, and him saying "Can we celebrate Queen and Freddie together tonight?"

It's obvious that this critic actually knew NOTHING about Queen (before and after Adam Lambert joined) when he wrote the review of the concert. He probably saw the movie. From his viewpoint, all the references to Freddie, photos of Freddie, videos of Freddie, and Adam's "talk", included in the concert were the actions of a tribute band.

To "give the devil his due", I suspect that the reviewer made an assumption that any person might who walked into the concert without being familiar with Queen... at least IN THIS CENTURY...that this must be a tribute band. It's quite likely he never realized he was actually insulting the band.

I know I got a lot of "flak" over a year ago when I suggested that Queen and Adam Lambert should cut back on their adulation of Freddie during their earlier concerts , but I was disappointed to see that the Rhapsody tour has possibly even MORE references and appearances of Freddie than their earlier tours. That's probably considered "good business" placate the die-hard Freddie fans...and to capitalize on the movie's success.

But the biggest problem with continuing "to ride on Freddie's coattails" is that the uninitiated never learn that 1. Brian and Roger are playing "their" music, too. Many people are under the impression that Queen was Freddie's band, and the music was HIS music. and 2. Queen and Adam Lambert are a completely new (and brilliant) incarnation of the band, and that Adam is NOT a lackey or a second choice "stand-in"....AND HE DOESN'T NEED TO APOLOGIZE FOR NOT BEING FREDDIE...or to canonize Freddie into a Rock God!

Of course the reviewer should have known better...or at least looked a little deeper into Queen's history, and the background of "Queen and Adam Lambert", before writing that article. But he evidently didn't, so he wrote that article "on the face of" what was presented to him during the concert.

I've always lamented the fact that Brian and Roger have never been as credited as they should be for THEIR music and musicianship. The "Queen Sound" is just as intact today as it ever was. But Freddie was always so flashy and in-your-face, as well as being credited with much of Queen's early music (that was, in fact, mostly a joint work of ALL of them), that Brian and Roger were relegated into the background. It's time that they finally come out of Freddie's shadow!

They ALL wrote/collaborated on that music...THAT is what Adam should talk about in his "talk" during those concerts! Continuing to pay lavish "tribute" to Freddie only makes them seem to be a "tribute" band!

So, maybe it is QAL's fault that they can be mistaken as a tribute band by the uninitiated. Freddie died 28 years ago...RIP! Maybe it's time that Brian and Roger "tooted" their OWN horns more...Freddie is NOT the cause of their current resurgence and enormous success...THEY ARE!...with Adam's help!

Patria said...

Yeah, I gotta go along with all that Nanbert. I've always thought they were overdoing Freddie and I was cringing when I heard Adam step it up this time around.

broddybounce said...

I LOVE what everyone has contributed above! I agree, this hack went way overboard and the Mercury News should take another look at what this guy writes for EVERY concert -- this probably isn't his only misread on an artist or event.

One point you made, Nanbert, I want to address regarding more or less use of Freddie in the Rhapsody show. Yes, there are a few more things on Freddie, most notably his leading the crowd in "Ayyyy Ohhh!" The arena is all blacked out and it's just Freddie's image on black, walking the "screen" like it's a real stage. It was very effective and the only way they could have improved that is if they made him a hologram (but we DON'T want them to start using holograms ... please!).

But, that being said...

Not sure if you and others caught this, Nanbert, assuming you've watched a lot of the available videos or maybe the full concert, there is one huge change that has taken place where there is LESS Freddie: BoRhap. With the exception of the usual video for the "I'm just a poor boy from a poor family," etc. section with all the operatic harmonies of the original four, Freddie doesn't get to sing BoRhap at all -- it's ALL ADAM. I got chills when I realized, oh, whoa, no Freddie here anymore, just Adam! I thought that was an extremely lovely gesture of Brian & Roger to finally give more or less the entire song to Adam, and it was absolutely DELICIOUS to hear him sing it all.

And, with that, I think this is the first tour where Brian doesn't do the "how do you like the new boy?" and/or to do an Adam "intro," at least the two shows I went to, Vancouver and San Jose. In one sense, it was a great moment when Brian did that, give Adam his due, I know we all loved it. But Adam ain't "the new boy" anymore -- he is full throttle the LEAD SINGER for Queen. And, so, in this tour, now we're 8 years in, Brian & Roger are all-the-way treating Adam like he is simply ONE OF THEM. And their allowing him to sing all of BoRhap, and NOT in tandem with Freddie, to me is a huge, wonderful new step for Q+AL. Now, granted, I would have liked to have seen Adam do one of his songs, even WWFM, which was done overseas last tour, but not in the US. I think this is the first tour where Adam doesn't sing any of his own material. But I see where they're going with this, and I'll take it!

