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Adam Lambert IG LIVE: Getting ready to go onstage in Chicago, August 9, 2019

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Saturday, August 10, 2019

Posted at : Saturday, August 10, 2019

Adam singing the first verses to "Now I'm Here" offstage just prior to his "reveal" onstage at the
Queen + Adam Lambert concert at the United Center in Chicago, August 9, 2019. (YouTube screencap)
Adam Lambert / Q+AL YouTube regular contributor Gelly414 posted on YouTube an IG Livecast she was able to capture directly from Adam's account, taken from backstage at the United Center in Chicago*. (August 9, 2019)

This is the first time we can remember in Adam's career there ever being a video shot entirely from backstage continuously documenting what happens from the last bits of his pre-show prep through to his opening 'reveal.'

Needless to say, folks, this is one of the most thrilling videos of Adam you will ever see!  ENJOY!!

*We're not entirely certain who the person was shooting the video.  It may have been Javi; however, due to union rules, most likely it was a member of the stage crew.


broddybounce said...

I've been watching this video over and over again, and especially the last minute, and I get electricity all over my body every time the reveal happens -- AMAZING! What a moment! How special to get this "insider's view" of what happens just before Adam hits the stage -- and the moment he does hit it.

And the video also answers a question I had about the opening: since Brian's shadow image and Adam's two shadow images aren't "the real thing," I thought that maybe Adam had also pre-recorded the first few lines of "Now I'm Here" that played along with those images -- maybe so that he can just concentrate on getting to his mark onstage -- and THEN he started singing live after the reveal. Now we know that he DOES sing it all LIVE! SO cool how he's able to coordinate all that -- I would be an absolute nervous wreck!

Dee and Sunflower: great that you can now see exactly what Adam was doing right before he came onstage at YOUR concert!! And, of course, we can't wait to hear the reviews from both of you...

Nanbert said...

Oh my! That WAS exciting! But Adam looked so relaxed the whole time..and didn't even go up the steps to the stage until the last seconds! haha...I would have been crouched on the top step in nervous anticipation for at least 15 minutes by that time!

No doubt, timing is so important in a QAL performance....and they are certainly ALL pros, and not just the band, but the unsung heroes who work behind the scenes, too. I noticed that Adam even took time to pat one of them on the back in passing....SO Adam! Then he also took time to acknowledge, smile and gesture for the photographer.

Nothing shoddy or slipshod about any aspect of a QAL concert. But they make it all seem natural and awkward transitions or long silences....just 2+ hours of pure magic!

BTW, So much for glamorous dressing rooms! LOL

One thing I did learn about is that the two "I am here" flashes of Adam on both sides are videos (I suspected as much) which explained how he was able to suddenly appear center stage so quickly for the quite dramatic "entrance" of the entire band.

Nanbert said...

Broddybounce....we seem to have overlapped our observations. When I started mine, there was no other comment there yet. But, I left the computer mid-comment to watch some news on TV, and then finished it and "published" it....and in the meantime, you had already published your remarks.

broddybounce said...

No problem! Happy to read your observations. No, maybe having worked in the entertainment business for years (up until about 10 years ago), I knew it was impossible for Adam to be "live" on those screens -- that was definitely a session he did in a studio and they used the most desirable takes (and, boy, I would love to see some behind-the-scenes of that session!). But, with that, I was almost positive that it was sort of a whole "film" that had those images AND his voice -- but, obviously, not. I'm assuming that they didn't want to take a chance with Adam's voice coming off any different between a recorded one vs. live one -- so all live.

Now, Brian ... THAT I assumed was actually Brian. But ... I've figured since, it simply can't be. That is a film screen and I'm not sure that Brian's feet even touch the same stage space that Adam does when he's up there live. And even if Brian were up there I think it would be hard for him to get in place IN THE DARK from up there down to the main stage. However, like Adam live singing, I have no doubt Brian is playing his part live while him 'image' is on the screen.