Dee R Gee said...

I so agree, Broddy. Adam has become an integral part of the band. Not "the new boy," Not a "guest." Not a "stand-in." He's the front man, pure and simple, who deserves all the accolades he gets with every show. And I love how BoRhap has evolved to the point where it is ALL ADAM. He deserves that status now.

Sunflower said...

In what planet does this ???? think it's a tribute or cover band! A tribute or cover consists of non original members of a band. Brian and Roger are THE original members! Broddybounce you mentioned Hologram, did you hear they (forgot who) are planning one for Whitney Houston! I pray that the anti-Adam lunatics don't bring this up with Freddie! Lol

Nanbert said...

Broddybounce....yeah, but they dropped the Freddie bit in BoRhap the entire last that's old news. But it was replaced with "ayyyy ohhh", so that's even-steven! It's sorta like "See what you were missing?"!

Now they've added Freddie's "bust" and his voice during "Machines"... very distracting, which Adam sounds so good in, BTW. It's like a reminder again...."look what you're missing!"...or... "THIS is how Freddy did it!"...or... "Make comparisons". Also, I'm sure there is probably more Freddie reminders...but I haven't seen the whole concert yet.

Using Freddie kind of like "click bait" here and there to capitalize on any residual nostalgia....and even to make people nostalgic for something they never had, but feel that they were missing out on something better than the present performers.

Well, I'm not explaining myself well, but all I know is that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth...and I always feel a bit embarassed for them.....there's something a little phoney about if they're still trying to curry favor with, and placate the strident Freddy fans...and sell tickets..

The truth is....they actually don't NEED Freddie anymore. He's like a crutch that's no longer useful.. They are magnificent NOW, perhaps even more than with Freddie. Why don't they just honor Freddie's memory with a brief poem or prayer...or dedicate a song to him...and otherwise let him go? It's been 28 years since his death. I bet very few people still continue to bind their dead friends and relatives so tightly into their lives! It's a little spooky!

And, of course, there's Adam's speech...which I feel is no longer needed... or should be drastically shortened at least. By this time, the world KNOWS Freddie is not around. Pointing it out every time, and paying lavish tribute to him every time, certainly distracts from Brian, Roger and Adam's VALUE....and somehow cheapens them....forcing people to make comparisions....using Freddie to "sell" the show....making HIM seem to be the "epitome", the best part, of Queen, emphasizing his continuing if they couldn't go on tour without him...even now! They need to stop "acting" like a tribute band!

IMO only, of course, but Brian and Roger were always so much in Freddie's shadow, that maybe deep down inside, they feel they need to keep him close to be successful....almost superstitiously!
Well, just my thoughts and feelings. I don't expect anyone to agree with me. I just think it's time to let Freddie rest in peace and go on with their lives. Nothing sacrilegious about that! I think they'll still be able to sell just as many tickets to their concerts!
I think it's about time for Brian and Roger to "toot" their own make it perfectly clear that this is THEIR music!...and for Adam not to have to declare Freddie a "Rock God" anymore. He's a "Rock God" himself!

Patria said...


Rosemary White said...

Obviously the critic thinks Queen isn't Queen without Freddie. A lot of Queen fans think that but there was no need for him to share his opinion in the media, insulting Brian and Roger in the process. Brian and Roger created their own tribute band, "Queen Extravaganza". Apart from that, the review contained praise and like Dee R Gee, I'll be glad when this becomes old news.

glitzylady said...

My 2 cents: I think it's more than fair that during the "Rhapsody Tour" they continue to honor Freddie. I was at the Vancouver concert and the time spent including Freddie felt right.. He was a very big part of Queen, the primary voice of Queen, wrote much of the music, but certainly not all by any means, while he was alive and still is every time we listen to the recordings, the classic albums from years past. To the legendary music of Queen. Everyone in the band was important and to not include Freddie in these shows in some way would be wrong. And there are still people out there who need a little convincing that Adam is a worthy vocalist and participant. And it still seems right for Adam to quickly remind the audience that he's a fan of Queen and of Freddie too. And to address as he puts it "the pink elephant in the room"..

This reviewer was somehow ignorant of the meaning of "tribute" and "cover" band/act. There are those in the past (and probably in the future too..) that will make that mistake.. But Dr. Brian May has now very publicly set them straight. Bravo sir!

Nanbert said...

I see your points, Broddybounce and glitzylady...but doesn't continually addressing the "pink elephant" in the room KEEP the pink elephant in the room?

There's something "apologetic" about it, IMO, implying that... "Unfortunately, the REAL star couldn't be here, but we'll do the best we can...and celebrate and memorialize HIM throughout the whole concert....THAT'S's why we're here". It also promulgates the general impression that Queen was Freddie's band...and the music is Freddie's music....which is why QAL keeps memorializing him like that.

Small wonder that that "uninitiated" reviewer made the mistake of calling them a tribute band. They checked off all the boxes that a tribute band would...I suspect the reviewer actually just didn't know any better, and went with what was presented to him. Certainly his review of the concert was quite complimentary, and although my first impression was that he was being caustic and insulting about a tribute/cover band.... that kind of flew in the face of the rest of his flattering description. It's possible his mistake may have been completely innocent...due to his probable ignorance about the definition of tribute and cover bands, and his obvious ignorance about Queen and Adam Lambert!

I suppose we'll never know the actual motive of that reviewer, but it does bring to the forefront the fact that....except for devout early Queen fans, Glamberts, and Queenberts, most people just like the music and the performance, and are not so concerned in the history and details. But, addressing the "pink elephant in the room" may make them wonder if they are watching a "second best"...or, "next best thing", since an "explanation seemed in order".

Again, JMHO, and I know it probably flies in the face of most of your's.

Also, I have to admit that it is strongly based on being a dedicated Adam Lambert fan, and I don't like him to appear "diminished" by that speech and the regular "intrusion" of Freddie....and, finally, although I loved Queen's music, and yes, I realize that a lot of it was written or otherwise contributed to by Freddie.....I will freely admit that I NEVER liked Freddie's voice...or performance style!

To me, Queen has reached a level of perfection with Adam that it NEVER had with MY eyes and ears! The "NEW" is immeasurably better than the "OLD"....why should it keep extolling the less perfect? A thoughtful "in memory of" statement or song dedication should be adequate after all this time!

After all, the concertgoers DID come to see QUEEN AND ADAM LAMBERT....didn't they? And most of them keep coming back AGAIN...with friends and relatives!...but NOT for Queen and Freddie...for Queen and ADAM!

The King is dead...long live the King!

Patria said...

Hear! Hear!
(At the risk of sounding like a cheerleader)

I do like Freddie's voice but never his performing style.

If the movie is given credit to be the catalyst for selling tickets to the new tour, then it follows that the real Freddie was not in the movie and people are well aware of going to see and hear Adam instead. Let QAL be given the full credit they deserve for the new work they are doing.

Patria said...

Serious question

Did Paul Rogers give a humbling tribute speech during the 5 years that he toured with Queen. Did Rami give a tribute speech at anytime excusing his presence for not being worthy of Freddie in the movie? I saw no disclaimers. Does this act (sorry I don't know their name) that does a tribute tour and show give a speech making sure the audience knows that they know their place in the Freddie hierarchy? Why is Adam doing it?

broddybounce said...

I love all the thoughts and comments y'all makin' here! Great points, Nanbert, and I'll respond in more detail later (time short right now!), but just wanted to highlight that the writer of the review I just posted for Phoenix ... now HE gets it! In a way, I think he responds to some of your points ... but maybe not. But still rollicking good review!

Nanbert said...

Patria....Wow! I just came back here to ask the same question! Great minds...etc.!

So-o-o-o....Does anyone know IF Paul Rogers gave a humbling "I'm not Freddie" speech in every performance during the time he toured with Queen? Who wants to take bets that he didn't?

As Patria said....SERIOUS QUESTION.

Another SERIOUS QUESTION....Just because Adam started out giving that humbling "I'm not Freddie" speech during the first Queen and Adam Lambert tour, does that automatically mean that he still should be making the SAME speech 8 years later....after more than 200 performances together all over the world?

I'll lay odds that most QAL concertgoers have already heard that speech from Adam MORE than once anyway ....because they keep coming back to the QAL tours!

Nanbert said...

Finally....just as we are able to congratulate ourselves that Brian and Roger no longer introduce Adam as the "New Boy", I think we should also be able to congratulate ourselves that Adam no longer has to "explain" his presence, "apologize" that he isn't Freddie, and call Freddie a "Rock God" if HE isn't one himself!

Adam is THE ESTABLISHED FRONT MAN FOR QUEEN.....and has been for many years. NO further explanation or disclaimer on his part is necessary, IMO

Patria said...

That's exactly the way I see it.

I bet Adam is not going to justify his presence at the Microsoft Employee event tonight.

Patria said...

OMG he gave the "I'm not Freddie Mercury speech."

Rosemary White said...

If Adam wants to give his Freddie speech, so be it, and he's entitled to do so without any criticism from his fans. There are probably new people at each and every concert who have never heard Adam speak about Freddie before, and if you don't like hearing it, try to ignore it. Adam has said on more than one occasion that he doesn't like being told what to do.