Regarding dressing rooms: at each venue, Adam DOES have a very nice dressing room (and if a particular venue doesn't I'd be utterly shocked -- it's pretty standard at all performance venues and I'm sure it's part of the Q+AL rider). All three of them do and the band probably has their own, as well. I have no doubt that there are A LOT more refreshments in that room including Adam's favorite drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), as well as fruit plates, maybe a deli tray, etc.

No, what you see right offstage where Adam is doing his last-minute blush and all is called a "quick-change." That's simply a temporary pipe-and-drape set-up, a temporary dressing room, the place where in between songs he changes outfits and touches up his make-up. The reason they do that is usually the actual dressing room is simply too far. By the time he gets from the stage, walks down halls, changes his wardrobe, and gets back to the stage A LOT of time could go by and he could have a major problem being on time for his next cue!

As you'll see, all his costumes are on a movable rack and he will have one or two dressers that will help him in and out of his clothes each time. I'll bet he also towels his body off during those changes -- which a lot of singers aren't able to do because they're onstage 100% of the time. So the change in clothes is not only a wonderful, glamorous thing to do, it gives him a chance to freshen up!

I actually, too, paused for a moment because I was thinking, wait, where the heck is all the food & drinks..?! But, no, yah, that's quick change. Later, Adam can meet family & friends in his actual dressing room.

And, yes, to me it is VERY heartwarming to see Adam smiling, laughing, putting his hand on the shoulder, etc., of the crew members. I'm sure that's appreciated. I will bet you anything that Paul Rodgers was nowhere near that courteous and kind. I have no doubt that Brian and Roger -- but I'd say particularly Brian -- is RELIEVED that Adam is that kind of a performer. But he probably figured that out just from meeting Adam initially. Adam has more notoriety, more money, more nice things -- but he is still the kind and gracious person who was back in Idol days. I've worked with a number of celebs and many were as gracious as Adam -- but there definitely a few who were could care LESS about the stage crew.

Sue Smith said...

The man Adam is inside and the way he treats people is one of the big reasons I've loved him for ten years and counting. Not to mention his unmatchable talent.

Sue Smith said...

Well I'll leave now and let the rest of you that were lucky enough to see the new concert in person chat. There is not much I can contribute to that. I'm feeling kind of sad I did not get to see it. But I'm really glad all of you that went really enjoyed it. How could you not!

Angeladam said...

Loved seeing this video !!

Nanbert said...

Sue....please don't feel too sad about not going to a concert. Yes, they are great, but honestly in some ways they don't compete with many of the superb close-ups of Adam performing that we find in youtube videos by Glamberts. I watch all of those to really SAVOR Adam's performances in detail....often returning to one part or another. And yes, the first thing I did was check out all the videos of the concert I'd just seen in Pittsburgh as soon as they arrived on youtube...more than once!

Sunflower said...

Well this is just the coolest video I've ever seen! What a Priviledge to see this behind the scene. I think I'm addicted to this I can't stop watching this especially because it's from my Chicago show. I wrote a lengthy review but was not accepted, I was forced to shorten it. I posted on the other thread with the Chicago Tribune concert review, if anyone is interested.

Aww Sue, if I was filthy rich, I'd pick you and Lambert Outlaw up and Nambert too to take you all to a show, any show, anywhere! God bless my Glamsisters.

Sue Smith said...

Thanks for Your posts Nanbert and Sunflower that was very, very sweet of both of you. Your comments lifted my spirits off the ground where they have been lately. I truly appreiated both comments they made me feel better. Very sweet things for both of you to say. There is nothing quite as great as a caring glamsister. I did really want to go to this concert if I had obtained a ticket I dont believe physically I could have made it.
So I do thank God for all the kind people who give us all these vids. I know even if you go, sometimes you see better with the video.
But the energy at these concerts is hard to capture except being at the concert. However the vids are wonderful
They take us in most cases to more close ups of Adam and I am eternally grateful for them all. Also appreiate the posts telling us about your experiances at the concert love them all.