Nanbert, you have made it abundantly clear on this website that you don't like Freddie. Well, Adam wouldn't be singing with Queen if it weren't for Freddie's passing.

Nanbert said...

Rosemary White....I have "ignored" the speech for many years ....or rather learned to live with it. I realize that it was initially wisely concocted between Brian, Roger and Adam to placate the die-hard Freddie fans at the beginning. By now, Queen fans, Glamberts and Queenberts have heard it dozens of times...and most "newbies" don't care one way or the other....they just want to see a great show.

And Adam has goodheartedly given that humbling speech for 8 years...hundreds of times, in fact. However, I would lay odds that he would be happy to finally set it aside ... but is too polite to say so, even though he has earned the right. It is probably up to Brian and Roger to tell Adam that the speech is "old hat" and no longer necessary. If HE WANTS to continue the speech, then so be it. I just want him to finally be "off the hook" if he wants to be.

I don't know what your remark..."Adam wouldn't be singing with Queen if it weren't for Freddie's passing" has to do with whether or not Adam gives an "I'm not Freddie" speech.


Nanbert said...

Patria...haha...I would have bet you that he would have!

Patria said...

I probably subconsciously knew better than to put money on it. lol

Angeladam said...

Rosemary White, I'm totally with you on this one, no Adam certainly wouldn't be singing with Queen if it weren't for Freddie's,passing, because of course Freddie would DEFINITELY still be singing with them !!

Patria serious answer YES Paul Rogers CERTAINLY DID acknowledge Freddie !! well certainly at all the concerts I went to over the 5plus years so I'm presuming it was all of them, (so not just the first year if you understand what I mean), and although it wasn't as 'theatrical' a speech as Adam gives, Paul certainly acknowledged Freddie. but it's what's called respect for Freddie end of.

I do find it a bit contradictory on here how some ( usually the same few) can criticise Adam for doing this speech, but can't actually accept any other criticism of him in other things he does lol !, also as someone commented on , more and more younger people are going to these concerts and liking their music,( Queen's music) as lot of youngsters now are enjoying the older rock bands,so IMO he's earning his own respect from these newby's as well.

Adam should say the 'Freddie 'speech without question, because unlike Rami Malek, Queen Extravaganza, Adam IS performing with Queen the original band !! (simple really I would have thought ),certainly shouldn't be dismissed from Adam's own fans, who are beginning to think that he's actually better than Freddie. I love Adam he's got one of the best voices if not the best voice in the world today.
HOWEVER there was and is ( in Adam's own sweet words)only ONE FREDDIE MERCURY, so please Nanbert and Patria stop dismissing Freddie as gone and possibly should be forgotten,it will never happen

Nanbert I think you said ages ago that you hadn't actually heard of Queen before you discovered Adam,( please correct me if I'm wrong) that's probably why you haven't got the same affinity as we hardcore Queen fans have, and I actually find it a bit offensive you saying Adam doesn't need to canonize Freddie into a Rock God. it's sad you feel so bitter towards one of the greatest musicians ever
.Nanbert you say that more and more people are going to these concerts because of Adam, not Freddie, here's just a thought you might just take on board, when Queen were touring for the 5 plus years with Paul Rogers, ( which only stopped a year or two before Adam was discovered (actually because Paul wanted to continue with his own band "Bad Company", and it was only ever a temporary arrangement) they had massive success on the same scale as they have with Adam, in Rio, Japan, all over Europe and America sold out concerts everywher, which if you "Google" you can validate what I'm saying !, so although we love Adam, and yes totally agree he's the best frontman they've had after Freddie, I think it's Queens music most flock to hear, I actually know some Queen fans who don't particularly (dare I say )like Adam's style !!, but they still go to Queen concerts to see Roger and Brian perform, and accept Adam as a good ( I keep correcting them saying they mean great lol !) showman but they go to hear their music and reminisce. I truly hope Adam's solo career takes off the more people see him perform with Queen, fingers crossed he certainly deserves it after all his hard work,

Patria yes you certainly sound like a cheerleader or perhaps you've had secret gossips on your email !!

Angeladam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angeladam said...

Last comment on this subject from me anyway !!

Freddie of course not only was an incredible frontman he also wrote so any of their huge hits, Brian and John always came across as the more shy members of the band or quietest, whereas Roger being the drummer, was bound to be in the background, however he and Freddie were the two bigger personalities of the band, and loved to party on tour ( well that's what I've read in their book about the partying !!)

Broddybounce I liked the fact that Adam did all of Bo Rhapsody this time, the first time in the 8 years he's actually done this I'm sure, so that speaks volumes of Brian and Roger's love for Adam, great to see this, he did it beautifully has to be said !

Lastly of course Adam IS absolutely amazing, tremendous, gorgeous to watch,funny, camp, sexy etc etc, but honestly I don't think ANYONE but Freddie could have upped their historic performance at Liveaid, he was absolutely out of this world and IMO nobody will ever come to close to that performance, (I still cry when I see the actual footage, reminiscing what an incredible day) I keep looking for a very young me and hubby in the crowd scenes from the film, as some were actual footage from the day , happy times but hopefully if QAL do a second tour of the UK or anywhere in Europe , I'll be there of course and not dragging hubby anymore, have converted him from being very sceptical about Adam to actually wanting to see him with the band LOL !!

Sue Smith said...

Adam is beyond words spectacular especially this time around QAL. Cant wait for September when half the album comes out. He had a solo career 10 years and I believe the more fan pleasing big banger is on it's way in September. In which he will be doing alot more promotion for the single and the song than he done so far. Its the more fan commercially pleasing single as he said. He also said there are quite a few on the album what fans are used to with the big vocals they will get what they want said Adam.
The first ones were that he wanted and loved because he is in love. He explained there were more hit worthy ones on the album big bangers.
He said there is cool music out there that does not necessarily get on tbe radio he just wanted get out what he was feeling first. He said most get out the biggest and loudest first he just wanted do it differently.
Adam had a very nice career and has had hits. Because he world wide he had hits abroad that maybe were not here and of course he had them here. WWFM 2× platinum in USA and big abroad, GT, IIHY ect. He back from not putting new music out for awhile but he no newcomer.
I believe that it is completely Adam's idea to do this speech. Of course I'm not sure of that.
He does it with humour. I think its brilliant because it helps win over the few skeptic that have not seen the show. Probably he would win them over anyway.
I think if that makes him feel more at ease good. The humour in it is so smart.
I understand how some feel about it. Because he certainly has already won over the majority of concern goers. I've heard alot of Adam Lambert is phenominal so far on this concert.
Adam was 9 when FM died and was not even born during most of FM time as front man. So of course FM came before him. He was great frontman but he passed on andAdam is doing a tremendous job as this centuries Queen frontman. FM from what I've seen I was not a fan was a fantastic FM and so is Adam. The best of this century he is spectacular.
They are doing 2 in MDG that's flat put amaizing in its self.
We all have options and that's mine.
That's all they are just opions.

Sue Smith said...

That was opinions.

Sue Smith said...

I also must say I really love New Eyes the best so far. Its stuck in my head.Not a big banger like some to come but it definitely grows on you.

Nanbert said...

Angeladam....when I last noticed, this website was named "Adam Lambert 24/7"...that's why I'm here. Being an Adam fan does not require me to like/love/adulate/root for any other singer but Adam. I've made it perfectly clear to all that everything I say is MY OPINION based on a strong bias toward Adam. And I do not intend to be made to feel "guilty" about it!

For anyone who prefers Freddie over Adam...or considers both of them equal...I say, fine with me. Everyone's taste is different....and is also often colored by earliest/first experiences and nostalgia. Mine, too, I suppose. I just feel that Adam towers, in both voice and performance, over everyone...even Freddie.

Beyond that, I think I've already said everything I had to say earlier on the subject, except to say to you, Angeladam, that your "cheerleader" jab to Patria was mean-spirited and absolutely uncalled for...just because she agreed with something I said. You KNOW we are all unknown to each on this website, except by the name we why did you say that?...just because she agreed with me?

Rosemary White said...

Nanbert, enough of your hostility and continual Adam v. Freddie comments. We know how you feel. Move on.

Sue Smith said...

Above correction MSG Madison Square Garden not what I said. Sold out double.

Nanbert said... I remember it, they originally only had one concert scheduled for MSG, but the tickets sold out immediately, and there was so much demand that they added another show right away! Great, huh! And that show sold out right away, too! It was convenient for everyone that they had a free day to add another right after the first.

The same thing happened for their LA concert last night and tonight....immediate sell out and another day added for the following day. Adam must be pleased about that in his own "stamping grounds".

I've been watching videos off and on every day. QAL are better than ever! Oh my! I'm beside myself waiting for the 31st here with them in Pittsburgh!

Between the coming concert on the 31st and the imminent birth of my 4th grandchild, I can barely sleep these days!

Sue Smith said...

Nanbert congratulations for when that happens. Nothing like it at all. Having that Grandchild.
They are doing so well and Adam just seems so full of love and energy and he's just great.
There are many dreams in music land of a sale out at MSG and they did
it twice do to the first sold so quickly and in LA.
I know the sleep problems believe me I've had them forever.
Got go bday party tomorrow evening kind of a late bday party for one of my grandbaby girl. Well she 8 so not a baby I guess. Hope you can get some sleep its after midnight here and I'm still going unfortunately.

Angeladam said...

Nanbert as for me having a so called "mean spirited " jab at Patria, you OBVIOUSLY missed her comment to me the other day when she accused me of actually putting my email address on here, for someone to gwet in touch so we could have nasty private gossips about things on here but that's ok ? I NEVER HAVE put my email address on here to have secret gossips with whoever, so that was totally untrue, and she could have looked back to find out who it was who DID put their email on, but no instead of an apology for wrongly accusing me, I got a sly response so YES I will give it out if given to me as you well know, now back off move on as Rosemary quite rightly expressed ! and stop all this hostility towards anyone having a different view or opinion to you !(you could actually ask Patria?) but of course I know you and a few others on here think they are above any criticism !!

Angeladam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angeladam said...

Nanbert finally you say this is an Adam Lambert 24/7 blogsite and that's why you're here, not to 'adulate ' any other singer! and of course it is, however without Queen's music, ( which Freddie is a HUGE part of!), and of course Adam being lucky to have been chosen by Roger and Brian 10 yrs ago, to join the band, it's doubtful this blogsite would have survived. also next time I express an opinion about something on here, that you may not agree with, I won't be made to feel guilty by you or your friends either ( not that |I ever do anyway LOL !!)

Sue Smith said...

IM NOT HERE TO ARGUE PERIOD. There was little luck involved with Adam joining Queen. He appeared on American Idol and one of Queens Bandmates saw him was extremely impressed with his talent and performances and alerted B and R.
He did a audition of BR and sang a fantastic rock song on the show among other wonderful performances.B and R said thousand and thousands of people contacted them in many different ways saying this guy is fantastic this is who you should tour with.
Then they came on the finale and felt chemistry with Adam. For two years after Adam was totally tied up with Idol concert and his own sold out world tour that he was the first one to ever do as the prime frontman right after idol.
It was Adams stage presence and talent and charisma that attracted Queen not luck. This site was started for Adam a good while before he started strong with Queen. They couldn't even get hold of him for a good while and he was busy with his own career.
Finally they did and they did the show in Ireland that Adam was going to attend anyway said Brian.
Then they gradually and only started doing concerts with Adam and it built into what it is today. Because of the astonishing talent of Adam Lambert and the remaining members of Queen. Adam went on Idol no luck there and through many people in many ways telling them about Adam. He is now the extreme talented frontman for QAL.
This site was made for Adam and it would have survive if he had joined Queen or not. Even if he stopped making music he is extremely talented and could have done and will do in the future other things as well.
Ive tried very hard to ignore you but when you trash Adam like that I cannot. You oviously are no fan of his.
Of course you can be fans of others and I have said FM was a fantastic frontman
But so is Adam Lambert. It was no luck he up there certainly helping sale out those arenas and next year stations along with the amaizing talents of B and Rodger and the rest of the band. I have not in any way run down FM but you continue to give Adam no credit at all for what he doing and has accomplishe over 10 years he not a no body that would be no body if not for FM.
He is his own talent and he amaizing.

Nanbert is a dedicated Adam fan just like you are dedicated to FM and Queen she has the right to her opinion as well as anyone else on this site.
This is it if you have no respect for Adam his bf and his career why follow the man at all. This site will cont. Without you.
I did not start anything I've tried to avoid it. But these last two paragraphs of utter disregard for Adam's talent was just to darn much
Im through you can say what you want on very busy right now.
Just saying a few things nice about Adam and then trashing him as you just did does not mean you are a fan. You have trash him over and over.
You can have this site you here or not it will continue Angeladam. I cant stomach you anymore I'm through no one can say I have not tried to get along with you. They can say it but it is not true.
I in no way started any of this and you know it.

Angeladam said...

Sue if you don't want to argue period then DON'T !!!MOVE ON LOL !!!

Glitzylady please can you read my comments on this above thread and point out:
a) WHEN did I mention Adam's bf in them ?
b) WHEN did I actively trash Adam over and over ?
c) WHY are some people allowed to wrongly accuse someone of something that can easily be validated ?( of course unless Patria has deleted her comment!)I refer to me being wrongly accused of giving my email address out on here to have "secret" nasty gossiping a few days back!( that's why I added the childish remark at the bottom of my response to Nanbert)

I'm done with the same few troublemakers on here, who like to twist a lot of things from peoples' comments and views if not 100% in agreement with them, I WILL ignore them totally from now on, which is quite hard considering how personal they can be.
I've seen this before on here ages ago,( and by the same few,) those people were bullied into leaving this blogsite, which I am willing to do as long as THEY also are publicly asked to leave !!

Sue Smith said...

Nonsense I've tried to get along with you. Even complemented you the other day. What you've said last few comments I thought you were trying. Now this.
Gl know the comments in the past you have argued with her when she called you down. You can stay here all you want. So will I. Not leaving. But I'm through with you. Have had it. Most people on here have your number.
No ones forcing you off of here. But I will say again your remark that this site would not have survive 10 years without FM is totally ridiculous.
Adam 8s the reason this site has continued and will continue. He is not just Q frontman. You have seen nothing yet this talented man is capable of.
It's not just your recent comments it's your past rants on and off of here that were horrible.
It's over I'm through argue on. No your not forcing me off of here.

Angeladam said...

Sue I am done arguing with you on here !

However I said it was 'doubtful ' NOT a foregone conclusion ! ( yet another twist from what I said to what you think ) ! this blogsite would have still been here , had Queen not performed on that final of American Idol , if Queen hadn't performed at the final they 'possibly' would never have known about Adam ! YOU don't know and I don't know after 2 years of doing his solo stuff Adam would have been as big a star as he deservedly is today that's all without the input of Roger and Brian, and that's NOT dissing Adam ! !!

If look at Kris Allen who actually ( but shouldn't have IMO )actually won Idol , he is nowhere nearly successful as Adam is.
Of COURSE it Adam is talented in his solo career, I've seen him 3 times on tour in the UK and Europe, and yes he is fantastic , I AM a fan so don't you DARE say I'm not !!!! funny how someone a while back said they'd also spent a fortune following Adam and Queen around the globe, ( why would you if you weren't a fan????) nothing was said about that, but I was condemned as not being a fan no matter how much I'd spent not by you, but by Nanbert , which to me wasn't an issue, but was deemed to be an issue with you and your friend Nanbert( a personal dig)?also if you look back at Nanbert's response to me giving a 'jibe' at Patria she said quote :

"you know we are all unknown to each other apart from the names we use on this blog site ... why would you say that ? So why indeed would Patria accuse me of the same ??( obviously Nanbert either didn't see or chose to ignore her personal jibe at me ) When in fact it was Elievans who put her email on here NOT me ! She may have directed it at me to which I ignored,) but totally I was wrongly accused end of.

So I WILL ignore you, Nanbert , and Patria from now on as you are the instigators of this "personal hate " against me

I WILL comment my opinions as others do, positive or negative as I fell fit with respect to everyone here ( apart from you few)

I WILL leave this blogsite as long as Glitzy Lady ALSO publicly asks you, Nanbert and Patria to leave for the same reasons!!

Again I WILL say, I have NEVER come across such personal aggression towards one person as I have on this blogsite from such a blinkered few who spoil it fir everyone !

Sorry to everyone else on here for the rant, but these"ladies" are not in charge of the blogsite IMO

, zoateua, and Banvert from now on,
I WILL ah what I feel and comment on it as everyone else on here does.

Patria accuse me of something I NEVER did ( in fact it was Elievans who out her email on NOT me !)


Also, if you look back at Nanbert's response to me giving a 'jibe' at Patria,she said quote :
"you know we are all unknown to each other than the names we use on this website .... why did you say that ? " perhaps she should reprimand Patria for actually accusing me of something as didn't do , I could have actually used the same words to Patria,as I keep saying you and your few friends are ruining this blogsite for everyone, you've bullied a couple of people between you off her, bug unless Glitzy asks us all to leave publicly, I certainly won't !! I don't accept bullying in any shape of form, we were all having a civil discussion on here until you and your 'gang' stuck the knife in and decided YET AGAIN to twist the knife.
You also said you'd complemented me on a comment, a while back , tbh, to say you were 'proud of me' I found condescending to say the least !! I am not your friend on here or Nanbert's , I'm merely a part of this blogsite , where EVERYBODY''S opinion is accepted !!!!

Angeladam said...

After the end of the comment 'are not in charge of the blogsite IMO ' just ignore the rest apart from Sue saying she 'complimented me ' by saying she was 'proud of me'which I find very condescending ! I am part of a blogsite where EVERYBODY'S comments and opinions no matter what are accepted without the 'scrutiny ' of a bitter few !!!!!

Angeladam said...

Sue Smith, you said earlier that your opinions are just that , everyone else on here is allowed the same so don't ever forget that so please
MOVE ON !!!!

Angeladam said...

Glitzy!ady ????????

Sue Smith said...

Oh Brother.

glitzylady said...

So, since my "name" was invoked to say some words here, here goes!

Let's keep in mind that this blog site is dedicated to Adam Lambert. That doesn't preclude being a fan of other artists, etc.. Including Freddie Mercury. And while we all have our personal preferences, I suspect that Adam might wish that his fans have respect for Freddie, for the members of Queen.. for other fans. I also would ask that we all consider what Adam might think if he came here and read some of the comments from his own fans that are less than respectful to each other.

He's a kind and gentle man, and as we know, mega talented. But even though his talent, his voice, his skills.. are off the charts so to speak, with his finely honed vocal skills, his magnetic personality, his ever expanding recognition in all parts of the world, I do have to say that I am a fan of his because of the whole man, of who he is as a human being.

Arguing over who is better, Adam or Freddie, etc.. is a personal choice that we all make. That's okay. And I do feel it is not something to argue over here. Freddie is legendary, Adam is on his way there as we speak. Let's respect Adam here on the blog. And Freddie too. And please be kind and respectful to each other..

Adam does inspire us with song, and he has the effect on us emotionally as well. And emotions can overcome and overtake our good sense sometimes.. I wouldn't be here as a fan of his, 10 plus years after first experiencing the absolute magic of his voice, his dynamic yet kind, personality, if I wasn't somewhat emotionally involved in his career, his life so far, his charisma. (I've been blessed to have seen Adam Lambert LIVE on 26 occasions since 2009, including 6 QAL concerts over the years, and have had 3 meet and greets, where Adam was an absolutely sweet gentleman in every sense of the word..)..

So we can certainly give it a try to perhaps be kind to each other too.. In other words, let's be more like Adam! He rolls with the punches, the ups and downs in his career, and emerges victorious and a better person..And is the accomplished and clearly joyous, always the polite and beautiful and respectful man he is today.. He's human just like us, and has survived some soul searching in recent years, which he shared a while back, which I know took courage to do.. And here he is with a new love and no doubt a renewed sense of purpose and direction for his future.. I'm so proud to be his fan.. I'd love it for him to be proud of us fans too..

We're all fans here, with our own experiences, our own "feels" about him & his music, his accomplishments.. Sharing our thoughts is why this blog was created way back in the early days by the blog owner aka "Admin". It has been a place of joy and comfort and excitement for me and many others. Perhaps we should strive to keep it that way so that other fans won't be chased away.

Thanks for listening. Peace.

@glitzylady (one of the blog co-admins)

Rosemary White said...

Beautifully said, glitzylady. Thank you. :-)

Sue Smith said...

Yes beautifully put. I said nothing bad at all about FM. But this is Adam's site and I feel it would be here if Adam had never met or fronted Queen.Of course through his amaizing relationship with Queen he certainly got more fans.
If you go back at posts that are gone you will fine when addressed by Angeladams it's been ok or no response. I've tried with everything to ignore her. I would have this time if she had not gone over board completely. I've taken up for Adam and also FM.
Adam is my one and only reason for being here but I do really like all the queen band especially B and R and I've showed nothing but respect for FM period. It would be much appreiated if the same was done for Adam. He is an amazingly talented man and a good man.
He also deserves credit for the amaizing accomplishments he done these past ten years as B and R stated in the Show Must Go on the Queen Adam Lambert story. Yes he had ups and downs but with QAL it seems to be up and up right now do to all their spectacular talents.
I will always have Adam's back against unfair statements about him or things related to him because frankly I cant help being that way about people I respect and care for. For at least 2 years before Adam started with Queen he was touring the world and promoting his own music. This site was here from the
Start then went on to cover the QAL concerts ect.
I did not argue who was better at all said FM was a fantastic frontman but by God so is Adam. If any one remembers Slash from Guns and Rose's band was going solo awhile and got on idol to meet Adam he was interested in Adam as well. Said AL was the only person he ever was interested in On Idol. However I do think Adam and Queen or a match made in music heaven.
I will go back to my no response when it comes to Aa because that'is the only way to avoid arguing with her.
Even Adam has breaking points where he
rebutted a fan or called one down for comments because he is a human being like the rest of us.
Now that's it no more.

broddybounce said...

Thanks everyone for your replies, much appreciated, and special shout-out to glitzy for what you wrote.

Angeladam said...

Glitzylady thank you for those nice words, I just get annoyed when certain people start getting very personal directly towards me, and accuse me of things that I haven't done
Certainly I've moved on now so thank you once again, sorry so felt the need to asked you to sort it out once and for all.

SueSmith, Please stop all this personal hate directed towards me. And MOVE ON !!!!

Sue Smith said...

No response.

Angeladam said...

Sue Smith thank the Lord now move on !!!!